Comparte tu Voz


In 2010, the LIVESTRONG Foundation initiated the Comparte tu Historia project in Mexico with the goal of raising awareness of the global cancer burden and reducing the stigma associated with cancer. In its first 18 months, the campaign had significant results and changed perceptions about the disease. LIVESTRONG Foundation Global Fellow, Fernando Rodriguez, oversaw the communications and social media aspects of the project in Mexico. He and our International Program Manager, Rebekkah Schear, highlighted some of campaign?s successes in the past few weeks.

Today, we close out the Comparte tu Historia blog series with the survivors that shared their voices during the campaign. We know that when people affected by cancer share their stories of survival, it reduces cancer stigma and increases awareness of the importance of early detection. We extend our deepest gratitude to all that shared their personal stories in the Comparte tu Historia campaign.

Arturo, Tongue Cancer Survivor:

Martha, Breast Cancer Survivor:

MarĂ­a Elena, Endometrial Cancer Survivor:

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