Improving the Lives of Cancer Survivors Through Crowdsourcing


As we posted a few weeks back, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) launched a challenge this summer to ?crowdsource? the development of an answer to one of our favorite questions here at the LIVESTRONG Foundation:

How can we improve the lives of cancer survivors?
Since that launch, 30 different developers, entrepreneurs, companies, and teams submitted their ideas. Speaking as one of the contest?s official judges, I can say without a doubt that there were several that were great! We were very encouraged to see the level of creativity, diligence, and dedication that some of these applicants have shown. But like all competitions, only some can advance to the next round.

And those three have been chosen:
o My Care Plan, by Journey Forward
o PatientsWithPower
o Together App, by Medable

However, this contest is far from over! This is the most important stage of the competition, the one where folks like you pitch in and share your impressions of these three applicants? submissions. The goal of this next stage is to get the cancer community ? patients, survivors, family members, caregivers, and more ? to simply provide input to the three finalists that they can improve their final submissions.

The process is easy:
o Visit the contest page
o Take a few minutes to look through each of the three finalists? videos and tool descriptions.
o Leave your feedback or reactions on the site by clicking on the comments tab, or email the developers directly (links are provided within the first paragraph on each project description)

Questions to consider when providing feedback:
o What did you like most about this tool?
o What did you like least about this tool?
o What additional features would you like to see included in this tool?
o Which features of this tool did you find the least valuable?
o Would this tool be useful to you? If so, what would you use it for?

o If you feel so inclined, feel free to support the contestants through a financial contribution. This support will help the applicants further develop their submissions and hopefully get these tools into the hands of people that need them the most as soon as possible.
o Help promote awareness to your friends and followers by tweeting and sharing with your networks!

If you have any questions about how to participate, feel free to send us a note through e-mail or twitter. Remember, the deadline for you to submit comments is July 5!


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