Running Strong: One Survivor’s Story


Team LIVESTRONG runner for the LIVESTRONG Austin Half Marathon and cancer survivor, Aimee Krakora talks about why she joined Team LIVESTRONG and how her life has been affected by her own cancer diagnosis nine months ago.  Join her and Team LIVESTRONG for the LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon and Half Marathon in February of 2013. Follow Aimee?s training journey as a LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon and Half Marathon Ambassador who blogs her weekly updates. She has an amazing story and is an inspiring young fighter!

Why did I join Team LiveStrong? After many years of running marathons, including the Austin LIVESTRONG marathon, I remember seeing all of the yellow LIVESTRONG shirts and all of the teams raising awareness for cancer. I knew that I was doing good things even though I wasn?t on the team necessarily and I figured I was doing my part in some way. When I was diagnosed with Stage 1 brain cancer this year I knew that I wanted to do more, not just for myself but for everyone else that was going through what I was now having to go through, because I knew I could do more.

What would you tell someone else if you were recommending they join? When I was diagnosed I was really side-swiped. I couldn?t believe it. I remember even my nurses saying I was young and that I could get through it but I had the hardest time trying to accept it. I had my family and loved ones around me but I felt very alone and very scared. A family friend gave me the phone number to the LIVESTRONG Foundation.  I remember calling the LIVESTRONG Foundation for the first time. I spoke with a young lady by the name of Ally. She assured me that it was okay for me to be afraid and that there were many people there to help me. From then on Ally called me on a weekly basis just to check up on me. She was able to get me in touch with local organizations not only to help me financially but to help me cope emotionally with what I was going through. I would tell anyone that this foundation is a priceless tool for anyone going through treatment.  It feels like you have a million people on your side just there to make sure each day is the best it can be for you and they are there even if you just need to talk. Because sometimes that?s all you need.

What does LiveStrong mean to you? LIVESTRONG means to keep going even when there is hardship, pain and maybe even some tragedy. To keep fighting; Things will get better and ultimately you can make them better for yourself and for others.

What does training, the event itself, and being a member of the team add to your life?  Training for this event and being on this team has meant so much to me, it has brought be back to being myself again. Taken my mind off of my illness and back to the person I was before the surgeries and medicine. I am running again and I excited for the start line and ultimately the finish line. I am constantly inspired to run not only for my fellow team mates and the people who are supporting and donating in my name, but for others fighting cancer and survivors alike who will benefit from my fundraising.  This will be my most important run of all. I can hardly wait for the start line.

Considering running the LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon and Half Marathon with Team LIVESTRONG? To learn more about fundraising and Team LIVESTRONG, watch our recent Intro to Fundraising Class to get a kick-start on your fundraising.

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