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Cancer doesn?t care where you live or whether you have the means to commute to a hospital several times a week. One issue associated with cancer treatment that is often overlooked is transportation. There are many barriers that prevent patients from accessing the care they need, and being able to go to their place of treatment is one of the most difficult challenges cancer patients face. Some patients have to travel to larger cities to be treated. These costs add up quickly for patients who don?t have the means to travel or face barriers when traveling to their treatments.

Cancer survivors who don?t have access to transportation may put off going to their treatments or check-ups. Transportation is a basic necessity for every patient in treatment and we believe it should not be a barrier to fighting or coping with cancer.

For this reason we have entered in the CITGO Fueling Good Program Contest. The organization with the most likes will receive $5,000 in gas cards. We would distribute these cards to our clients who need help traveling to and from treatment. Transportation costs add up and can put severe strain on a patient. We would like to help alleviate this by distributing gas cards to patients need to travel for treatment.

Vote for us on this link and help us support cancer survivors!

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