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Renowned DJ and music producer Adir Tal (DJ DiJiTAL) announced today that he has been battling testicular cancer since his diagnosis on Feb. 14, 2013. The 24-year old has kept up a fast-paced touring schedule during treatment and chose to announce his diagnosis during National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week in order to inspire other young people facing cancer to be strong and positive. He hopes his story compels other young adults to get diagnosed early and to contact the LIVESTRONG Foundation to get help.


Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Adir Tal, aka DJ DiJiTAL, and I?m from Los Angeles, CA. I have testicular cancer, and I was diagnosed at the age of 24 in February.

No one expects to have cancer at such a young age. What made you go to the doctor?
It?s a crazy feeling to find something out like this. I was very fortunate in this circumstance, because in most cases people do not recognize or have symptoms. I actually had some discomfort in my lower back, testicle, and lower abdomen, which ultimately made me decide to go get checked out.

Young adults deal with different issues than older patients. What issues have you faced so far?
With regards to the fertility, before my orchiectomy, I took the precautionary measure to have my sperm cryogenically frozen. Thankfully, because of this, I have not suffered any of those issues.
As far as the fatigue, I definitely have suffered a bit, however, nothing that has been able to hold me back from doing what I love doing. I am extremely lucky to have an amazing team behind me. My management team at Interlock Entertainment has been incredible in supporting me during this time period. They have kept me touring the country, performing more than ever, since my diagnosis, and they are going to make sure that I am right back at it upon my return.

You recently signed on as a LIVESTRONG Ambassador to help spread the work of the Foundation. What does LIVESTRONG mean to you?
LIVESTRONG is a way of living. It means that we have the control, the power, and the will, to live our lives on our own terms, no matter the circumstances.
This foundation demonstrates that there really are great people out there who genuinely care for you, without even personally knowing who you are. It?s been an honor to meet and work with such amazing people, and I am very thankful for everything they have done. Personally, I am beyond excited to build and grow with the LIVESTRONG Foundation by helping to spread awareness to those that may not already have the incite and knowledge.

If you had one piece of advice for a young person just diagnosed with cancer, what would it be?
It is important to not rush ahead. Take each day head on and continue to move forward with your life. You cannot let this consume you and run your life for you. Remember that you are still in control of your own emotions and that you that still have the power.


  1. Jack Dvir says:

    You are an inspiration to others, Adir, for coming forward with this. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery

  2. suzie.deli says:

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    1. LIVESTRONG says:

      Do not worry
      And eliminate all concerns
      That up in the sky – Someone is watching you
      It gives you the ability to make choices
      And give the power to deal with the consequences
      He knows what you’re worth and reward you accordingly
      Every little pain today – tomorrow will disappear with
      Rotzaim wish you health and longevity
      Be happy and know only the good times
      Your family Let us add that
      Keep in my heart all costs
      That devotion deja, full of sacrifice
      Are a few of the love
      Be strong Latouche family love you we love you the matos family, suzie avi

  3. Eva Bell says:

    Yeee you are right continue to move forward with your life and you should control emotions. Very true, wish you will recover fast..

    1. Yorit says:

      Adir, We Love and support you all the way, Keep inspire people with your strength, positive energies, passion,drive to live life to the fullest, and your Love to all!!!

      We are the proudest parents on earth…Lots of Love

      1. LIVESTRONG says:

        You guys have an awesome son. We’ll be here to help in anyway we can. Best to you all.


  5. Osnat Ram says:

    Our dear dear Adir, You are an amazing person! To go through everything you go through and still think about using it to the benefit of others… there aren’t many people like you. We are very proud of you! We know you will fight this challenge with a great success- your optimism and ability to concentrate on other things too will help you go through this period much easier. You are a role model to many of us, younger and older than you.

    We want you to know we are here for you for whatever is needed. Please use us.

    Aside from our prayers and light we send you our love and encouragement. May the coming procedure be quick easy and successful.

    Big hug,

    Osnat and Erez

  6. JavierAlvar says:


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