Mogress Report – Off to a Good Start!


Aah, here we are  – 5 days into Movember and if you?re growing a crop, you should just about be getting into the almost noticeable / sometimes itchy phase? I know I am! It?s time to start thinking about the style of said Mo (me, I?m reprising my Hulk Hogan from a couple of seasons ago) and also to be ready to talk about just why you are a part of this great campaign.

One of the easiest ways is to check out this page at, it?s chock full of stats and talking points for when someone asks the inevitable question, ?Why the %$# are you growing that moustache?!?  Now don?t try to memorize the whole thing, but rather pick out a couple of points that are important to you, such as, ?I?m growing this Mo to help change the face of men?s health. For instance, it?s well known that men in general are averse to going to the doctor. But getting annual checkups, preventative screening tests and immunizations are among the most important things you can do to stay healthy. Have you had yours this year??

See? It?s that easy ? and effective.

As we progress into Movember, members of Team LIVESTRONG will be eligible for weekly prizes from the LIVESTRONG vault (OK, we don?t actually have a vault, but I do have a box of swag on my desk).  Starting next Friday during Movember we will award prizes to one Mo Bro and one Mo Sista who have shared a photo, selected by a random drawing. And On the last Friday of the month the highest fundraising Mo Bro and Mo Sista will receive a grand prize. You have to be a member of our team though, so visit our site and join the MOLIVESTRONG Team today!

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