My Name Is…I LIVESTRONG for…


Yesterday, we posted to Facebook and Twitter the following simple statement. “My name is ____. I am a ____ cancer survivor. I LIVESTRONG for ____.” Hundreds of responses, likes and retweets were posted in just a few hours. We encourage you to keep sharing your story with others.

i livestrong

Here are some of your great responses:

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Our manifesto says “Unity is Strength. Knowledge is Power. Attitude is Everything.” If you are in the fight and need support, please contact us. We are here to help encourage, inform and connect you with others that have been there. LIVESTRONG!


  1. Brian Horan says:

    I just posted this on my Facebook page:

    Leave Lance Armstrong along and DO NOT Kill Off a Great
    Foundation: LIVESTRONG.ORG
    1. Lying is wrong.
    When you lie, then you have to keep on telling and living with that lie. Kids…, Don’t Lie.
    2. Cycling is a sport that most Americans don’t care about.
    3. You’ve already stripped him of ALL of his titles and he
    can’t compete in marathons or triathlons of any stature.
    4. His last Tour de France was in 2005. It’s 2013…
    You want to get excited, call your Congressman and tell them to fix the !@!!^&*%
    5. The USADA needs to let it go already. You win, your a mighty mighty organization in your imagination now. Put on your big boy pants and find something constructive to do like helping families with Cancer.
    6. Lance wasn’t the only one Doping. This is a highly competitive and grueling
    sport. Go to the next Manhattan Beach
    Cycling Grand Prix and take a look in the Porta Potties after the race
    starts. They are filled with syringes and it’s not from the Diabetics. Cycling
    has bigger issues than finding the wrong poster boy.
    7. LIVESTRONG.ORG is a GREAT Foundation. Highly ranked and needs to continue. They pretty much started the ‘wristband’ movement.
    8. Let’s not let the Media make stories out of things that
    shouldn’t be stories anymore.
    9. Please Donate to the LIVESTRONG Foundation at LIVESTRONG.ORG and order your Yellow Wristbands.
    10. Let’s turn this into a Positive for this organization and the Cancer Patients and families that they help. 1 in 2 Males and 1 in 3 Females will have to deal with Cancer at some point.

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