Video Contest: How Technology Can Take Out Cancer


The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) has just launched their latest video challenge. In conjunction with the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the ONC would like participants to submit a brief video that shows how technology has helped achieve a goal related to cancer care. The full details are available on the official website, but here are the basics:

> A total of $8,000 in cash prizes will be awarded to first, second, third places – along with other winners

> Judging criteria include storytelling, creativity and number of hits

> Submission deadline is December 12th, 5:00pm ET

At LIVESTRONG Foundation, we take to heart the importance of technologies that center around the patient, survivor and caregiver. Managing health care can be a complicated, confusing endeavor. With so many digital tools, web sites, and apps at our disposal for everything else in life we might need help with, it?s refreshing to see health care beginning to catch up to the trend. Over the summer we shared one patient?s story about how technology not only helped her, but potentially saved her life, transforming her attitude as a survivor in the process.

We?re here to help, too. About a year ago, we released the LIVESTRONG Cancer Guide and Tracker iPad app to help individuals keep track of appointments, medications, treatments and symptoms all in one place. We encourage those of you with iPads to give it a spin ? and maybe put together a short video and submit to the challenge! And as an added bonus: if you choose to participate with the LIVESTRONG CGT app, drop us a quick line with a link to the final submitted video ? we?d love to help you get the word out and boost your views to help you win.

So get out there and start filming! We can?t wait to see how you or someone you know has used technology to take out cancer.

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