A Team LIVESTRONG Story: Amanda


Join Amanda and Team LIVESTRONG at the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, May 25-27, 2013. Whether you run, ride or tri in 2013, just do it with Team LIVESTRONG. Visit www.teamlivestrong.org for more information.


What is your name and where are you from?
Prescott, AZ (2 hours above Phoenix in the mountains of Arizona)

How have you been affected by cancer?

I recently lost a friend, Dina Mountcastle, to cancer. Dina?s death hit me hard as she was a Mom to two young children (as I am) and my fellow Mother of Preschool Leader. She was always so strong and fought until the very end. She never once let cancer limit her. She was vibrant and always full of life and what I liked most about her was her witty sense of humor. She could make you laugh even if you were having a bad day.

In what Team LIVESTRONG event are you participating?

I am participating in the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic in Durango, CO. It?s a 50 mile bike ride up two mountain passes starting at 6500? up to an elevation just over 10,000? all the while racing the steam train up the mountain.

Why did you join Team LIVESTRONG?
I originally registered for the event just to ride it solo. It was a couple weeks after I signed up that I realized I could do the race under Team LIVESTRONG. It was at that moment while I knew my friend Dina was living out her final moments in hospice care that I became furious about this awful disease. I was mad and felt hopeless and wanted to help in any way I could. In addition I discovered another friend of mine (Stephanie) who has since beat breast cancer, used this foundation while she sick. I trusted her and if it aided her in her difficult times then it was something I could support wholeheartedly. It was like a light came on that night and I immediately ran to the computer and registered under Team LIVESTRONG. I don?t even think I read all the terms about how much money I had to raise etc, I just knew something was drawing me to this Foundation. I reached out to friends and family and found that when I shared my story it wasn?t difficult to find others to support me.

How else have you participated with the LIVESTRONG Foundation?

As an active blogger I like to share my story about LIVESTRONG on my page. I also know my blog followers will want to see how this ride turns out. Because let me tell you this ride will be tough for me. I am just an average Mom and to date my longest ride has only been 35 miles. I am slowly getting there with my bike training but it still has me shaking in my boots! If you would like to follow along I can be found rambling on here.

Have you used the LIVESTRONG Foundation?s navigation services?
I would highly recommend the services to not just those affected by cancer but to everyone. Sadly this disease is drawing more and more of us closer and to know you have someone to turn to when and if you need it, can be reassuring.

What does LIVESTRONG mean to you?
It is hope and help for those affected by cancer.
It is a ray of light during dark times.
It is devoting yourself to those fighting cancer, beating cancer or those that ran out of time.

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