Part 3: Making It Home


WOW ? a LOT has happened in the last few weeks at the Ventura Home in East Austin.  The walls and sheetrock are up, kitchen and bathroom cabinets are being installed, plumbing is being installed and the new windows are in place ? it?s beginning to look like a real HOME again!!!!

With the structure of the house coming together, we are now focusing on what needs to go INSIDE the house?.. things like furniture, dishes, linens, kitchen appliances and the multitude of items that make a house a home.  SO, it?s officially ?shopping time?! And thanks to the many LIVESTRONG staff that have volunteered to shop, organize and prep each room, we’re aiming to welcome the Ventura family into their new home before the holidays.

But we can’t do it alone!

If you are interested in helping us fund these items, please visit our Survivor Support Initiative page to make an online donation. We’re aiming to raise $15,000 to help off-set the cost of things like bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, sheets, towels, rugs, pots/pans, dishes, appliances? get the idea!

What?s next?  The Redmon Construction crew will continue to finish-out the house for the next few weeks, then the LIVESTRONG crew will swing into action and begin to put together the furniture, wash the linens and set up the kitchen for the Venturas.  We?re even putting up a Christmas tree to welcome the holiday season.

Jose Antonio continues to see his many doctors and is having more tests performed; he has recently found out that his treatment plan of action will change due to some new findings, but the thought of moving into their new home keeps the family?s spirits high.



This is the third in a series about the first LIVESTRONG Survivor Support Initiative. To get in at the start of the story of Jose Ventura and his family, join us here: 

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Special thanks to our own LIVESTRONG Navigation Center specialist, Sarah Gomez, who has been working with and translating for the family. Feeling “heard” is critical in even the best of times, so we’re all grateful for Sarah’s care and attention.

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