Recap of #LSChat on Young Adult Cancer Survivorship



Recap of #LSChat on Young Adult Cancer Issues

Yesterday, we hosted our first Twitter chat. As a nod to National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week, we focused on the emotional, physical and practical concerns of cancer survivors ages 15-40. Here is high-level a recap of the chat.

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Welcome to 1st #LSChat on young adults w/ cancer. Guests: @hayeslat @LRHSlaby and @jodyms. Go ahead and introduce yourselves. #LSChat.LIVESTRONG
Good question. YA = Young Adult (15yrs-40yrs old at diagnosis) RT @Pedal_India: @LIVESTRONG whats YA? i am not aware of this term #LSchatLIVESTRONG
Hi everyone – I’m Jody Schoger, a survivor, advocate and writer. Thanks for asking me to join you! #lschatJody Schoger
AYA Oncologist, bone marrow transplant doc, @LIVESTRONG med advisor. Great to be here! #LSChatBrandon Hayes-Lattin
Hi all! I’m Lydia Slaby — I’m 34 yo, recently finished treatment, blogger, attorney when not fighting cancer. #LSChat #LSChatLydia R.H. Slaby
Let’s get started. 1st topic: T1 – How are YA?s different than older or younger patients? #LSChatLIVESTRONG
T1: LOTS different. Starting with different “common” cancers: leukemia, lymphoma, germ cell, melanoma, thyroid? #LSChatBrandon Hayes-Lattin
T1 “common” cancers are less familiar to providers = delays in diagnosis #LSChatBrandon Hayes-Lattin
T1 I can only speak for myself, but for me fertility was/is a huge issue, and also being sick when friends are healthy is hard. #LSChatLydia R.H. Slaby
T1: Facing a cancer diagnosis is hard for everyone; but more so when you are just starting a career or family. I’ts out of order. #lschatJody Schoger
Huge issue. RT @hayeslat: @jodyms T1 and if a young adult doesn’t yet have a career, also not have insurance! #LSChatLIVESTRONG
T1 Also I can’t imagine going through this if I hadn’t had my husband, and most YA aren’t yet in a committed relationship. #LSChatLydia R.H. Slaby
T1: I speak from the perspective of breast cancer survivors; hormonal treatments & early menopause can really sink your ship. #lschatJody Schoger
T2- So there is so much to deal with. What is your one piece of advice you’d offer to a YA w/ cancer? First thing you’d advise. #LSChatLIVESTRONG
T2 Don’t be shy about questions regarding fertility ? ask even if your providers don’t mention it #LSChatBrandon Hayes-Lattin
Info here: RT @hayeslat: T2 Don’t be shy about questions regarding fertility… #LSChatLIVESTRONG
T2: GET A SUPPORT TEAM. IMMEDIATELY. Partner, family, friends, therapist. Going through this alone is not an option. #LSChatLydia R.H. Slaby
T2 Also take out a subscription to anything funny/distracting. I kept working as much as I could just to not feel “sick” #LSChatLydia R.H. Slaby
T2 Help yourself and others by seeking clinical trials #LSChatBrandon Hayes-Lattin
T2 – clinical trial matching services and info here: #LSChatLIVESTRONG
T2: Learn about cancer. You can do this and we will help you. #lschatJody Schoger
T2: This is key: it’s your treatment and your body. Understand your options. #lschatJody Schoger
T3 – What was the first thing you noticed after treatment ended. @LRHSlaby- you start. #LSChatLIVESTRONG
T3: I was EXHAUSTED. Seriously beat. And I wanted to get my body back to “normal” as quickly as possible. Impossible goal. #LSChatLydia R.H. Slaby
T3 Also I didn’t know how to spend my time anymore. #LSChatLydia R.H. Slaby
T3: Recurrence fears are important to acknowledge and address; as in PTSD. I saw a study this morning: 1/4 of bc survivors had it #lschatJody Schoger
T3- that 1st post treatment scan can be brutal! How’d you deal? #LSChatLIVESTRONG
T3 I had my 1st post treatment scan on Monday. As my sister @corinnaborden can attest, I did not handle it well at all. #LSChatLydia R.H. Slaby
T3 I learned that there are tons of people and organizations increasingly focusing on AYA cancers #LSChatBrandon Hayes-Lattin
Leads us to final question. T4- If there was only 1 resource you would want people to know about, what would it be. #LSChatLIVESTRONG
T4 @LIVESTRONG is amazing. But ask as many questions as possible of your own onc and care team. Your brain is your best resource. #LSChatLydia R.H. Slaby
T4 and my family/friends. Honestly — my entire team was my best resource. #LSChatLydia R.H. Slaby
T4 best resource is other young adults and providers who get it! Find a local AYA program like ours @ohsuaya ? #LSChatBrandon Hayes-Lattin
T4 we partnered with @FIRSTDESCENTS to bring adventure programming to our local patients. So cool. #LSChatBrandon Hayes-Lattin
HUGE fans! RT @TheSAMFund: T4 Look to @ImermanAngels to be matched with someone your age, with your diagnosis. They are awesome. #LSChatLIVESTRONG
@hayeslat how can the advocate community work w/oncs to provide smoother transitions? #lschatJody Schoger
Suggestion: take what you’ve learned after cancer & go back to teach your providers what went right & what can be better #LSChatBrandon Hayes-Lattin
Huge thanks to @LRHSlaby @hayeslat and @jodyms and for all that took part in our 1st #LSChat! Will recap to blog:


  1. Pam Arnold says:

    My son is a young adult, newly diagnosed, and currently in treatment for testicular cancer. Please email me more information for Young Adult Cancer Survivorship. Also, Raymond’s journey is just beginning. I would appreciate if you would take the time to read, and comment, on our blog. He needs all of the emotional support and inspiration that he can get. Thank you very much!

    Shock to the System: Cancer Discussion

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