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From now until this Thursday, Dec. 13 2013, 10AM CST – you can take advantage of the lowest Ski 4 Yellow registration price of the year: $25, a $75 discount! Enter the discount code S4Y48 when you register today. Read below to find out why our top 2012 Ski 4 Yellow fundraiser will be returning in 2013. 

By Cindy Graf:

Bluebird skies and Champagne powder, those are the typical reasons skiers flock to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I however was drawn there for a more personal reason. I was in search of a way to honor my mom Pat and her indomitable spirit. In 1999 my mom Pat Yakscoe had battled stage four colon cancer for three and a half years. Not a day went by that she did not try to help others or make the world a better place because she was there. When her battle came to an end on September 25th I decided it was time to take action. I chose the LIVESTRONG Foundation, specifically the Partnered Event, Ski 4 Yellow, and made it my mission to help anyone out there that might be facing the same challenges my mom had in her cancer fight.

In 2012, our team traveled from sea level Sandbridge out to the beautiful 10,000 ft elevations of Steamboat Springs for Ski 4 Yellow. The first event of the weekend was the Yellow Tie Ball.  To say we were welcomed would be an understatement. The Ski 4 Yellow group made us feel as though we were long lost friends. It was great evening of inspiration, celebration and fun-raising.

The following day we were honored to be able to choose the Olympian who would become our team captain. Johnny Spillane, the Nordic Combined Olympic gold medalist, was ours and he was awesome. No pretense at all, we immediately bonded in our common mission. We spent the day skiing the beautiful mountains of Steamboat. We took on a series of challenges that we had to complete, like riding every chair lift, venture down expert terrain and visit key landmarks. Adding to this great day was my first attempt to do a NASTAR slalom race course.  Now lets be honest, who can say the first time they raced a slalom course they did it with a gold medalist?? Okay, okay, even though we finished together I know Johnny must have skied with brakes on.  When we reached the finish line I turned to him and said, “Oh my God that was one of the best things I have ever done!” he turned to me and said “Well then, let’s do it again!”  That moment I knew I would be returning to Ski 4 Yellow.  Not just because I made it down that race course without killing myself, but, because every single person I came in contact with was there to have fun. And in that process of having fun we were able to raise over $100,000 to aide those living with cancer.

My team, A Dolphin’s Promise, will be back in Steamboat in 2013, bigger and better than ever. Cancer never sleeps, so we must FIGHT ON. In the end ?thank you? doesn’t seem enough to say to everyone who supports Ski 4 Yellow, instead I say LIVESTRONG and know that as long as cancer is here, we will never give up.  One day the victory will be ours! And YOU will be the heroes.

With deepest gratitude to our supporters who make this possible and to my husband who inspires me every day.

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