A Better Half with Team LIVESTRONG


The February edition of Runners World has a list of great half-marathons to consider running this year. Team LIVESTRONG has spots for you in two of these prime events. If you are running 13.1 in 2013, you should run with a purpose ? you should run with our team!


NYC Half Marathon:
We believe there is nothing “half” about running 13.1 miles in the city so nice, they named it twice. The “Big Apple” is the perfect backdrop for raising funds and awareness for the 28 million living with cancer. Join Team LIVESTRONG for the NYC Half Marathon by registering today! Already have an entry? Perfect! You can still join the team and there is no fundraising minimum.


Shamrock Half Marathon:

Looking for a runners pot of gold leading up to St. Patricks day? Look no further! Team LIVESTRONG returns for a second year with the J&A Racing series in Virginia Beach. These fun themed running events are the perfect balance for both new and seasoned runners. The sold out Shamrock half is just a month away but you can still get a spot with Team LIVESTRONG. Already have an entry? Perfect! You can still join the team and there is no fundraising minimum. If 13.1 is to much to bite off with only a month of training, the 8K on Saturday is great run and you can still support cancer survivors by joining the team.

shamrock1 marathon

The Runners World Magazine with the whole list of stellar half-marathons is on the shelf now. Remember, if you are already signed up to run one of these legendary races, you can do even more good by signing up to fundraise for the LIVESTRONG Foundation. Many of our supporters use their current activities to raise awareness and funds for the fight against cancer. It?s super easy. Sign up as a grassroots fundraiser today.

Don?t see an event on this list that tickles your fancy? Visit www.teamlivestrong.org to view other half-marathons, marathons, rides, and triathlon options.

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