A LIVESTRONG Transportation Program Success Story: Catherine


Are you or a loved one in need help getting to cancer-related treatments or appointments? Contact the LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Center for information about our transportation program in Austin or to get connected to community resources in your area.

Catherine Hall received a call from her gynecologist on December 7 informing her she had cancer. Not only was she coping with a cancer diagnosis, but she was on a tight budget and with no means of transportation. Simply getting to her appointments was going to be an issue. Catherine then found out about the LIVESTRONG Transportation Program through a referral.

She had chemotherapy treatments on Mondays and radiation every day of the week for two and a half months. Coordinating with friends wasn?t enough and she needed a mode of transportation that would get her to these vital appointments.

She utilized LIVESTRONG?s transportation services throughout her treatments and made it to all of her treatments. She would simply schedule a ride and a driver would come pick her up and take her to her appointment.

?Without LIVESTRONG?s transportation services, going through treatment would have been so difficult,? she said. ?I would have had to pay my friends and I?m on a limited income. A cab costs $6-7 and I live close to where my appointments were, but it?s a little too far to walk. I couldn?t depend on my friends because they have appointments and things to do too.?

The moral support Catherine received from the volunteer drivers made the experience even more valuable. She said they were compassionate and understanding. Many of them have dealt with cancer in their lives in some way.

?Everybody was supportive; all of the volunteers would listen to you if you had anything to say,? she said. ?They have always been on time and gracious and in good moods. It was so nice being able to talk to kind and supportive people. It really boosted my morale.?

Since her diagnosis, she has experienced many trials. The emotional and physical tolls of going through cancer treatment are tough on her. But she is persevering.

Catherine has now finished her treatments and is currently just going to follow-up appointments. Though her daughter was with her for a portion of her treatment, she lives out-of-state and couldn?t drive her to all of her treatments. In spite of the obstacles, Catherine never missed a single appointment and the process of signing up for rides with the LIVESTRONG Transportation Program was easy for her.

?The LIVESTRONG Transportation Program is a great thing,? Catherine said. ?I will always be grateful for the work they did for me. The LIVESTRONG Foundation will always be special to me and the work that is done there is incredible. I don?t know how I would have made it to all of my appointments without this program.?

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