Grateful Beyond Measure


Thank you for standing with the Foundation ? now, in the past, and most importantly, in the future. Your encouragement energizes us and we are going strong, serving people affected by cancer. People are in the fight of their lives. This place has never been about one man, and we are grateful beyond measure for every message of hope and good will that we receive. LIVESTRONG.



  1. iAndy says:


  2. All I can think of is standing on risers in Washington, D.C. on Capitol Hill in 2007 – the Capitol behind us – in a sea of yellow, as we shouted, “LIVESTRONG, LIVESTRONG, LIVESTRONG,” as in one voice.

    I think many voices all over the world are doing that today.

  3. Paul says:

    Even though he lied and cheated, Lance still demonstrated that cancer can be beaten, and you can strong afterward. Even stronger.
    Furthermore, as the foundation has stated … it’s not about one person.
    I just made my donation …

    1. noelle says:

      I absolutely agree with you. i read Lance’s book at the time i was diagnosed (with a poor prognosis) in Spring 2009. It helped me a lot, it gave me (at last) some hope that I could have a future. Using the Livestrong website was great (i live in the UK). I don’t condone whatever it is that Lance has done but – but, who knows what demons someone can be left with after such a dreadful battle as that which Lance went through. Human history is filled with contradictions in the actions of our heroes who can also be our villains. Livestrong is a great organisation which has helped people worldwide.

      Lance must be going through the very worst kind of emotional trouble right now : knowing that he created his own downfall. As with one friend to another friend in extremis; lets forgive our friend’s frailty and offer forgiveness for his failings and thank him for his gifts. He has helped people find a way to live.

      That is good enough for me.

      All best wishes to the Livestrong organisation – thanks to you all and good luck.

  4. Brad Jennings says:

    It’s a shame that so much conversation is taking place around the News circles about one simple guy who chose to lie about his personal choices. Every minute somebody dies of cancer. Families are devastated by news their child has brain cancer. A young woman discovers a lump in her breast, a PSA result comes back elevated and prostate cancer is confirmed by a biopsy. St Jude’s hospital is overwhelmed with sick babies and children say goodbye to their parents at the final resting place because of cancer

    LIVESTRONG provides a tremendous amount of support and resources for cancer victims and the family and friends of those diagnosed. Who cares what Mr. Armstrong did that was wrongful. Can anyone really look in the mirror and see someone without fault?

    Don’t let the Hype of the media divert our attention to the real issues in our lives, finding fault in a high profile person is senseless and only makes big companies more money by selling and buying advertisement around news shows, OWN, news papers etc. Will these companies making all this money from this hype donates money to cancer awareness or research. Not a chance .

    1. Yunnuen says:

      I totally agree

  5. says:

    A message of love, hope and goodwill to the foundation. Livestrong and live long. Thank you for your work, for your perseverance in difficult times and for the work you will do in the years to come!

  6. Ken says:

    I contributed today solely because of Armstrongs admission and people’s condemning attitude. Time will tell whether he, as an individual, will pay the price for the deception, but to try and link this with a charity that does such good work is wrong, and the press seems to be trying to take down Livestong along with Lance Armstrong and it’s just WRONG! Livestrong has done great things and continues to do great things.

    1. Thank you very much for your support. Means a lot.

  7. hasan yilmaz says:

    After all these, you cannot act like nothing has happened in front of millions of people with cancer. Your next move is too important to keep this charity going stronger.

  8. ian says:

    brave comes in many forms. More good than bad will be the future of the man who was the face of this.

  9. I have and will always be Inspired by the man, hands down. Went to Ride for the Roses because of him. He still inspires. Forget politics and propaganda.

  10. uniboober says:

    I AM PROUD TO WEAR THE LIVESTRONG BRACELET BEACUSE LANCE ADMITTED HIS WEONGDOINGS AND THAT IS ALL I NEEDED HIM TO DO!!!!! THANK YOU LANCE… YOU ARE A GOOD MAN!!! I have 4th stage breast cancer and Livestong sent me 2 bracelets and I will continue the fight. Thank you.

  11. Traci says:

    I believe everything happens for a reason. Though I don’t condone what Lance
    has done, without his infamous cycling career there would be no Livestrong
    Foundation. The lives that have been positively affected by him far outweigh the
    negative and that’s what I’m focusing on. I have forgiven Lance and all
    his failings and am grateful for his many gifts and all the good he’s done. I
    look forward to the day when the media hype is gone and Lance can return to
    Livestrong and KICK CANCER’S BUTT! I will continue to support him and the
    Livestrong Foundation.

  12. uniboober says:

    I AM PROUD TO KEEP WEARING THE LIVESTRONG BRACELET!! I have 4th st breast cancer and all I ever wanted was for Lance to admit his wrongdoings….. MOVIN ON!!!!

  13. Dave Zbel says:

    So here it is. Just made a donation as a show of support. I never started donating or participating in LIVESTRONG events because of Lance in the first place. I never thought of Lance as a hero, but have admired the man greatly ever since reading It’s Not About The Bike years ago. His story gave me insight for the first time ever the hell my wife must have endured in her many battles with cancer. It provided Inspiration and hope. For that, I will always feel gratitude toward Armstrong. His story is real, the reason this foundation was started is real. When did we become such a judgemental and unforgiving nation? Who is anyone to decide if the apologies were genuine based on a perceived lack of emotion? The admissions were difficult to hear, but he came forward. That was HUGE. Ban him for life from all of sport? Absurd. Not right. There is a very deep story here and it’s on Lance to sort out and work through. No regrets watching him race all those years. A fantastic athlete that has inspired people in many ways as well as provided hope. Sometimes hope is all there is left to hang on to.

  14. dean says:

    if you believe in forgiveness have Lance back on the board of Livestrong sends out strong message to others that he has done so much more good than bad.

  15. Karen says:

    Livestrong allows people to believe, to be positive and wearing the wristband speaks volumes of the support to all cancer survivors.

    Livestrong is about all those touched by cancer.

  16. Ivan Mitchley says:

    Let me start by saying that I do not condone Lance?s actions, the doping or misleading statements. However in saying this I also believe that Lance should be treated as all other cyclist that has been caught for doping and the corrective action should be against the offence committed not the individual as in this Case.

    We should never forget the good that Lance has done through his Cycling Career and with Livestrong for Cancer patients/Survivors as well as giving individual?s hope/inspiration when needed. That we can never change. I do understand that the Livestrong Foundation was never about Lance so to the Le Tour however for me Lance will always be part of Livestrong. What we as the public fail to realise is that the EPO; Blood Doping etc is not the reason for Lance?s 7 Tour Titles but they did assist in the victories. If it was not for Lance?s strength; dedication; determination etc he would not have won a single Tour. It is with these characteristics that Lance started the Livestrong foundation to share with the millions of Cancer Patients. It is also those characteristics which so many people take from Lance and his books for inspiration in times of adversary.

    I have and always will support the Livestrong Foundation and it?s founder.

    Thank you for the ear and keep up the great work

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