Our Hearts are with Boston


Our country is in mourning today. Yesterday?s tragedy in Boston brings back feelings of fear and vulnerability all of us hoped to leave behind.  As we learn more about those hurt and killed in the terrorist attack, we think about our own connection to the marathon.

Although Team LIVESTRONG did not have a formal presence in yesterday?s event, there were several alumni that participated and cheered on loved ones from the sideline. A member of our 2013 Team LIVESTRONG Chicago Marathon team was cheering at the finish line yesterday and was injured in the explosions. We are thinking of her and her family as she faces surgery.

Of the tens of thousands that run a marathon, most do not do so for the prize money. They run for health, for sport and for a higher purpose like raising funds for a charity or bringing awareness to a cause. It takes months of training and fundraising to get to Boston.  As a charity who benefits from efforts just like these, we are deeply grateful for the sacrifice and service of those who train hard and run in honor of a cause they believe in.

All of us at LIVESTRONG Headquarters are thinking of the race officials, participants, support teams and first responders unjustly affected by this terrorist attack. Our hearts are with everyone in the Boston community as they struggle with the aftermath. Today we mourn those lives stolen from us and we dedicate our next run to the honor and memory of the whole Boston Marathon community.


  1. God bless all the victims and those who were traumatized by the bombings, especially the children. These cruel actions are not something for innocent children to see

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