Cooking for Cancer with The Happy Kitchen


Together the LIVESTRONG Foundation and The Sustainable Food Center are hosting a free online or in-person Cancer and Nutrition Class. This class is for anyone affected by cancer, including those diagnosis and their loved ones.


What do nutrition and cancer have to do with one another?

A lot! This online or in-person class will teach you the main components of a cancer-fighting diet and some strategies for how to incorporate them into your life. We will learn, cook and have fun as we explore what makes a food a healthy cancer-fighting choice.

Topics we will cover include:

  • *The importance of eating to avoid/reduce inflammation
  • *How to balance your blood sugar and why it matters
  • *Why digestion makes a difference and what foods are easier to digest
  • *Nutrient Density and which foods are better choices

Plus, we will make cancer-fighting recipes that are quick, affordable and delicious. Participants will receive easy-to-understand handouts and recipes that will be available for download online as well as in person. RSVP Here!

Tuesday, April 23rd , 2013
6:30pm ? 8:00pm CST


In Austin: The LIVESTRONG Foundation 2201 E 6th St Austin, TX 78702
Online: This educational opportunity will be broadcasted online and available to anyone who would like to participate and learn more about this topic.



  1. Paul Wild says:

    Is this session archived?

  2. Marie King says:

    It’s wonderful that there are classes like this out there! Healthy eating is so important for those with cancer and I think it’s fantastic that there is help and guidance out there on how to live a healthier life! My sister knows this all too well, and I’ve seen first hand just how healthy eating has helped her in her cancer plight. I recently got her a cookbook called “Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen” by Annetter Ramke & Kendall Scott. She loves it so far and she says not only are the recipes delicious but their website has a lot of other information on it. I’m so thankful for resources like these sites, classes and cookbooks dedicated to those fighting cancer. It’s helped save my sister’s life!

    1. barry knoch says:

      great info and thanks for sharing

  3. barry knoch says:

    I am receiving tmt. for prostate cancer after surgery. I get hormone(Lupron)shots. I am now drinking monavie juice at my doctors recommendation. I feel much better after one month,as my energy and my mind feels more awake. Does anyone in this foundation have any info or data
    on this antioxidant formula ?

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