Chemobrain Makes NBC Nightly News


LIVESTRONG Foundation supporter, cancer advocate and survivor, Jody Schoger, made NBC Nightly News last night sharing her experience with post-treatment chemo-induced cognitive issues (AKA: Chemobrain). The LIVESTRONG Foundation has helped many survivors over the years manage post-treatment affects like chemobrain. Watch Jody’s story and add your own. Facing a post-treatment fog and want to know more about how to deal? Go to our website to read more on “Cognitive Changes” and call us at 1-855-220-7777. We can help!

More from Jody Schoger:

Get any two cancer survivors together and eventually they’ll swap side effects and coping strategies. And we all know that chemobrain tops the list.

This week the phenomenon was given legs when the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) released the results of a study that provides physiological evidence of the cognitive difficulties thousands of survivors face.

The study, although small, involved 128 breast cancer patients who underwent chemo as part of their treatment plan. PET/CT imaging scans of the patients revealed changes in brain processing that deals with concentration and memory.

While the word “chemobrain” itself is often used as a joke in reality there is nothing the least bit funny about sitting down to do your job and finding… can’t.

Think about it.

When I was diagnosed I was 43. I had just finished the draft of a novel and was also working in public relations for a science and technology center here in The Woodlands. I could not imagine that life could be any better. When I was finally done with treatment, almost two years later, I didn’t think, look, or feel the same. The way I defined myself – as a writer – was no longer accurate.

But I was alive.

And I made sure that felt like enough from the inside out. I started the road back.


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