LIVESTRONG Receives $6.2 Million from Movember to Expand Services


We have an exciting announcement. The Foundation received $6.2 million from our amazing partners at Movember to expand our cancer support services and to develop program to help men affected by prostate and testicular cancers.

Co-Founder and CEO of Movember, Adam Garone, at the LIVESTRONG Challenge

Co-Founder of Movember, Adam Garone, at the LIVESTRONG Challenge

With one out of every two men projected to receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, this funding comes at a critical time. We plan to put it to use immediately to improve the lives of men facing cancer today.

The expanded program will meet the needs of men who have been affected by cancer, and their caregivers, family and friends. Through this program, men will have a single, national point of contact that will allow them and their loved ones to access a variety of support services.

This program will:

? Provide free online and phone support services, staffed by trained, bilingual patient navigators and social workers to help men and their loved ones
? Provide in-person patient navigators in Austin and Chicago
? Match those affected with a peer who has been through a similar cancer experience
? Connect men to the clinical trials in which they are eligible
? Help men access fertility preservation services and the funds to help pay for them
? Help men learn how to communicate with their children and loved ones about their diagnosis
? Provide one-on-one counseling services and access to support groups for those affected by cancer
? Give men and their loved ones access to info about treatment options, side effects, and medical information
? Provide a first-of-its-kind financial assistance program for patients with radiation co-payments associated with prostate cancer treatment.

The Foundation?s cancer support services are available in English and Spanish, and can be accessed in-person in Austin and Chicago, via telephone (877-889-6016), and online. This program will help those affected by cancer make well-informed treatment decisions and understand the options available.

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