Our Voice: Community Impact


A lot has been said about the Foundation in recent weeks, but often times our voice is missing from the story being told. Our work has always been about helping people affected by cancer. In an effort to better share what we do with you we?d like you to meet some of the Foundation staff members in charge of our valuable programs and services?the people who work hard every day to make sure the needs of cancer survivors and their loved ones are met.

Meet Jordan, LIVESTRONG Community Program Manager. One of the best ways to get involved on a local level and support cancer survivors is to vote in the Community Impact Project (CIP). Through CIP, local hospitals, cancer centers, community-based organizations and universities are able to provide solid emotional, physical and practical help to those in the fight against cancer.

Bring LIVESTRONG Foundation funded programs to your community today. Visit www.livestrong.org/community for more information.

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