Fundraising Through Social Media


There is great value in fundraising through social media. You are able to drive visitors to online donation pages and engage your most passionate and influential supporters to promote your efforts. It?s a tough task raising money, especially knowing how to do it successfully on your friends’ Facebook news feed. So, as a fundraiser, how do you make good use of social media?

It all starts with an effective social media campaign. Think of your donors as investors. They want proof their donation is going to make a difference and boosting your credibility is a must. The best way to accomplish this is by sharing our financial impact statements in a thoughtful way and keeping your support base updated on your progress. Here are some examples.

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Virtual Tribute Wall on Instagram or Pinterest:
Ask for donations and offer to create a “In Honor” “In Memory” and “I’m a Survivor” card for your donors. You can post these to your social networks and wear the names on your participant bib at the event. Here is a great example of a fundraiser that recently did just that.

You can also use these great LIVESTRONG Foundation fact cards on social media.

Here is some great succinct financial impact statements you can use on social media:
? A donation of $25 can ensure one cancer survivor will receive the LIVESTRONG Guidebook, which provides information and guidance on how to keep track of your cancer experience across the cancer continuum, including tips, worksheets and tools.

? A donation of $35 can connect someone fighting cancer with a survivor who?s been there. (Peer to peer matching with Imerman Angles)

? A donation of $75 can send a survivor through a six-week program to help them reclaim their life after treatment.

? A donation of $200 can provide a client with assistance understanding their insurance, overturning any denials, appealing any claims, and receiving co-pay medication assistance related to their cancer diagnosis or the diagnosis or a loved one.

? A donation of $250 can provide assistance to a client in understanding their cancer diagnosis and treatment options, including help reviewing their medical report, making informed decisions regarding their treatment and matching to clinical trials

? A donation of $500 can pay for five days of summer camp for a child at Camp Kesem. Camp Kesem, a LIVESTRONG partner since 2011, provides free sleep away summer camps for children impacted by a parents diagnosis allowing the children an annual opportunity to join a community that understands what they?ve been through, and the opportunity to just be a kid again. LIVESTRONG has helped fund the creation of twelve new Camp Kesem chapters, and will fund an additional 12 in 2013.

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