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The headline reads: ?The LIVESTRONG Foundation Helps East Austin Cancer Survivor with Home Renovation as part of its Survivor Support Initiative.? But as it is often the case, there is much, much more about the story than just a simple overview. Today, many on the LIVESTRONG staff got to witness the impact we?re able to make on a very personal basis?

A little background first. In August 2010, Jose Antonio Ventura sought support from the LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Center for a number of practical and financial obstacles related to his disease.  And then just a year after being diagnosed with bone cancer, he also suffered a stroke rendering him unable to work.  As the Foundation worked with him and his family we realized the Venturas were faced with overwhelming challenges that were being precipitously worsened by Jose Antonio?s illnesses, including learning that the Ventura family home was in a state of extreme disrepair.

?In addition to our steadfast commitment to serving people affected by cancer, the LIVESTRONG Foundation is also committed to bettering our community,? said Greg Lee, Chief Financial Officer for the Foundation.  And so the home is undergoing a renovation as part of the LIVESTRONG Survivor Support Initiative.

–          The Survivor Support Initiative is an effort designed to help cancer survivors facing exceptional challenges, and is made possible because of the generosity of community partners including Balfour Beatty Construction, The Bommarito Group, HomeAway, Move Solutions Ltd., Redmon Construction, Rubbish Works and Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue.

Today we went to check on the progress of the construction work, and the house has literally been taken down to the slab, studs, and roof with the rebuild soon to begin. It was the first time the Venturas had been able to come and see the progress, and learn about the plans for the next generation of their house. And it was without a doubt overwhelming, in the most positive way possible. The Foundation staff is proud to be able to make a difference in any cancer survivor’s life, but to do be able to do this literally within walking distance of our HQ is really special!

?The LIVESTRONG Foundation has helped us a lot,? said Jose Antonio.  ?They have given us the confidence that we can go on.  And they have helped us with many of the practical challenges we?ve faced because of cancer.  We are excited about the plans to renovate our home and are very thankful for everything the Foundation and their staff are doing to help our family.?

*** Though many generous partners have already donated their time and services to this effort, cash donations are needed to get the family essential household items.  Anyone interested in donating to the Survivor Support Initiative can do so at



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