This Fight Is Personal


It wasn?t about cancer back then. I just needed a reason to get in the saddle. But that first bike ride with Team LIVESTRONG six years ago changed me — changed everything.

I?ve been riding with Team LIVESTRONG ever since. And I?m sure as hell not quitting now. Too much depends on what this Team does for the cancer community. And right now it?s more critical than ever to show we?ll never back down, never give in to fear, and never stop fighting.

So here?s my offer, Team Up Against Cancer by registering for a ride, run or tri by May 7 and I?ll pay for half your registration fee.


Whether you?re ready to challenge yourself to your first triathlon, beat a personal marathon best or prove that one person on a bike can make a difference, as a part of Team LIVESTRONG you?ll have a profound personal impact in the fight against cancer.

The money people like you and me raise at every race goes straight back into the fight. It?s how the LIVESTRONG Foundation is able to continuously expand the physical, emotional and day-to-day services they provide people who need help coping with cancer.

And the memories last a lifetime. I can still picture the moment I crossed that first finish line — shoulder to shoulder with fellow athletes who suddenly felt like family. That?s when this fight got personal. And I?ve never looked back.

Team Up Against Cancer today: Join me on Team LIVESTRONG by May 7 and I’ll pay half your registration fee.

I’m already signed up for this year’s Austin Challenge – my 6th and RAGBRAI – my 2nd. Which challenge will you take?

See you at the finish line,

Jeff Mulder

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