Recap + Video: Team LIVESTRONG Fundraising 101


Kick-start your 2013 Team LIVESTRONG fundraising with the recap of the Intro to Fundraising Class presentation that Team LIVESTRONG hosted last week.

And thank you to those who were able to attend or view the Team LIVESTRONG Fundraising Class online. We hope viewers were able to learn something new, get some great fundraising ideas, or feel more comfortable when asking friends, family, and coworkers to financially support their efforts.

Even if you are an experienced Team LIVESTRONG fundraiser, you’ll likely find this to be a helpful refresher of information and tips.

The presentation focuses on these key points:

  • How LIVESTRONG uses the money that Team LIVESTRONG fundraisers collect
  • Highlight of LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Services
  • Understanding and identifying with your donor
  • How to utilize your participant center and fundraising tools
  • Fundraising success stories, ideas, and other giving options

Haven?t signed up for a 2013 Team LIVESTRONG event, but looking for a way to make a difference in the fight against cancer? Check out a few of the open events and set your goals on a unique Team LIVESTRONG endurance event in the New Year!



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