International Women’s Day


Today is International Women?s Day (IWD) ? an annual celebration to mark the social, economic and political achievements of women and to highlight women’s issues. We invite you to think about and discuss women’s rights as it relates to cancer today.

One in three women in the US will be diagnosed with cancer. Globally, breast and cervical cancer are the leading causes of death for women worldwide. Yet, one-third of all deaths could be prevented if we just applied what we know now.

The LIVESTRONG Foundation believes everyone has the right to cancer care, prevention and early detection methods. That is why we partner with organizations all over the world to share cancer knowledge, reduce cancer stigma, and provide screenings and treatment. One great organization is Jhpiego. They provide cervical cancer screenings and treatment to women in developing countries where 80% of new cervical cancer cases will occur.

Women at the Immaculata Zemba Kibena Hospital

Women at the Immaculata Zemba Kibena Hospital

When you see IWD celebrated today, make sure to show your support for the women affected by cancer. Visit for more information about our support services offered online, in-person and over the phone, as well as our and global cancer initiatives.

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