Our Voice: Giving Back After Cancer


A lot has been said about the Foundation in recent weeks, but often times our voice is missing from the story being told. Our work has always been about helping people affected by cancer. In an effort to better share what we do with you we?d like you to meet some of the Foundation staff members in charge of our valuable programs and services?the people who work hard every day to make sure the needs of cancer survivors and their loved ones are met.

Meet Doug Ulman, LIVESTRONG Foundation President and CEO. Many cancer survivors, like Doug, have a strong desire to give back and help others. That is why Doug works for the Foundation and it is why many of our supporters give back to the cancer community through the Foundation.

The Foundation offers many meaningful ways to give back to the cancer community. You can join Team LIVESTRONG, sign up to be a LIVESTRONG Leader, hand out information about our free cancer navigation services to hospitals and clinics. Whatever way you get involved, know that when you give back to the cancer community you are making a real difference in the lives of people facing this disease right now. Visit LIVESTRONG.org for more information.

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