Tell Them Why You’re In


Next week our President and CEO, Doug Ulman, will walk on stage in front of a room filled with programmatic and corporate partners, LIVESTRONG Leaders, Team LIVESTRONG mentors, Foundation council and committee members and advocates at our annual LIVESTRONG Assembly. And you know what will be on their mind. After all we?ve been through, will the LIVESTRONG Foundation be able to deliver for the millions of cancer survivors who count on us?

Here is what he will say: In 2013, the LIVESTRONG Foundation will serve more cancer survivors than at any time in our 15-year history. We?ll do it by helping record numbers of people navigate their personal cancer journey – by extending more grants to effective community programs for people affected by cancer- by fighting harder than ever for public policies that ease the burdens faced by cancer survivors and more.

When he steps behind that podium in a few days, we want to report that we have your personal backing for that commitment.


Take the LIVESTRONG Foundation 2013 Pledge and then tell others why supporting cancer survivors means so much to you.

When you sign your pledge, please take a moment to add a few words about why it means so much to you to support cancer survivors. We plan to share some of these comments in his speech on Thursday.

More information about the State of the Foundation and where you can watch it take place will be available next week. Stay tuned here to the blog for more information.

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