LIVESTRONG Cancer Education Class: Young Adult Issues Recap


Over 70,000 Americans ages 15-39 will be diagnosed with cancer this year. In contrast to those younger and older, survival rates for young adults have not increased since 1975, possibly due to factors such as lack of insurance, less participation in clinical trials and delayed diagnoses. This month’s cancer education class discusses how young survivors are often are caught between the worlds of pediatric and adult oncology and offers helpful tips on how to deal with the day-to-day concerns of being a young adult cancer survivor.

Presenters include:
Devon McGoldrick, MPH: Director of the Community Programs and Engagement team at the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Her expertise includes adolescent/young adult oncology, the development, implementation and oversight of innovative projects and partnerships.

Joni Watson, MBA, MSN, RN, OCN: A master?s-prepared certified oncology nurse. She is currently the clinical nurse manager of a multidisciplinary cancer care team at Shivers Cancer Center, part of the Seton Healthcare Family in Central Texas.

For more information or resources specific to the young adult cancer experience, please visit or call the LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Center at 1-855-220-7777.


  1. Manuel Vila says:

    Try to get out of bed and at least walk around when ever you can, the more active you stay the more energy you will have.
    You will also not start from zero when looking for your old “normal” when treatment ends!

    I’m a 11 year lymphoma survivor and a liveSTRONG at the YMCA surporter/coach.

    ~Do not let cancer change your life~

  2. says:

    Educate yourself. Learn as much as you can about your case specifically. It takes the fear out of the unknown. Listen to your gut. It you don’t like a doctor and don’t have a “cozy” feeling with that dr or staff, find one that you do connect with. It’s your body, you aren’t having your hangnail taken care of, you are taking care of your life and body… It’s most important for you to feel like you are exactly where you belong. If you don’t, you cannot fully accept it mentally or physically to heal your mind and body. Stay strong!

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