Show Us You’re STILLSTRONG This Friday


Since 2004, the Foundation has recognized one day each year as LIVESTRONG Day to honor the 28 million people living with cancer. This year, that day is May 17?the anniversary of the launch of our now iconic LIVESTRONG wristband.

This LIVESTRONG Day we?re showing the world that we?re Still Strong: strong in our commitment to adapt and flourish, and strong in our commitment to help those affected by cancer.

We are empowering you, our partners, our friends and our supporters to join us in sharing the facts about what we do for those affected by cancer. We’re telling people how we improve outcomes for survivors and why our free services are so important to them. We want to serve even more people this year, and education is the first step.

Here?s how you can make a difference for LIVESTRONG Day:
Now through Friday, visit to share our facts and educate the world about our free services for anyone affected by cancer.

On LIVESTRONG Day, Friday, May 17, visit to:

* Help our interns stalk their way to a celebrity re-tweet of videos they created to share the facts about the Foundation.

* Share your #StillStrong story?with your friends, family and your social networks, and encourage them to share theirs.

*Share our facts to help us spread the word about what we do and why our work is so important to people affected by cancer.

As always, your support is greatly appreciated. You are our voice, and now more than ever, we need people to hear it.

Heather Wajer
Vice President of Marketing, LIVESTRONG Foundation

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