Why The Cheerleaders Shaved Their Heads


I?ve seen a lot of amazing players work magic on the football field. But if 28 years of coaching have taught me anything, it?s that teams always trump talent?I don?t care who the athlete is.

It?s no different when your ?game? is a life-or-death fight with cancer. And it?s exactly what I told the Colts last month after going to my first game since my leukemia diagnosis: You either let circumstances dictate your life, or choose?as a team and as a family?to live your vision.

So I?m asking you here and now to choose. Choose to help cancer survivors live their vision and face this disease head-on. The LIVESTRONG Foundation has the programs and services survivors need, but they rely on supporters like you to play your part.

Make a donation to help the Foundation provide services for survivors like me?and they?ll send you a STAND WITH SURVIVORS magnet to show whose team you?re on.

After I was diagnosed with leukemia, my whole team rallied around me in ways I never expected. Two Colts cheerleaders shaved their heads as a part of CHUCKSTRONG during halftime on live TV in a show of solidarity.

That?s the definition of teamwork, and it?s what the Foundation provides for people battling cancer, every step of the way. Call us a team, call us a family, or call us an army. We?re in this together. And you can strengthen our fight.

Step up and stand with survivors like me by supporting the life-changing programs the LIVESTRONG Foundation provides to cancer survivors.

Watching these men pull together, come from behind and beat some long odds at that first game back was one of our proudest moments. You can have that same impact for survivors, helping them face the challenges cancer throws their way with strength and courage.


Chuck Pagano
Head Coach, Indianapolis Colts
Cancer Survivor

P.S. If you or someone you know needs help coping with cancer, the Foundation can help. Contact them toll-free at 855.220.7777 or online to get free, confidential support.


  1. Chuck, you are the man! I have been keeping up with your treatment since Oct. What an inspiration you are to fellow survivors and to the community in general. Please keep up the good work, and keep on fighting the good fight.

  2. Keep up the good work Coach! I am a fellow APL survivor. Life gets back to normal after Atra stops. Best of luck in 2013.

  3. Wristbands Love says:

    We are happy to amazing Coach, Agree with ” You either let circumstances dictate your life, or choose?as a team and as a family?to live your vision.” – LIVESTRONG Wristbands is Good one Like very much..

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