Celebrate Every Run


Team Captain of the LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K Team LIVESTRONG runners, Amy Dodson builds excitement in the New Year for this amazing event. Join Amy and Team LIVESTRONG for the upcoming race on February 17, 2013!

As I look toward the LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon, I am filled with excitement, anticipation, and all the good things one feels before a race. I am especially honored to have been named Captain for this race. I take that title to heart–I’m immensely proud of it.

When thinking about the LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon, what I feel most is tremendous emotion. I am always so touched when I attend Team LIVESTRONG events. I connect with individuals that leave deep marks in my heart. Marks that affect me to my core. Marks that don’t go away, and I hope never will.


I have to admit I cry a whole lot at these events….while I’m there and for days after.

When I meet fellow survivors, family members, friends, and the dedicated LIVESTRONG staff I am overwhelmed by the experiences and by all the love. But I am most bowled over by the genuineness and honesty that is expressed.

When you’ve had or have cancer, you are stripped bare. The essence and beauty of who you really are shines through. It’s a beautiful thing. And this beauty radiates at Team LIVESTRONG events.

I hid my cancer for so long. 10 very long years. I believed that people would be afraid of me if they knew I had cancer. The truth was the exact opposite: I was afraid…….of me.

The LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon is going to an incredible weekend where we cancer survivors, family members, and friends can get together and celebrate our survivorship with a run in beautiful Austin.

We can come together and share experiences with people who really GET IT. That’s one of the many gifts of LIVESTRONG–they create and support events so survivors can then reach out to each other.

I, for one, have found my tribe. And it’s called Team LIVESTRONG. I cannot wait to toe the line with my people in February.

Train hard, train happy, and celebrate every run!

Until then,

Amy Dodson


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