Moving Forward: Health Insurance


Does your health insurance feel more like a support – or a shackle? What are the right questions to ask? How do you navigate a bureacratic system – one that can feel booby-trapped with red tape? What other options are available above and beyond traditional insurance? Why does it all have to be so difficult, when you’re already going through such a difficult time?

Those questions and more have been asked by many before you, so let their experience help guide your own journey. As a continuation of  the Moving Forward series of videos created by LIVESTRONG and ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology), survivors share their own questions and insights. And in the second video, healthcare professionals offer up clear, practical, start-it-now advice for navigating the Health Insurance maze:

Survivors talk Health Insurance:

Health Care Professionals on what to do:

If you or a loved one are facing end of life concerns during cancer diagnosis, treatment or beyond, please contact our LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Center. We are here to help you cope, make a plan and find the strength to face cancer you on your terms. We can help cancer survivors AND their family members deal with the fear of death. Don’t ignore your fear. Face it head on. THAT is what LIVESTRONG is all about.

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