Statement from the LIVESTRONG Foundation


Today the LIVESTRONG Foundation issued the following statement regarding the dissolution of its partnership with Nike.

?The LIVESTRONG Foundation is deeply grateful to Nike not only for the time and resources it invested in helping us improve the lives of people affected by cancer today, but also the creative drive it brought to our nine-year partnership. While the Foundation created and owns the LIVESTRONG brand, Nike shone a spotlight on the spirit of courage and resilience it represents. Since 2004, Nike helped raise more than $100 million to advance the Foundation?s mission. Together, we created new, revolutionary ways of thinking about how non-profits fuel their mission and we?re proud of that.

?This news will prompt some to jump to negative conclusions about the Foundation?s future. We see things quite differently. We expected and planned for changes like this and are therefore in a good position to adjust swiftly and move forward with our patient-focused work. Because of our sound fiscal health, the Foundation is well-positioned to continue to grow our free services for cancer patients and survivors that improve quality of life and access to care. Because of our excellent governance and quality of service, the Foundation remains one of the most highly-rated and effective non-profits in the United States. Because 14 million Americans face the daily challenges of living with cancer, our mission has never been more critical and for some, it will mean the difference between life and death.

?Taking a revolutionary approach to improving outcomes for cancer patients and survivors has been part of the LIVESTRONG Foundation?s DNA since our creation in 1997. Change, while sometimes hard, also brings opportunity. We are always eager to partner with organizations that are genuinely committed to our mission. Constant innovation and relentless determination on behalf of people facing cancer today are what drive us and we take that spirit to heart during this time of change for our organization.?


  1. Lance Robinson says:


  2. Ruby Lin says:

    I would certainly be more supportive, money-wise, if I had the means even though the founder of Livestrong, Lance Armstrong, has disappointed me. He founded Livestrong for a good reason with a good purpose behind it. Don’t let his personal mistakes destroy something good he started and that has continued without him .

    1. We appreciate your support. Most importantly, we want people to know we are still here for people affected by cancer. We are here right now for emotional support, financial issues, fertility preservation and more.

  3. Anthony MJ Colistra says:

    Yes, grateful to NIKE but disappointed with them and their decision. Now, let’s move forward.

  4. Daniel Ihrke says:

    Nike needs to understand that Livestrong is not Lance Armstrong, and this action portrays thems as not supporting those who are dealing with cancer. Bad move, Nike.

  5. Javier Torres says:

    Really disappointed with Nike. Adidas, we are waiting for you!

  6. Mary says:

    Very well said! Extremely disappointed in Nike. Not feeling supported as a Cancer Survivor, Shame on you Nike!

  7. Tom Jennings says:

    Livestrong and their great people will continue to do what they do best….FIGHT!

  8. Scott Joy says:

    Thanks to those at Nike for their major role in creating the phenomenon that is the LIVESTRONG wristband and for years of partnership with the LIVESTRONG Collection. I wear my LIVESTRONG shoes, sweater, polo shirts, t-shirts, jerseys, and accessories with pride and good memories. They’ve started countless conversations about the Foundation’s work and the meaning of cancer survivorship. I was glad to read that even after the end of the apparel partnership, Nike will provide direct financial support toward the Foundation’s mission.

  9. Gregg Gleichert says:

    Nike’s decision is regretful and I fear short sighted – one would hope that there support in the past was not simply for a connection to Lance Armstrong but to the good work of Livestrong. Our support for Livestrong will continue because of its mission.

  10. Michael Neal says:

    tried to email somebody at Livestrong about helping them raise money and after many attempts-nothing at all, zero response from anyone, I find that quite interesting. I would think when offered help, a .org would at least respond.

  11. Andre Boavistta says:

    Concordo com muitos: a fundação deve ser grata a Nike, mas também penso que depois da renúncia de Lance, a Nike poderia continuar a apoiar a fundação. Com o rompimento da parceria fica a impressão que a Nike só apoiava a fundação por causa do retorno que obtinha com Lance. Espero que a fundação continue firme em seus objetivos e se distancie cada vez mais das fraudes de Lance e desejo sucesso na obtenção de novos patrocinadores apoiadores.

    I agree with many: the foundation should be grateful to Nike, but I also think that after the resignation of Lance, Nike would continue to support the foundation. With the breakup of the partnership is the impression that Nike only supported the foundation because of the feedback we got with Lance. I hope that the foundation will continue steadfast in their goals and distances himself increasingly fraud Lance and wish you success in obtaining new sponsors supporters.

  12. LIVESTRONG says:

    I forwarded this info to our grassroots fundraising manager. He will be in contact.

    1. Michael Neal says:

      Thank you very much…

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