First $1 MILLION of 2013 Raised with Team LIVESTRONG and Grassroots Events


We?ve hit our first $1 MILLION raised with Team LIVESTRONG and Grassroots Events! Thanks to your dedication and perseverance we exceeded the $1 million dollars raised mark today. Congratulations and thank YOU on this momentous accomplishment!

Laurey at the Team LIVESTRONG Challenge Austin 2012

Laurey at the Team LIVESTRONG Challenge Austin 2012

We know you have been busy hitting the streets, talking to your communities, friends, and donors, and raising awareness about the important work of the Foundation and our commitment and resolve to serve the unmet needs of those affected by cancer and advance programs and services to help survivors every step of the way.

Want to know more about others who are in this fight with you? Here are just a few words from your fellow fundraisers about why they have recommitted to their efforts and continue to support the LIVESTRONG Foundation:

There are many oncology focused charitable organizations, but very few of them focus their efforts on helping patients to cope with their diagnosis and manage the challenges associated with it so that I feel my efforts on fundraising and training for their events results in a larger difference in the individual patient’s life. ~ Sean McClean, New York City Triathlon Team LIVESTRONG fundraiser

I am committed to supporting the LIVESTRONG Foundation because it means hope and strength. Hope that one day we will be in a world free of cancer and, until then, we continue to provide the strength required for people and families that are currently fighting it. I lost my dad to cancer a few years ago, I have several friends that have lost loved ones, and others that are currently in their battle against the disease. I hope one day, we can all hear that there’s cure and prevention for all forms of cancer and that no one will have to face it anymore. ~ Juan Valencia, LIVESTRONG Challenge Austin cyclist

I AM a runner. I am a HOPE giver. With Team LIVESTRONG I can honor, encourage, inspire, embrace and give HOPE to the 28 million who are facing cancer and fighting to become SURVIVORS. ~ Jill Teale, Bank of America Team LIVESTRONG alumnist

As a cancer patient and survivor I would say that through the LIVESTRONG Foundation I have found both community and purpose. The work being done by LIVESTRONG is peerless- no other organization offers the same type or level of assistance to the cancer community, and I continue to fund the Foundation in honor of my friends lost and for other survivors like me. ? Rip Scott, LIVESTRONG Challenge Philly cyclist and team captain

I am raising funds for the LIVESTRONG Foundation because not only do they provide robust services for those diagnosed with cancer, they also provide necessary resources for their loved ones/co-survivors. They also provide an incredible post-treatment support system, and recognize that cancer brings with it more than the disease itself. They understand and accept the many side effects (both physical and emotional), and gives survivors opportunities to live beautiful and fulfilling lives beyond diagnosis! Jorie Gillis, Grassroots Fundraising

I fundraise for the LIVESTRONG Foundation because I have a friend with a rare form of cancer and the Foundation is there for ALL types of cancer. As a family we’ve lost six family members to cancer and I wish they could have used the amazing support systems LIVESTRONG provides, especially their free Navigation Services which include fertility preservation info and assistance, financial and insurance help, counseling and local resources as well as cancer diagnosis and treatment concern support. ? Cindy Trent, RAGBRAI

Participating on Team LIVESTRONG really gives me the feeling that I’m doing something to help the LIVESTRONG mission. My best friend died of cancer and I need to feel like I could do something to keep his memory alive. Team LIVESTRONGevents help to remember him and all of the other folks who have survived and are valiantly fighting the battle now. I want to be there to battle with them. ~ Ginna Baldassarre, LIVESTRONG Challenge Davis volunteer and cyclist

We simply could not do this without you; YOU are the LIVESTRONG Foundation. Thank you. Keep up the great work!

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