Our Voice: The LIVESTRONG Brand


A lot has been said about the Foundation in recent weeks, but often times our voice is missing from the story being told. Our work has always been about helping people affected by cancer. In an effort to better share what we do with you we?d like you to meet some of the Foundation staff members in charge of our valuable programs and services?the people who work hard every day to make sure the needs of cancer survivors and their loved ones are met.

Meet Allison, Director of Brand Partnerships. The LIVESTRONG Brand means many different things to many people. There is how we use the brand – as a way to support people affected by cancer- and there is the way our partners use the brand ? an overarching message of health, hope and strength. Listen to Allison talk about what makes the LIVESTRONG Brand so special.

As Allison states so well, ?We are not about a disease. We are about the people fighting the disease.?. We encourage you to find out more about the unique way we fund the fight by learning more about our brand partners. Visit livestrong.org/shop for more information.

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