The 2013 LIVESTRONG Assembly


Every year, the Foundation brings together programmatic and corporate partners, LIVESTRONG Leaders, Team LIVESTRONG mentors, Foundation council and committee members and advocates for training and collaboration at our LIVESTRONG Assembly. This year’s Assembly is February 26-March 1st and will be held in Chicago, packed full of activities including our President and CEO’s annual State of the Foundation speech.

While we are unable to invite our entire community of supporters to the event, we feel that it is imperative for everyone to know the Foundation’s plans and goals for 2013. That is why we will be streaming Doug’s speech live from 11:30 a.m.?1 p.m. CST on Thursday, February 28. Stay tuned to the blog, twitter and Facebook for the special viewing link to watch the stream live on our website.

When Doug steps behind that podium in a few days, we want to report that we have your personal backing and commitment for our work in the fight against cancer. Take the LIVESTRONG Foundation 2013 Pledge and then tell others why supporting cancer survivors means so much to you.



  1. michaelbirdsong says:

    How much donated money is being used by LiveStrong to hold this ‘Assembly’?
    What kind of REAL return can donors expect for all of the hard earned money they gave to LiveStrong that being used for this event?

    1. LIVESTRONG says:

      Absolutely, Michael. The Assembly brings together our programmatic partners, LIVESTRONG Leaders, corporate partners and more in one place. This gives us the unique opportunity for everyone to get on the same page about our goals for the year and collaborate.

    2. angiekelly says:

      Sharing ideas and networking while inspiring and empoweirng one another is invaluable to continue fighting this devestating disease. Dedicated volunteers take vacation time to attend these events to build hope and positivity to make the world a better place.

      When .82 cents of every dollar goes to programming for cancer survivors, we are proud to share with donors how the money is spent! Also, the LiveStrong Foundation has a 4 star rating from Chariy Navigator.

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