A Happy Graduation: LIVESTRONG at the YMCA


We received the following letter from a local Austin cancer survivor, Mindy Sue Cohen. She just completed her 12 week the LIVESTRONG at the Y program at the Town Lake. We love hearing stories of hope and empowerment like Mindy’s. Keep sharing your stories with us on Facebook , via Twitter, in the comments section here on this blog and, most importantly, with others. You never know who you will empower along the way.

Congrats, Mindy! Happy Graduation!


  1. Bhburck says:

    The motto that i have used from day one is “Cancer doesnt define you, but what you do during and after does”. You my dear are in the dictionary under LIVESTRONG, WINNER and CHAMPION. You are an example to all of us that fight the fight for those who cant or dont know where to start. Good on ya’……

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