Cooking For Cancer Class Recap


We had a record number of participants online and in person for yesterday’s “Happy Kitchen: Cooking For Cancer” class. Our presenters from the Sustainable Food Center of Austin shared four great recipes and tips on how and why to control your blood sugar, increase nutrient density, handle cellular inflammation and aid your body in digestion. The food was fantastic and packed with nutrients.

We invite you to watch the class in its entirety here:

Important takeaways:
1) Select foods as close to the “whole food” as possible. A whole apple is ideal, applesauce is a step down in nutritional value and Apple Jacks are the furthest away.

2) Do your best to not purchase packaged foods. If you have to open a box or a bag, you should look at of every ingredient. Read your labels BEFORE you buy. Taking a little extra time in the store and in the kitchen will help you eat healthier.

3) Cut your sugar intake. Good substitutes include honey and maple syrup, but even these substitutes will affect your glycemic index.

4) Eat a rainbow of foods like red beets, yellow squash, green spinach, blueberries. make each and every meal count towards your goal of 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Here are the links to the yummy recipes:
Beans and Greens
Lemon Mustard Salmon Salad
Sweet Potato Wraps

The information presented in this class is meant to be a general introduction to this topic. The purpose is to provide a starting point for you to become more informed about nutrition and to provide ideas about steps you can take to learn more. This information is not intended provide professional medical or cancer nutrition advice. You should consult a trained professional, such as members of your healthcare team, for more information.

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