Part 2: Building Hope and a Home


Last week, we introduced you to Jose Antonio Ventura. Along with his family, Jose is the first recipient of the new LIVESTRONG Survivor Support Initiative to receive assistance from the foundation.

So you may be wondering, “Hey, how’s that house project going?” We’re happy and here to say it?s going well! The exterior and interior walls were taken down on Monday, October 29th, with the plumbing, insulation, and ceiling removed shortly thereafter. The insulation removal alone was a filthy task, and I can?t even imagine the strength it took to get all that done in a day-and-a-half. The demolition of the house literally took 3 weeks, from October 18th to November 7th. I continue to be so impressed with all the hard work the Redmon Construction crew has been doing.

Some minor pruning and sprucing up of the front and backyard area happened on Wednesday, November 7th. Several Chinaberry trees were trimmed or cut down, and all of the front flower bed was removed – including a beloved Pomegranate tree. The Venturas enjoyed the fruit from this tree, and I hope another is planted that will continue to feed them. Once the house is finished, the property will be landscaped with Austin-friendly, drought-resistant plants.

I?ve visited with the Venturas, and they are so incredibly grateful and appreciative of all our efforts. As much as I don?t speak Spanish and they English, we all understand how important it is for Jose to have a happy, healthy, and safe place to recuperate – and a place the family can truly call home.

The next thing on our ?To Do? list? To help fund those things we often take for granted; like furniture and all the other creature comforts necessary to make a house a home. If you can help with even the smallest donation, all of us – the Venturas, especially – would be deeply grateful.

Speaking of gratitude – next week is Thanksgiving! We wish your families the very best as we enter the holiday season, and we’ll keep you posted on the Ventura family as well. Watch for updates!





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