Let Me Run In Your Honor


My name is Candice Aaron. I am a Board Member for LIVESTRONG Foundation, Founding Vice Chairperson for the LIVESTRONG Young Leader?s Council, Compliance Leader at GE Capital and yet the title I celebrate above all others is ?Cancer Survivor?.


Over the last 7 years, I?ve had cancer, treatment, recurrence scares and 3 major surgeries but through it all, I was able to stay active, keep running middle-distance races (which I?ve been doing since I was 6 years old), and even get engaged in some new sports. I?ve gotten to participate in a number of LIVESTRONG Challenges, and have also run 3 RAGNAR Relays, one of which was in celebration of my 5th Cancerversary. A RAGNAR Relay is a 200 mile race, run consecutively over 36 legs by up to 12 runners. It is a contest of endurance and strategy, and an incredible challenge for even a seasoned runner, because it is an unsupported race and each runner must run 3 legs, including one leg through the middle of the night.

This week, the RAGNAR team is getting back together with some new runners from my company, GE, and running another 200 mile race from Madison, WI to Chicago, for the LIVESTRONG Foundation. Every one of those 200 miles will be dedicated in honor and memory of cancer survivors and fighters. Every one of the painful 30 straight hours we will run, we will run for those who can?t and for those who still fight. When we cross the finish line on Saturday afternoon, we will cross it for those in whose honor and memory we run.

We have names of our families and loved ones we plan to carry with us, but we would like to carry more people with us across that finish line. Please comment on this post or tweet me at @ctaaron with names you would like the team to carry on our journey.

To me and to the GE RAGNAR for LIVESTRONG Foundation team, LIVESTRONG means that I keep crossing finish lines because I can, and I may be a little slower and it may be a little harder getting there than it was before cancer became a part of my life, but every finish line means so much more.



  1. Stacy Alexander Fulgham says:

    I lost my mother 10 years ago to lung cancer. Her name is Helen. Fought an amazing fight right up until the very end. One of the bravest women I have ever known. Thank you for all you do!

  2. Jaimee Jacobson says:

    Ruth Mecham (lung cancer, died 9/2002)
    Elaine Leishman (ovarian cancer, died 10/1999)
    Jaimee Jacobson, Survivor!

  3. ivan cartey says:

    Saludos para todos los luchadores que le han peleado al cancer, mi hija Camila es una ellos, cumplio 3 años, saludos y lo mejor desde Argentina

  4. briana says:

    My mother, Cyntha Easter — colon cancer took her life at just 52-years-old — and my father, Wiley Easter, 10-year survivor. Best of luck!

  5. gundog says:

    My father James Kautz who passed away 12 years ago from brain cancer. I miss you dad!

  6. JM Sicily says:

    For Shannon L who starts her journey thru chemo and radiation on Monday…

  7. Jennifer Shaw Coombe says:

    Jason J Coombe 7/8/72-3/10/12 Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma

  8. Melanie Davis Simms says:

    Susan Kahn, 9/14/1959 – 2/17/2010, Lung Cancer. My beautiful sister.

  9. Cindy says:

    Please carry my parents, Judy & Al. One a survivor and one a fighter until the end. Thank you and good luck!

  10. Crystal Rose Perkins says:

    My mom, Vada Rose, a breast cancer survivor, and my Dad, Roy Rose, who did not win his battle. Thank you so much!

  11. David Holly says:

    Chris and George Holly. Thanks.

  12. kim russell says:

    Please remember my son, Keith Ellerman, on your run. He always believed in LIVESTRONG.

  13. Mark Stephenson says:

    My friend, Stella Stokes.

  14. Maria Wheeler says:

    Would like to remember my good friend Gary Halloran,45. A devoted musician who loved his guitar. Also a dedicated husband and father. God bless Gary.X

  15. Amy Finn says:

    My dear friend Kristi who was a big part of live strong, she even participated in a video several years ago. She lost her battle on May 14th, but did live strong for 45 years! She was a survivor!!

  16. Suzanne Ko says:

    My uncle Andy Kwok who passed away last April from stage 4 lung cancer. Thank you!

  17. Bud Gallegos says:

    My Mom & Dad, Leroy and Kay Gallegos. Dad didn’t go the distance and I miss him everyday, Mom’s a survivor and still going strong which I’m thankful for everyday!

  18. Valerie Hedlund says:

    Im a survivior & I’d be honored if you would run a mile for me. It’s been 16 years since my last surgery & radiation treatment. You have an amazing story & I’m happy my friend Mike Connelly shared it with me. You are one strong & inspiring woman. Now go kick this race’s (and cancer’s) butt!

  19. Michael Robinson says:

    My dad, Gerald, beat prostate cancer a couple of years ago. It was incredibly difficult for him, but he’s ok now.

  20. Candice Toll Aaron says:

    Bags are packed, vans are loaded and names are written. Follow us on twitter @ctaaron or on my fb page at Facebook.com/ctaaron. Thank you for your kind words and for honoring us with carrying you and your loved ones on our journey.

  21. Karen says:

    My Mom, Nancy, lost her battle 12/31/2012. She was your race director’s beloved Nana.

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