Lance Armstrong to Step Down as Chairman of LIVESTRONG


Lance Armstrong, founder and chairman of LIVESTRONG, made the following announcement today regarding his status as chairman of the cancer non-profit organization’s board of directors:

In 1996, as my cancer treatment was drawing to an end, I created a foundation to serve people affected by cancer.  It has been a great privilege to help grow it from a dream into an organization that today has served 2.5 million people and helped spur a cultural shift in how the world views cancer survivors.  This organization, its mission and its supporters are incredibly dear to my heart.

I am deeply grateful to the people of the foundation who have done such hard and excellent work over the last 15 years, building tangible and effective ways to improve the lives of cancer survivors. And I am deeply humbled by the support our foundation has received from so many people throughout the world survivors, world leaders, business leaders and of course, the cancer community itself.  We turn to this community frequently for guidance and collaboration to achieve our shared goals.  They are unfailingly generous with their wisdom and counsel and I can never thank them enough.

I have had the great honor of serving as this foundation’s chairman for the last five years and its mission and success are my top priorities. Today therefore, to spare the foundation any negative effects as a result of controversy surrounding my cycling career, I will conclude my chairmanship.

My duties will transfer to Vice Chairman Jeff Garvey who will serve as chairman.  Jeff’s guidance and wisdom have been critical to shaping the foundation’s work since its earliest days.  Jeff was this organization’s founding chairman and I have full confidence that under his leadership, the foundation will continue expanding its ability to serve cancer survivors.

My family and I have devoted our lives to the work of the foundation and that will not change.  We plan to continue our service to the foundation and the cancer community. We will remain active advocates for cancer survivors and engaged supporters of the fight against cancer.  And we look forward to an exciting weekend of activities marking the 15th anniversary of the foundation’s creation.

Long before he became a household name, Lance Armstrong created a foundation to serve others facing the same fears and challenges he struggled to overcome as a result of his cancer diagnosis, said Doug Ulman, LIVESTRONG President and CEO.  Today, thanks to Lance’s leadership, that foundation has had the privilege of raising close to $500 million to serve people affected by cancer.

Lance has made this foundation and its cause aiding people whose lives have been touched by this disease his life’s work.  His leadership in the cancer community has spurred immeasurable progress and it has been a great privilege to work shoulder to shoulder with him on a daily basis during his chairmanship.

We are grateful to Jeff Garvey for assuming the responsibilities of chairman.  Jeff has been a guiding presence for LIVESTRONG for 15 years and we look forward to a seamless transition under his leadership and a continued strong focus on our core values and mission.

Lance’s devotion to serving others whose lives were irrevocably changed by cancer, as his was, is unsurpassable. We are incredibly proud of his record as an advocate and philanthropist and are deeply grateful that Lance and his family will continue to be actively involved with the Foundation’s advocacy and service work.  We look forward to celebrating 15 years of progress with Lance and his family this weekend and recommitting ourselves to the work of the cancer community for the years ahead.


  1. Matthew Fleisher says:

    Don’t quit. It won’t be the same without you.

  2. Herndonle says:

    I had the pleasure in 2007 to visit DC on the behalf of LIVESTRONG and met Lance. I have never looked backed and still today we carry the name of LIVESTRONG with us everywhere we go. I appreciate this foundation for what it stands for and it provided support for our family in 2006 & 2007. I will never forget that support, thank you Lance Armstrong.

  3. Markfichtner1 says:

    Life is a challenge and we make decisions that can effect us until we die, but it is through the grace of Jesus Christ and his forgiveness that gives us the opportunity to be re-born in him and be a new creation. Lance, you are an inspiration to us all, let not you look back but continue to look ahead and be all that god intended you to be. I am proud to have the freedom to type this to you and want to thank you for your dedication and unselfish behavior to others. You are a winner, a survivor and a child of God. My prayers and thoughts are with you as you press on and touch lives.
    Mark Fichtner

  4. Tfabschuh says:

    Lance is one of my heroes and will continue to be a hero in my eyes. I pledged my support to Livestrong many years ago, and that will not change, regardless of what the cycling world believes about him.

  5. Carol Howe says:

    Sad day indeed.

  6. Chef2u says:

    Legend, you will be missed

  7. anne_m1 says:

    I’m still with @lancearmstrong. He’s why I LiveSTRONG !!!

  8. Vanessa says:

    Lance, I will continue to wear my Livestrong band and my Livestrong t-shirts with pride. YOU have not told me you’re guilty of anything and whatever you MAY have taken – you are still a supreme athlete. If you pmped drugs into me I still couldn’t make it up one of those hills you’ve tackled. You continue to be my hero.

  9. Rita Noyelle says:

    Mijn welgemeende groeten ,en geloof in de onschuld van mijn favors Lance Armstrong ,ik wil dat hij bij Livestong als voorzitter blijft ,ik geloof in hem met alles ,fan voor altijd Noyelle Rita ex lotgenote ,

  10. Little332 says:

    This is what happens to GOOD people ! Lance you will always be # 1 to me……..hope you get to take time and enjoy your family and let those wicth hunters do what they do……….this makes me so sad.
    You have done so much good and No one can take that from you. God Bless

  11. Rita Noyelle says:

    Ik geloof in de onschuld van mijn favors Lance Armstrong ,moet blijven in Livestrong als voorzitter ,ook hierin geloven wij hem ,groeten Noyelle Rita ex lotgenote en lid in Livestrong ,<3 <3

  12. Maloyo56 says:

    Hang tough, Lance.

  13. Gen says:

    So sad.
    Thank you Mr. Armstrong for everything you have done. My mom passed away from cancer 2 years ago and it really makes me sad that you have to step down. You are a wonderful man.

  14. D_french says:

    Thanks for all you have given us,Lance,as a survivor you gave me hope when I had none, that this could be beaten,I do jot see how they can come back yrs later and say you used ped when you never failed a test on race day….you will always hold a special place in our hearts,you were there for me during both battles,I thank you so much for giving me the will to fight on,youv are a TRUE HERO,THANK YOU LANCE ARMSTRONG, ALWAYS A CHAMPION AND ALWAYS A SURVIVOR YOU ARE THE MAN,THANK YOU AGAIN,LIVESTRONG

  15. lapopessa says:

    Grateful for your hard work and this organization. It is a good thing you did.

  16. Windandsea85 says:

    It’s not about (never was about) the bike. Don’t forget that.

  17. Scott Joy says:

    Thank you, Lance, for your leadership and dedication to the cause.

  18. Frank Visser says:

    A brave decision.

  19. Shonna says:

    I?m a cancer survivor (2001), and it?s because of Lance that I wear my LiveSTRONG bracelet, which I?ve worn every day since 2003, I never take it off. I?ve bought countless LIveSTRONG bracelets for family, friends, & co-workers. I keep extra bracelets in my truck and whenever I come into contact w/someone who has and/or had cancer I give them one to wear. In addition to wearing my LiveSTRONG bracelet, I also wear clothes from their clothing line. Thank you Lance for all that you?ve done to help raise money & awareness for cancer.

  20. JD. FLaysakierr says:

    As a medical journalist and a consultant in oncology from France I want to tell you my respect and amiration for the work you have been doing in order to make everyone concious of the fight and values of cancer survivors.
    I understand your decision and I know that you will never give up .
    Thank you Mister Armstrong

  21. Mark van Buuren says:

    Incredibly sad news.
    Lance, I have seen you lots of times riding in the Tour de France and I will never forget the joy you gave me and lots of fellow Dutch standing on the mountains or Champs Elysee. D

  22. November2173 says:

    We still believe in you Lance and all that you do! <3

  23. Ttomasic says:

    Regardless of what happened in your cycling career LIVESTRONG has been a valuable tool for those who have needed it. Whether or not the Doping allegations are true they do not tarnish the hope and life that the foundation has given so many. There are still many people that believe in Lance Armstrong and especially in LIVESTRONG.

  24. Ann Martin says:

    Lance, YOU will always be a hero to me! I am forever grateful for all you have done for the LIVESTRONG Foundation. You will always be the man who won the Tour de France seven times! Thank you and keep pressing forward!

  25. Kathleen D. Schelling says:

    To those who matter, we always knew it’s never been about the bike! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me a reliable, responsible and knowledgable place to turn when life got/gets scary for me! Thank you Lance! (No regrets, we get it!)

  26. granolatropical says:

    I’m just so dissappointed today

  27. Elisabetta Iannelli says:

    Thank you Lance for your strong action for cancer survivors!
    Elisabetta Iannelli
    Global Cancer Ambassador for Italy designed by American Cancer Society

  28. Gstarene says:

    Lance, I hope you stay a public figure and share your training rides and runs with all of us.

  29. Hhats says:

    Takes guts to separate yourself and let the greater cause survive and avoid collateral damage. However, if that is reallly the real objective, he should separate from all events, activities, advocacy, board, etc.

  30. Chris says:

    Lance Armstrong’s contribution to cancer support cannot be measured in dollars alone – he inspired me and thousands of others to survive and that will never be denied or forgotten and has no price.

  31. Alananddorothy says:

    always remember there are more of us who love you then dislike you.keep living strong my freind.vini vidi vici.livestrong

  32. Afastchief says:

    Tough decision, but the right thing to do. Honorable, and displays your true love and support of a valuable organization.

  33. Alliston says:

    I am, and always will be, a great admirer of Lance Armstrong’s! Let them say what they like, it will not change my mind! I do not believe a word they say. God bless and Livestrong, Lance!

  34. I understand your decision. I live in Livestrong and think in Livestrong. Thank you for all Mister Armstrong.

  35. I understand your decision. Thanks to you, I live in Livestrong and think in Livestrong. Thank you Mister Armstrong

  36. Moniqueslotboom says:

    Forever believe, forever respect and forever gratefull! Thank you mr. armstrong!

  37. Horuschna says:

    Your story is amazing. I have encountered feelings…but one thing for sure, i support fight against cancer.

  38. Shaw5676 says:

    Hero to many..

  39. Vivienne says:

    Live strong Lance. There are those of us that will always see you for the man you are. Thank you

  40. Outofchaos says:

    We will continue to support Livestrong and Lance. He has changed my life. I am a greater person because of him. I don’t care about the doping drama. Thanks for everything Lance. We love you!

    Scott Crundwell

  41. Sarah Jane Roemer says:

    I have been a cycling fan for years and have to admit I’m disappointed in USADSA’s findings. However, none of that can change all of the remarkable things Lance has done for those affected by cancer and I will continue to support the LiveSTRONG Foundation and the good that it does. This much cannot be taken from him. He’s probably done more for cancer patients than anyone who’s not an oncologist.

  42. Jgt8 says:

    Lance, you never tested positive.Isn’t that the whole idea of drug testing?Those who love cycling will always respect you and your 7 TDF’s

  43. Fritz Mazz says:

    Tank you Lance from tre deep of my heart!! You have been such an inspiration for me when my relatives were ill in 1998. Please don’t give up we all need your hard work for the Foundation!!! Thanks for everything!!!! Federica from Italy

  44. Urperkins says:

    I will never stop wearing my band or supporting those effected by cancer. It was never about the bike…it was and will always be about the band…Livestong Mr. Armstrong!

  45. Justin, Australia says:

    Livestrong @lancearmstrong, what you have done for me, my family and everyone around me will never be taken from us. I am not who I am without what you have done, have been and will be forever for me. My heart is sad, I cannot change what has been an incredible part of my life, and I will forever be in your debt for what you do. My niece lives strong every day, and we wear our colors with pride at every turn in our lives, and will do so forever. Live strong, live well, live with the love and faith you have given so many of us. It is not just survivors, but all of us who surround them too who have so much to say ‘thank you’ for each day we rise. I hope one day to get a chance to say thanks, but not likely I guess, given the way it all works, so thanks mate, from the bottom of my heart.

  46. Adals-one says:

    Lance Armstrong is the greatest cyclist of all time, and more importantly a great human being that helped millions of people. God bless him.

    1. Dw78 says:

      He is a God, he shaped cycling for millions of his generation and still does and the work the foundation does for the cancer community and people wishing to follow a healthier better day2day life-style goes without question!! ‘loveLANCE’…..liveSTRONG

  47. Don Phillips says:

    Thank you for everything, Lance. Your decision today simply underscores your dedication to LIVESTRONG and all of the patients and survivors you have helped and supported. You have proven time and again that It’s Not About the Bike, it’s about the people and you’re one of the best. LIVESTRONG’s support of my dad and our family during his battle with cancer will never be forgotten. I’ll continue to wear the band and support the foundation.

  48. Nick says:

    You still an inspiration for million people worldwide. You teaches us to lead every day a fight, give the best, struggle against oneself, overcome, never give up in order to just feel, at least an instant, alive. That is the most important. LIVESTRONG

  49. Meg says:

    I love you Lance Armstrong, (in a way that one can love someone they do not know; not in a romantic way); and admire all the work that you do, and totally support you in any endeavors you take on. Believe me when I say, more people out here in the real world support you than the media would let on. You are loved, admired, and supported. God Bless You.

  50. Woody says:

    Desde España seguiré apoyando a esta fundación.
    Independientemente de la situación personal de Lance Armstrong, el trabajo que están haciendo siempre merecerá la pena.

  51. Paul Hurdlow says:

    Knowing Lance, and knowing the Board of this foundation, I’m quite certain this is the right decision, and I’m also quite certain Lance will be successful contributing to the mission in new ways going forward. I admire Lance’s athletic accomplishments, but the mission of survivorship is all that really matters to me and I will continue to support LiveStrong and Lance, unfailingly.

  52. ncr says:

    I too won’t stop wearing my band!

  53. Brienne_Fisher says:

    I’m just totally devastated by this news. Without Lance, the notion of survivorship doesn’t even exist. Cause marketing is a direct result of Lance’s advocacy and vision. I know I’m not alone in my support and admiration of you Lance and I sincerely hope that this unfortunate situation will ultimately result in some peace for you from it all. It was never about the bike for me and I remain eternally grateful for the inspiration and support you and your Foundation have given me during my five plus year battle with metastatic rectal cancer. The gift is immeasurable.

    1. Yiaman says:

      Why does he resign, when he claims the USADA claims are completely false???

    2. Brienne_Fisher says:

      Really happy to hear that – and thank you all for the amazing work you do.

    3. Survivor says:

      I support LIVESTRONG under Lance Armstrong’s leadership. The issue for me is trust and integrity in cancer advocacy. Lance Armstrong speaks truth to power and has my unwavering support.

      I regard this decision as unacceptable, NIKE’s, too, and am devastated by the betrayal reflected in this this sad news.


  54. Toenee62 says:

    Stay STRONG Lance! Thank you.

  55. S_sunde says:

    I know that this must have been a tough decision to make Lance, since this is your “baby”, but please know that there is much appreciation for what you have done and will be doing to help those that are affected by cancer (and their families). I constantly look to you and your organization to help me continue to be a cancer fighter, not just a survivor. Thanks Lance!

  56. Karen says:

    You will always be what Livestrong is all about. Your supporters will always be behind you and all the good you have done with this organization. Too bad they don’t think about things like that when thriving on the negativity. Stay strong Lance.

  57. Brandon says:

    Sad news, but the fight goes on.

  58. Lulux96 says:

    this is very sad.. Lance Armstrong’s presence in the foundation is what made it so special. Lance fought cancer fiercely and that is what motivated and inspired others to do the same.. never to give up. that is why this foundation was so strong and so unique. without Lance there.. it wont be the same.

    this news actually made me sad..

  59. Runsaul says:

    Live Strong Lance!

  60. Jun-Querubin says:

    What’s next for you Lance? Good luck.

  61. Rosemary says:

    Lance you have done so much for others a huge Thank You I am sad you have resigned as chairman to me and many others you will be the greatest TDF winner ever and a man who overcame almost impossible odds giving the rest of us the inspiration to get up and fight
    Those that are trying so hard to crucify you should look at themselves what have they done for others.
    Love to you and your family

  62. Dru Brozovich says:

    I think Lance realizes with the USADA, Tygart and the media…they’ve made up their minds as to his guilt even without admitting anything or having proof against him. The media has decided his guilt without proof and even with 500 drug tests with 100% passing grades. I think while this decision is hard to hear, he’s right. It’s what is best for the foundation because really, Lance the cyclist and Lance the Livestrong member should be separate. No matter what happened or happens with how Lance the cyclist is perceived, Lance the Livestrong member has helped thousands in their fight with cancer. That should not be looked upon in a negative light. Of course, the media will spin it however they want. Beings that our family lost a dear friend to breast cancer last week, we support any cause looking to help others in their battle. Anyone that is a good person can look past any allegations against Lance and see Livestrong does a lot of good for this world.

    Until the day comes we hear the word from Lance himself, I’m on his side. Zero proof means not guilty.

  63. Darrenstevenson06 says:

    Sad day wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have the confidence to discuss my cancer or my treatment all the best for what ever happens next in life

  64. Pierrebijl says:

    Tough decision Lance! Another sign that Livestrong is your top priority. A big act from a great man for a big cause! You’re the best Lance, live strong allways.

  65. LoveYa says:

    Is Lance still on the board of directors?

  66. Prtyplnr says:

    Regardless of any findings, we know who you are as a man Lance, and how your amazing organization continues to help and support so many people in the cancer community. Thank you….just…thank you so much.

  67. Monisha says:

    Lance you are an inspiration for me and many others….a true fighter…i look up to you as my role model….you created this organization which has and is doing a great job….keep up the good work Lance …..

    1. jo says:

      Whatever your view on Lance’s role, what has happened is not small. It is huge.

  68. MuZ_1990 says:

    It seems like a terrible shame that something so small and unimportant should have to affect LiveStrong. I still and always will give Lance and LiveStrong my full support.

  69. Greg says:

    A hero on a bike, a legend in life. What Lance Armstrong has given the world will never be tainted by rumours and bad press. The millions of people that have been touched by lances hard work and commitment through Livestrong will be forever supportive as should the world. Thank you Lance for all you have done you will forever be an inspiration to us all.

  70. Andydunnangall says:

    There has been a LiveSTRONG band on my wrist since 2004 ……. and there will be a LiveSTRONG band on my wrist for as long as the global war against cancer continues.
    Lance is still my hero – his book went with me to hospital for all 4xBEP chemo cycles and was read and re-read. He most certainly played his part in my recovery – from someone who, in 2000, was assessed [generously] as having six weeks to live to today, twelve and a half years later. Thank you MISTER ARMSTRONG!!!

    1. Lonebikerider says:

      I also have been wearing the livestrong band, both on my wrist and in my heart since 2004, and will continue to do so forever.

  71. Aaron Loy says:

    What Lance has done for cancer survivors everywhere is far greatly than any race or title possible! I have the most respect for him and nothing anyone says or do will take it away!

  72. Lance you are an inspiration for me and many others….i look up to you as my role model….all these years you have done a great job helping people fight there battle against cancer….keep up the good work lance…..

  73. Joan Armstrong says:

    Stay STRONG and Hang Tough.

  74. I am sorry to hear the Armstrong news. When I was going through cancer treatment I often thought of what Lance went through. He survived when most in his situation did not. It gave me hope and I’m sure many other cancer patients felt the same. Even though his drugs helped him win, many others in sports do the same but are not caught. A good example is track sprinters. There is a lot of money out there and it makes athletes take chances. I am glad to hear that Nike will still support the Livestrong Foundation as it has done a lot of good for many folks.

  75. Laurey says:

    Dear Lance,
    As one who is undergoing chemotherapy treatment for my third time I continue to be very proud to be associated with Livestrong and I continue to think of you as my hero. This will not change.

    I am thrilled to get to come to Austin this weekend, to ride with you, to celebrate you, and to thank you personally for all that you have done for me and for so many others.

    I did not get to ride in RAGBRAI this summer, because of my treatments, but I do get to come to Austin anyway. I am proud to have raised money for Livestrong and I shall continue to do so.

    I want to be a big part of Livestrong as a Livestrong leader. Just today I got calls or notes from three people who are asking for my help in their cancer journey. I refer them to Livestrong and will do all that I can to make sure that Livestrong remains on the top of people’s minds as an enormously valuable organization for people like me.

    Thank you Lance and thank you Livestrong.

    Laurey Masterton
    Asheville, NC

  76. Anthony C says:

    Buying my first yellow band this weekend. Look forward to another 15 years of Livestrong. Thanks for being brave enough to share your story, you cold have retired, melted into a background of anonymity. But you chose to keep fighting and use your profile for a cause far more important than peddling a bike round a country. Livestrong, it’s most definitely not about the bike!

  77. Leroytaichi says:

    Lance you were/are my inspiration as I was going thru cancer therapy and now as a 9yr survuvor.
    Illegitimus non carborundum

  78. Ali McK says:

    Sometime those that stand out in our society must stand alone. Not today. Thank you, Lance, for all you do and for the person you are. The work you do, the people you have supported and continue to support, is a legacy of hope and inspiration that should be emulated and admired. We stand with you, bands on our wrist, hope in our hearts…

  79. I am sorry to hear the final news about Lance Armstrong. I’m glad that Nike will continue to support the Livestrong Foundation. It has done a lot of good for all of us cancer patients and down the road will have saved many lives. Thanks, Lance for all you have done.

  80. Maria says:

    We should never forget how helpful is the foundation to all of us who had battle with cancer as a patient, family member or friend.
    Best of luck to Lance and thank you for all your legacy at the foundation.
    Welcome and wish all the best to the new chairman and his team.

  81. Matthew_kaufmann says:

    “Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else wil take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.” Lance, you have been such a motivator and hero in my life. Total respect to you Lance, you are the best.

  82. Jamie says:

    You are a total hero to me – inspiring me always to ‘fight like hell’ – best wishes with everything

  83. Staak says:

    I have glanced through the USADA report (it’s impossible to read it all, that would be a ‘day job’) and it looks to me as a witch hunt from a self declared witch hunter. As far as I understand USADA has no jurisdiction other than that it grants itself. The report is totally coloured and clearly not objectively.

    Therefore I advise everybody to not accept accusations from a party without jurisdiction. So I accept it when an official court rules otherwise, UCI rules otherwise or Mr. Armstrong states otherwise.

    Don’t let us return to medieval times of witch hunt or the church inquisition.

  84. Carolina-cristiani says:

    My son was diagnosed with leukemia twelve years ago, when he was four years old. His treatment was done at the md anderson cancer center in houston, and we always looked at Lance as a hero. My son has a yellow band in his wrist ever since then, and thanks God and everyone who helped him out of that illness, he is a beautiful, healthy and livestrong 16 year old boy now. Thank you very much for all that you do!

  85. Martin says:

    I gather this will make it possible for Nike to continue its relationship with Livestrong, and that is a good thing. I believe that Mr. Armstrong has done the right thing.

  86. Serkan Telyakar says:

    I’d never believed them and I’ll never believe… they are trying to use your past to lay you down with their lies. Liers and liers. We are with you Lance…

    I’ve lost my dad last year cause of a cancer, he fights 5 years and you were gave hope for us to survive, hope for a fight… you were our hero and you’ll!

  87. Erik says:

    Well done Livestrong. I’ve not been able to support Livestrong since I came to my own personal ‘reasoned decision’ some years ago. Now I feel I can again with a clear conscience. Livestrong may of been built on stolen fame and fairytales, but its become something much more. Good luck forward.

  88. Johnnyj says:

    No one can take away anything you’ve done. You are the face of a global fight against this disease. Regardless of what happens, you will continue to be an inspiration.

  89. Harrogategd says:

    Its a real shame that people who don’t even understand cycling or its pressures or even simply how arduous it is have brought this day along. Regardless of Lances’ history Livestrong would have been a lesser organisation without his hard work. If you want a drug free Tour then it’s simple don’t put in any mounatin stages. Keep all stages less than 200km long and only run it for 7 days with a midweek rest day. The ‘Tour’ knows it wants its’ pound of flesh from the riders and as such are as culpable as any athlete for the culture surrounding it.

  90. Taosdjs says:

    LA 4EVER…it’s Really Just that Simple.

  91. Rashi Kalra says:

    I have my Livestrong band on my wrist since 2009. I bought it after I read “Its not about the bike”
    Lance has been my hero. His story has always inspired me. Its ridiculous that he has to take this step for something so meaningless. After all the dedication he has put into Livestrong foundation, he does not deserves this.
    Kudos to THE MAN!

  92. I see Lance win those seven tours… he’s a hero!!

  93. Lama says:

    I have supported The Livestrong Foundation, raising thousands and thousands of dollars over the years while participating in Livestrong events. No matter how I try, I am unable to make a clean break between Lance Armstrong’s lying and the Livestrong Foundation. There are many worthy causes out there battling cancer and helping those afflicted. I choose to support those going forward and will view anything having to do with Armstrong as tainted. Anybody want a bunch of Livestrong t-shirts (used)?

  94. John Green says:

    Thank you Mr.Armstrong for LIVESTRONG.

  95. Paul Johnson says:

    This whole ordeal saddens me. All I can say is that those people who testified against Lance should be ashamed of themselves. Jealousy is a bad mean monster. Truly a witch hunt and the USADA is just showing Power’s ugly face. Sort of reminds me of the current Administration running this country. 🙁

    1. Eric Rooney says:

      Lance didn’t fight the allegations, why are you?

  96. Mike says:

    Congratulations USADA. I’ve had cancer and my wife is currently undergoing chemotherapy for an aggressive form of breast cancer. All you have done in your fervor to tear down Lance Armstrong is to make all of us realize what a worthless, petty political organization you are. I run 1/2 marathons now and it sickens me to know that you are the sanctioning body for some of them. Perhaps when enough people get tired of your overwhelming and overreaching abuses of power, another organization will rise up and make your group irrelevant. As for Lance, he will continue to be an inspiration for all of us. If any of you had ever been through a fraction of what he went through, what my wife has gone through and what millions of others have gone through (and will still go through), you might realize how disgusted we are with you. Enjoy your hollow victory…Lance Armstrong and LiveStrong will live on and thrive despite you.

    1. Javaruke says:

      Actually this will be a boost to your wife’s battle as I am pledging $1200/year today as a result of the pathological cheater stepping down.

      I couldn’t be happier that he founded and grew Livestrong to the organization it is today, however the negative grip he had on a great sport is shameful.

      May your wife come through it successfully!



  98. says:

    in dutch:
    Lance, ga door, je bent als mens een voorbeeld voor velen. Datgene je verweten wordt is jouw zaak, maar lIVESTRONG gaat door.

  99. Borste1 says:

    Thinking clear, it’s the right decision for the current situation. Thing’s don’t get easier. :-/
    However, a pill can’t win the race 7 times. Seems you will have a lot of wind against you next days. Remember 41 isn’t 25, still pushing 400W all the time will become evil, that’s god will 😉 ..shift down the gear and do what you think is right. My Trek stays here and as long as my botty hurt’s i’ll not withdraw your name from my head! Keep riding!

  100. Drjbd says:

    As a physician I will continue to use Lance and his story as motivation for my patients and his personal quest for health and fitness as motivation for me to get out of my office every now and then and get on my bike. thanks Lance.

  101. DAZ says:

    LIVESTRONG is not about the bike, or any of the controversy. Nothing can change the fact it was founded by one of the toughest survivors on the planet. It’s mission has always been real. The global impact on how the world views cancer is real. The hope, is real. My yellow band will remain on my wrist as it has since 2004. For that, I am thankful for Lance Armstrong and LIVESTRONG.

    1. Nthies9 says:

      Agreed! This is not about Lance and his career, this is about LIVESTRONG and what it does for this world and everyone in it!

  102. Vicki says:

    Thank you Livestrong for all your work and for such a wonderful resource for families who have a loved one fighting the fight! It would have taken so more time to establish without Lance. As disappointing as it is, I understand your decision! I have such a saddened heart for what you and your family are struggling through. As people continue to say to me is “what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.” with that…. LIVESTRONG!!!!!!!

  103. Jose Brea says:

    Lance thaks so much, you ARE an inspiration! keep strong!

  104. Kelly says:

    Although whatever Lance has done with doping is considerably wrong, I do not want to forget all the cancer survivors and the people he supported through LiveStrong. The cause of LiveStrong did not change, the support and the work LiveStrong does remain. Keep up the good work, Lance & the whole foundation!

  105. ann mitchell says:

    I will continue to support the Livestrong Fd., I will continue to wear my yellow band, and will continue to follow and support Lance in all his future endeavors. He is a giant among men!

    1. Wnmshoe1 says:

      Ditto a thousand times!!!!!!
      I went to Radio Shack and bought Livestrong band and will wear with pride. Lance has my support.

  106. Lindatarason says:

    I am a proud member and leader of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. This is family to me. We will always continue the fight and support Lance and the Organization.
    Linda Tarason

  107. Mc says:

    Lance is a winner, no matter what!!!!!!!!!!! Live strong, lance. Don’t let those jerks take any of your accomplishments away from you!!!

  108. As a supporter of the LIVESTRONG, I personally want to thank Lance Armstrong for his hard work in helping to build the LIVESTRONG Foundation to what it is today;-)…may the foundation continue to help those fighting the battle each day;-)…because of people like you, as a cancer survivor I am able to LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE, and most importantly live my life LIVESTRONG<3;-)…

  109. As a supporter of the LIVESTRONG, I personally want to thank Lance Armstrong for his hard work in helping to build the LIVESTRONG Foundation to what it is today;-)…may the foundation continue to help those fighting the battle each day;-)…because of people like you, as a cancer survivor, I am able to LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE, and most importantly live my life LIVESTRONG<3;-)…

  110. Kate says:

    For a long time I felt like Lance was being accused without any evidence to back up the accusations, and it did seem like an attempt to simply take down a successful man. But the more information the investigation reveals the more heartbreaking I find the whole situation. I don’t know what Lance could say that would justify the behavior that is described and documented as part of the investigation. I am so torn about how one can balance such abhorrent behavior with the work he did for LiveStrong. What about integrity? As difficult as this is, I’m glad he stepped down so that the organization can at least continue it’s incredible work without being dragged into the mess described in the article.

  111. Steve says:

    Hey Moderator, are you serious? to give a balanced view you now must remove any posts which proclaim lance to be innocent. Keep comments to simply the foundation and lance’s cancer work. Lance’s work with Cancer has never been attacked by USADA, so lets not have his cancer charity attacking USADA.

  112. Wnmshoe1 says:

    I will do all possible to NOT purchace NIKE or Radio Shack products!!! Give me a break!! Nike supports pro football, base ball basket ball. In my opinion the biggest drug users in pro sports!
    Nike did not seem to be to concerned when Lance was winning!! Show me a pro sport were doping has not and is not happening on a daily basis.
    Another point, these are pros, adults, grown men and women. They should be free to train as they wish!

  113. Fans of Lance says:

    My husband and I will always believe in Lance Armstrong. He has brought us many thrills over the years in the Tour de France. We will also continue to support LiveStrong.

  114. Phillip Carter says:

    I support you and all that you stand for. I do not care what the media says about you. You are an example to us all as an athelite and citizen. Good luck to you

  115. Stevekemsley says:

    Such a shame all this was built on lies and money that was not won in a fair and square way. I hope the fight against cancer carries on, but think that the livestrong brand is seriously tainted now. I hope the board considers a rebrand and relaunch very soon. Keep going guys, but leave this sad past behind.

  116. Mary says:

    I’m really sad about this. Thank you Lance for all you’ve done.

  117. R O'Shea says:

    There are some things that doping doesn’t enhance such as courage, determination and bravery and Lance has these in spades; he’ll always be the Champion both on and off the bike.

  118. Mbehner says:

    Wow, a sad day for sure. But I question why so many supporters of this foundation turn a blind eye to the tremendously robust details of Lance’s systematic doping. There seems to be an ends justifies the means attitude here.

  119. Ironmanchief says:

    As a continuing supporter of Livestrong-Armstrong, I wish the best for Lance and his family. Not many of my fellow supporters believe the allegations of his vanquished opponents and disgruntled teammates. To Lance:: Livestrong and stay strong. We all admire what you have done and will certainly continue to do! .

  120. Sschumann says:

    It just breaks my heart that Lance Armstrong will have to step down in a foundation that he has created to help cancer survivors and their families because people in our society are so hung up on shit that happened 7+ years ago!!! For the people that dont believe in the LIVESTRONG foundation I’m ashamed of you. He has raised over 500 millions dollars for cancer patients, survivors and the families. What have you done!!! Lance Armstrong it breaks my heart that you have to do this, and that we have selfish people in the world. I will always believe and support you and your LIVESTRONG foundation, you are truly amazing person!!! I will always continue to wear yellow and show off my LIVESTRONG tattoo!!! God Bless you and your family!!!

  121. jwebb says:

    Lance is still an inspiration to me. I wish him luck in future endeavors. He IS and ALWAYS WILL BE my idol. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication to our society Lance. This world has been made better because of YOU.

  122. Cheryl Fall says:

    livestrong is so much more than one person…lance will still be envolved and he should be …i still look up to him as a a person to follow….he is a cancer hero

  123. Ahern2609 says:

    Thank you, Lance, for inspiring one of the most courageous women I know, Brienne Fisher, to continue her fight. The foundation is an amazing organization and your contribution to the cancer community is immeasurable.

  124. Brian brown says:

    Lance should poll all the people that support livestrong to see if they think he should step down I belive there will be overwelling suuport of lance keep you head up and the good work thank you Brian

  125. Reudy1203 says:

    Is sad see him step donw just because a doping scandal .. I dont see nothing more than envious people who would’nt win a amateur race with doping .. If it was true at least he won 7 tours of france … They did’nt win nothing hellooooo… This guy is my role model in a bounche of ways and whatever he did wrong or they said he did is still to prove .. And i will keep suporting his foundation and admiring him as one of the thougthes attletes in the face of this planet … Thanks Lance and i wish you the best in all your future endeavours and you have my support

  126. michimoby says:

    Lance, while I no longer can offer the same degree of respect for your accomplishments on a bike I once had, I can still stand alongside you as a fellow cancer survivor and thank you for the incredible efforts you have undertaken to bring hope and comfort to victims, survivors, and the families of those enduring this disease. I wish you and your family well in your future endeavors!

  127. Sensgroep says:

    incredibly brave but sensible decision

  128. Jorge says:

    no es justo, el fundador es el Sr. Lance y debe de ser el presidente, la gente debe de saber diferenciar al Lance como atleta ( que para mi siempre sera de 10) y el Lance como mortal, el cual ha creado y presidido esta fundacion desde sus inicios y creo que no hace falta, justificar nada, unicamente basta con ver los resultados. Animo Lance Armstrong.

  129. Joan Armstrong says:

    LiveSTRONG and hang tough!

  130. Esme Horner says:

    I agree with all of the comments and having treatment for cancer Lance has been my inspiration, he is and always will be the greatest,

  131. MaureenRice says:

    Lance Armstrong Rocks!

  132. sad says:

    Surely Lance has been an inspiration for millions and without him Livestrong would not exist. However, if Lance did really do what he is being accused of, we can’t deny the fact that such illegal actions should be punished.

  133. Willy Waks says:

    In spite of all, Lance has been and will stay a giant among us. Thanks!

  134. Pwill07 says:

    Legend is often over used, no when describing lance

  135. Tim says:

    Regardless of the allegations, you were always a winner & a fighter lance. Whilst your methods mayve been questionable at times it doesnt change the fact you were the strongest in your field & no one can deny you made the sport of cycling a far greater spectacle. You still deserve tremendous respect, not just for your cycling career but for all your undeniable & remarkably work for cancer. Ignore those who try to demonize you, they are the same people who built you up and made money from your story. Your legacy in cycling & your unparalleled work for charity will forever remain untarnished. Livestrong amigo!

  136. Tom says:

    Live strong, Lance! You have supporters in Croatia as well.

  137. Carel says:

    The things you did Lance for many cancerpatients are unforgettable!

  138. Ryntra says:

    To quote Lance himself, “It’s not about the bike”! His true triumph is fighting and advocating for those infected and effected by cancer. I am proud to proclaim that I am and will always be a Lance and a Livestrong suporter!

  139. Dan Dahlen says:

    Sorry it ended this way for Lance. Wish you the best. And long live Livestrong. Love the Nike LS stuff…keep it coming.

  140. Sandra says:

    Lance, from Holland i would like to Wish you All The best. You we’re an example for nu Motherwell during her fight Afghanistan cancer and you still are our Hero! Keep your head up and never loose your strength!

  141. Bluestreety says:

    The truth? The lies? All I know is that Lance Armstrong is an inspiration to thousands of cancer sufferers. Lance was a source of hope for my late friend Allan, who lost his fight with cancer, but the belief Allan had that he might make it, was all down to one man, Lance Armstrong.
    A cheat? I’d like to think not.
    A legend? Most certainly.

  142. Sad supporter says:

    Sad story all of this really. I frankly believe, if Lance did use PEDs, that he still could have won without them. If the top other guys were doing it…he was still mashing them. All in all….he won 7. How I wish this all would not be true. How I wish the races would have been won cleanly so that I don’t have to explain to my kids about another great athlete not being able to truly claim victories came because of hard work and dedication. At the same time, LA’s biggest victory is Livestrong and for that I thank him.

  143. Icostaribera says:

    Thank you Lance, you are and will be always the biggest!

    From Barcelona and Catalonia


  144. Larry Birdy says:

    Lance you new this was coming some day……

    Nevertheless, I believe history will treat you kindly.
    In my beleive you became a victim of the metier you were in and your own determination of acchieving the goals you set, whatever the cost.

    The costs are what is happening now. Whoevers right or wrong, stay strong, You suffered for your victories, no doubt. Now you only have to deal with the pain……. And behind the pain is family and true friends.

  145. Seattle Fred says:

    A good leader knows when to go. George Washington didn’t want to serve as President for life.

    Lance has chosen to distance himself from Livestrong for the good of the cause. I admire his grace at this time. For this reason I just bought 10 yellow bracelets today, and will wear them proudly.

    May Mr. Armstrong, his family, and Livestrong find success and peace going forward.

  146. Moxieart says:

    Our hearts and prayers are with Lance through this difficult time; you will continue to be an inspiration to so many-Including myself. God bless all you have done for this cause.

  147. Kme says:

    They can judge you as a cycler but not as a human, with respect I wish Lance all the best!!

  148. Kathy Mathers says:

    I am incredibly sickened by all this! You ARE and always will be the most wonderful example of an exceptional sportsman and a heart of gold for all your efforts in cancer research! You are still #1 in my book!!! Nothing will EVER make me believe any of the negativity going on by extremely horrible people! God Bless!

  149. Kroegerent says:

    I choose to believe that Lance did not use PED’s as he claims. He is and should be a HERO to everyone and to his Organization.
    Thank you, Lance.

  150. GuntaW says:

    Thanks Lance for everything you have done. For me you will always be number one.

  151. Eliza Bourne says:

    To me, you are still the hero I grow up with.

  152. Lynne says:

    I just wanted to offer my support (as a cycling fan) to Lance and wish you well for the future.

    Thank you for 7 glorious Tours de France ? they can take away the name but not the memories??

  153. Mirandasmeets says:

    Lance,you’re my hero,thank you.

  154. Christine Booth says:

    Very disappointed with Lance Armstrong – he lied and cheated and that is never acceptable. But happy to still support Livestrong and the fantastic work it does with cancer survivors

    1. Westhwhite says:

      Who made you judge and jury Christine Booth??

      Let the man rest and get on with his life. He is obviously sick of defending his name and sick of the impact it has had on his family. The most drug tested athlete in the history of sport and never once tested positive. You should be ashamed of yourself lady!!

  155. Claudia M says:

    Lance, you are a hero for millions…

  156. Fraser Thomson says:

    Lance you were an inspiration to me when I was diagnosed with testicular cancer aged 31, I survived and took up cycling & have raised money for various charities doing sportives over the past 5 years. thank you for all you have done in the fight against cancer….. Sad to see the witch hunt that has happened over your cycling career…. Livestrong mate!

  157. Ashley says:

    Very sad Lance felt he had to step down to avoid negative publicity. I really don’t think there would have been any, and certainly none that would affect the foundation in a bad way.

    I know it’s not really related, but I am sorely disappointed in Nike and A-B’s decision to drop sponsorship of Armstrong. This is, IMO, a serious mark against them. They want brand loyalty, but…

  158. Tridanny says:

    Behind him all the way. The drug scandal should never overcast the good the man has done. Still a hero.

  159. Mr. Armstrong,

    Maybe you used PED’s to achieve success in your sport career, maybe you did not. The sport you competed in has binding laws & regulations to make it competitive, and fair.

    Whilst you were recovering from the dreaded disease, there was not one inch of fairness shown to you by the disease, and we know, and will always know that you got your CANCER FREE Yellow Jersey fair and square.

    Furthermore, you might have been the inspiration for a lot of people to get on the two wheeler, but you remain an inspiration for everyone to get back on their two feet again.

    As a result of your no holds barred policy on LIFE, and the pedestal you used to advocate from, the legacy of your triumph over death will last millenniums, as will your name in the walk of life.

    We salute you, as and advocate for life, as an inspirational person, as a leader. We wish you well in your continued battle and life mission.

    You inspire us. Ke Nako!

    Cobus Coetzee
    Cape Town, South Africa
    (lost my father to Cancer)

  160. Marsstal says:

    To my hero,

    Where are your ‘friends’ and followers of the gold times now? People like their hero but most of them like them to fall down as well. Down to the ground where they live. This is not what you diserve. Even when you would have used (quod non) you cannot let people down, ever. I understand that. What I don’t understand is why you are convicted by everybody without a trial. Modern times?

    Thanks for all the great times in sports and hope to here more good stuff about you in the future.

    Marcel, Netherlands.

  161. Dave Harper says:

    I am a 9-year survivor of Cancer of Unknown Primary Source that had invaded my left abdomen, organs, and lower chest. In July of 2003 my doctors didn’t expect me to live more than a few months, but watching Lance in the 2003 tour got me to thinking that I could beat my cancer. Without that inspiration I probably would not be alive today. I also never would have ridden a century or run a half-marathon. So I would like to say, “Thanks for everything Lance!”

    I think that whatever happened in those bike races is small potatoes compared with what this foundation stands for and everything it does for the cancer community.

    My LIVESTRONG wrist band is not going anywhere: It will stay on my left wrist where it has been since 2004. And I will continue to donate and raise funds for this organization, wear my LIVESTRONG t-shirts, golf shirts, ball caps, jerseys, socks, sweat-pants, and carry my LIVESTRONG bags and backpacks to work every day.

    See you all in Philly 2013!

  162. Bwhitener1 says:

    As a Survivor myself, thanks to Lance, his family, and his foundation. Keep your head high, and your shoulder to the load. We can beat this disease.

  163. Guy says:

    to me, lance is inspirational.. cycling is more popular due to his journey..whichever camp you are in his legacy is real.. a good athelete in a bad era.. period. if we are going to have a witch hunt then lets go back through the 90s 80s 70s 60s… otherwise draw the line and move on. funny how the internet creates armchair critics.. i cycled 50 miles tonight and it hurts..but i feel great! x ciao….. guy

  164. Orbeamlb says:

    Long live LiveStrong! They provided support during my Bride’s bout with breast and lymph node cancer. I’ll continue to support this fine organization.

    Lance will always be a champion in my eyes for what he’s done on the bike and with LiveStrong. He always displayed the utmost sportsmanship as evidenced by the times he waited for his chief competitors to latch back on with the leaders after any incident.

    Look forward to Sunday’s LiveStrong Challenge.

    Mike B

  165. Chris (Munic - Germany) says:

    You`re a great person and someone who gave everything for his dream…. no one can take you! You`re still an inspiration for everyone!

  166. Howard Herman says:

    The Livestrong organization is a tremendous source of information, hope and inspiration for people dealing with cancer. We may never know the full extent to which it has truly helped people dealing with such a medical crisis. I am a cancer survivor and proudly wear Livestrong clothing as a way to show my support. It is unfortunate the situation that Lance Armstrong currently finds himself in and I am sorry that he has had to step down in his leadership role. His actions do not change my mind about the Livestrong organization and I thank him for all his work and efforts in fighting cancer. I hope that the Livestrong organization will strongly continue and help people long into the future. Thank you Lance, Howard Herman

  167. Michiel Derksen says:

    Just ordered a nice cyling jersey a few days ago, before Nike anouncing ending the contract with Lance. Sad about the exact wording they used. Courageous of Lance to step down as chairman, but maybe the best in this situation, although for me Livestrong would be just as good or better with him still as chairman. To me Lance remains a great sportsman and winner of 7 Tour de France titles. Let’s hope the UCI decides to refute the USADA report, but even if they don’t, it will not change my opinion. I have been reading about how it all went down from USADA, and I think it is a cliche act of cowardice and calculating cunning. They say that Lance giving up is equivalent to confessing guilt. What actually happened of course, is that they kept the witch hunt up until Lance decided he would have no more, as he eloquently explained. Only after that they got former team mates and others with an axe to grind, or a promise to be allowed to ride again, to accuse him. These people are cowards because they gave their “testimonies” only when they were 100% certain they would not have to face Lance in a courtroom.

  168. Ed Cleary says:

    Truly fantastic work with the foundation, and may it continue on unimpeded.

    Contrition on your part, however, might do wonders to shape the lives and choices of current and future champions both in and out of the cancer community.

  169. I am and will always be an undying supporter of the Livestrong Foundation and of Lance himself, The programs that have been set up to help cancer patients and survivors have invaluable. much better than anything else around.Lance has surrounded himself with a great team, more than great and his success in supporting the cancer community has been through your efforts.
    I firmly believe that Lance has been drug free and from what I have seen the evidence could really be argued out of court without too much trouble. So Lance as a 60 year old age group triathlete and Ultramarathoner thank you for your inspiration and showing me that courage will overcome

  170. Skweekah says:

    Lance Armstrong will always be a champion.

  171. Nthies9 says:

    I had hoped from day one it would never come to this. I tried to believe that the world could be big enough and none judgemental enough to understand that people make mistakes, and the ones Lance may or may not have made during his cycling career should not take away from all the incredible things he has been able to accomplish with his foundation. LIVESTRONG changed my life in so many ways and I wouldn’t be cancer free and feeling how I do today without it. Thanks Lance for believing is us, and I hope that the world shows you how much they all believe in you. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…

  172. lisa says:

    This is unfair and unjust!!!!! Lance WE LOVE YOU

  173. Jennifer says:

    Lance my son was just DX with Testicular Ca 1 wk ago ,stage 3. We can only hope he has as successful recovery as you did. He all think you are a hero, as a cancer survivor and athlete.Hurray for you !!!!! PS. Wish you could talk to my boy.

  174. Therealgassa says:

    Lance, no excuses, no regrets.
    No need to change the past. This (LIVESTRONG) is who you are!
    Onward and upwards!!!
    I thank you, Lance (for all you’ve done and will do)

  175. Samson Laufmann says:

    You are still a hero Lance, you will always be a champion! I will continue to support this great organization and cancer community in whatever way I can!

  176. Richardmora says:

    Nike are taking the soft option out. Fancy withdrawing from a non profit organisation that does so much good! Shame on you Nike.
    Keep up the good work Lance!

    1. imgbooth says:

      Nike have not withdrawn support of Livestrong.

    2. Unbelievable says:

      Read the press release: Nike are still supporting LiveStrong.

    3. DaveMc says:

      Actually, Nike are continuing to support LIVESTRONG. Really, they are doing the same thing that Lance himself is – separating LIVESTRONG from Lance Armstrong.

    4. Timlyddane says:

      Nike is still supporting LAF and Livestrong, just not Lance himself m

    5. Andy84 says:

      They haven’t, they are still sponsoring livestrong – they have just dropped Lance as a person.

    6. Getyourfactsright says:

      Nike is not withdrawing charitable support from Livestrong, the non-profit organisation. They are only withdrawing endorsement from Armstrong himself

    7. Ger_corcoran says:

      Nike have not ended their sponsorship with Livestrong, they only ended it with Lance

    8. Walterbrewster says:

      Nike have said they will continue to support Livestrong. It’s just Lance they will not support.

    9. E Hrsic says:

      Nike didn’t withdraw from the organization! Just from Lance!!!! There’s adifference here. Get informed!!

  177. Barryeolson says:

    I continue to wear my yellow bracelet with pride every day, knowing what a tremendous difference Lance has made in the lives of many stricken by cancer. Thank you, Lance Armstrong!!

  178. whether or not Lance Armstrong used PEDs it should not affect how people look at him as a man,and for all that he has done for and with this charity.words cannot express how much he has meant to cancer research over the last 15 having him step down from LIVESTRONG is a slap in the face and I cannot believe nike is getting no heat for that.Mr.Armstrong,you are a hero,and no matter if you did or did not use PEDs,you always will be to me,and millions of others.thank you for all that you have done.

    1. DaveMc says:

      As I said to Richardmora below, Nike are separating Lance Armstrong from LIVESTRONG. Nike can no longer sponsor Lance as a cyclist (even if only because he simply can’t compete in important races) so their two options are to cease supporting Lance but continue to support LIVESTRONG or to cease supporting both. Given this is the LIVESTRONG website I am not sure what issue you have with the option they chose. Would you prefer the alternative?

      The LIVESTRONG foundation is very fortunate – its success has risen in lock-step with Lance Armstrong’s ability and appeal but thanks to decisions like this from Nike (and Trek), it is no longer coupled to the fortunes of LA, ensuring it doesn’t fall along with him.

      They have ensured LIVESTRONG’s survival despite the changing fortunes of its ex-chairman.

  179. Mouser143 says:

    I am deeply saddened by this news. I don’t believe for one minute the reports on Mr. Armstrong. You are and always will be an inspiration to me.


  180. Martin Ashworth says:

    Hey Lance, you have done so much good for the cancer community. You are and always will be an inspiration to me, I am feeling a bit crushed just now with the media but then I remember watching my mum and then my dad die from cancer and perspective returns. I wish you and your family well in all you do in the future and hope to meet you one day.

  181. daveinzone10 says:

    Lance ? I?m sure I speak on behalf of millions of people around the world who have been touched by you in one way or another. You were my hero when why I was racing and looked up to you for your strength and dedication to the sport. You truly made the 1999 ? 2005 Tour de France races the most exciting tours to watch. But, you became a much more admirable and respectable human being for what you did off the bike.

    As far as I?m concerned, if you did use performance enhancing drugs you were only playing on a level playing field. So where?s the advantage in that? If anything, I?d say you were still at a slight disadvantage because of the battle you endured with cancer.

    I am confident you will come out of this tragic event stronger than before just like you did from your heroic battle with cancer. I wish you and your family all the best and hold your chin up high; because you are and will forever be, a hero to me, and to all who appreciate what you?ve done!

  182. Ctryangel22923 says:

    I will continue to support this foundation and am very grateful the work and dedication that Lance has shown toward battling cancer and it’s dreadful side effects. He was a Godsend when my husband was going through treatment back in ’04 and it was a definite privilege to be part of the Livestrong Summit with him and Doug and the other members of this great organization in Columbus. Lance you are a true hero and friend and we love you. Keep up the good work.

  183. Felix Garcia says:

    Lance Armstrong will always be a champion.

  184. Richard Sachs says:

    I will continue to support all thinks “Livestrong”

  185. robert s says:

    Lost my dad 2 months ago from lung cancer and am very conflicted over all a pressing PED issues. I guess reguardless of outcome Lance has aided in bettering so many lives and familes and that is the true testament of a man. Sad that the desire to tear a man and foundation down is so great. In a mirror we all come up short at times but few of us ever reach such heights for humanity.
    God bless

  186. robert s says:

    Lost my dad 2 months ago from lung cancer and very conflicted over pending PED issues. But I guess in what is most important in life Lance aided and helped so many people. And that is what is real. In life we all fall short at times when we look in the mirror but so few ever reach the heights Lance has for humanity.
    As so many have received from LIVESTRONG it would serve us all well to now be there for them and Lance.
    He had the option to use his name for anything and used it for US. Thats not a nieve.

  187. Jik says:

    I am withdrawing as a Nike customer for this and the fact the continue to manufacture overseas

  188. Elsol1 says:

    Lance, it has been a great trill watching you entering Paris as a champion that you are, i miss that, you gave me 7 years of excitment, i will never forget the yellow sweater and all the good your foundation did for the last 15 years, thank you, thank you, thank you !

  189. Andres says:

    Hombre la vida es una sola y los que lo admiramos no tenemos razón para no seguirlo haciendo. Sus colegas en LIVESTRONG son como usted: Primera clase. Usted sigue y seguirá dejando una huella. Su espíritu competitivo es admirable. Gracias por proveer un medio para comunicar nuestro oyó. And in many other languages… Thank you for what you have created. You will continue to have our support.

  190. Mark Blair says:

    Lance, you’ve survived the cancer, raced all the races and have been treated for both, Dont let the care you have received for either get you down. Thank you for the insperation and I’m sure the foundation is in good hands. With your record I’m certain your not giving up.

  191. baldypr says:

    I am not a cancer survivor but I’m proud to support this organization and wear my yellow bracelet. The Armstrong contributions to Livestrong are larger than the sum of all cycling tours won by him. They can remove all titles and awards but never his greatness in the fight against cancer. The world will always be grateful for your contribution and nobody can take it away.

  192. Love2tri says:

    Enjoy your life lance, enjoy your children and all the gifts you deserve in your life. A friend once told me ” it’s none of your business what people think of you” you know who you are where you’ve been and where your going! God bless and thank you for all your inspiration.

  193. RedWhite Blue?Black wYellow says:

    I wanted Lance to be a superman,
    I saw him rise up the steepest climbs with aplomb,
    I wanted it all to be from an American hero,
    The chosen one with the endless lungs,
    Endless heart, legs of steel?

    In the end, Superman had his kryptonite,
    Now the crowd below has watched him fall from the tallest buildings,
    Hit the concrete from outer space?

    In the end we are all human,
    But in those cold, dark, moments alone fighting cancer,
    Lance fought those demons on a superman level,
    Those times when there were no crowds and it felt like NO TOMMORROW,
    Was knocking on his door?

    Glamour may be gone, Medals tucked away,
    But I see Lance stepping out onto the patio of his house in Texas,
    See him walking after being struck down by cancer,
    And I DO see a superman;
    He flew around Metropolis and helped give hope,
    To Cancer patients who were attacked by a real life villain?

    Ride on Lance, Ride on,
    The bike is bigger than this,
    Fighting Cancer is bigger than this,
    Nike is bigger than this?

  194. Joanne Schondek says:

    I just heard on the news that Lance Armstrong is stepping down from Livestrong. I am very sad that this is happening. To me, a seven year cancer survivor, I am inspired by Lance, the cancer survivor and not Lance, the cyclist. As Lance aptly stated “It’s not about the bike!” I think all of the members of Livestrong should refuse to purchase products made by Nike or Anheuser-Busch in protest for their disregard as Lance as a person. His fight over the last 15 years for all cancer survivors makes him more of a HERO than any person who “just rode a bike” will ever be. “Standstrong” Lance we will always stand with you.


  195. Hockeyman36 says:

    Lance, you will always be an inspiration to millions world wide, I personally watched all the tours you won and ones before and ones after, I watched many an epic attack on the numerous stages that you won, didnt win, and also came in different results, my two daughters grew up with you , me, Phil Liggett, Paul Sherwen , Bob Roll. and many other people describing in cycling lingo how the days stages played out, the world made excuses to skip work or sit in front of the tv to see the live feeds in the am OLN , Versus or other feeds coverage, You got 5 million people in North America off their ass and into some form of excercise mainly a bike, Oakley made millions off you, Nike made millions off you, Giro made millions off you,
    , The Tour De France was projected into mainstream tv showing both day and nite versions of the tour
    and also made millions off of you, I am missing some other sponsors im sure, Berry floor made a ton of money being associated with you as well as the others i have forgotten about, The peoples champion will long live as the Great American Hero who beat Cancer personally and continues to make a difference
    in many survivors lives, I wear and continue to wear a Defend Lance T Shirt that I bought at the USA Pro Cycling challenge in Colorado this year, I had a minimum of 50 people per day stop me to offer their support and they could care less what the assholes dreamed up.

    Long time fan and beleiver in good old canada

  196. Wingate says:

    If as the media say basically everyone in cycling were using drugs then Lance was still the fastest.

  197. SOLE4LIFE says:

    MR. ARMSTRONG YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  198. Ece Heper says:

    Lance a cheat? Oh, but what a cheat – HE CHEATED DEATH! Beat the sh*t out of CANCER, the actual cheat above all! Long live Lance ArmSTRONG! I will keep on continuously wearing the yellow bracelet!

    Ece Heper

  199. adrondube says:

    The media feels it has an obligation to kick someone when they are down and destroy a man not based on his work as a whole, but on whatever transgression he may have made. It doesn’t matter to me if Lance was “clean” or not. He used his accomplishments in a sport, which really…when you think about it in the big picture, wasn’t really that “big” of a deal compared to life or death battles, to inspire people to LIVE! Instead of trying to “tarnish” his legacy, we should applaud Lance for taking his fight against cancer to heights that actually IMPACT people, not just sell papers, magazines, or commercial time. Lance chose to give back. We owe him a debt. He doesn’t owe us or cycling or any federation anything.

  200. Cori says:

    I am also deeply saddened by this news. I don’t believe any of the reports, testimonies and other “stories” out there. Lance you are incredible and an inspiration to all!

  201. Mlk says:

    Great Charity doing Great Work, unfortunately previously led by a deeply flawed individual who needs to understand what integrity really means. My best wishes to the foundation going forward…

  202. Benlevelo says:

    No wins on the Tour de France, no Livestong ! So, if he did it on purpose just to achive his goal to found his fondation, why not, because he helped so many people. Merci monsieur Armstrong.

  203. A Lance Fan says:

    Lance has done good! That’s all I can say! This political witch hunt is just that! why now is everyone coming out all of a sudden? All politics!

  204. Afrethy says:

    Having the inner strength to overcome cancer when it had the upper hand, that’s what makes you my hero. Nothing changes that – it’s not about the bike & never was.

  205. Akentp01 says:

    Great man and inspiration

  206. ytsercat4_ says:

    That’s what happens when “the shit hits the fan”. Most of who you thought of were your close friends will drop you to save their own asses!
    Keep fighting Lance! Never give in to your persecutors.

  207. drjcj says:

    At this time last year, I was reeling from a diagnosis of Stage 3C uterine cancer. I reached out to LiveStrong and you were all there for me, from the source books and cancer materials, to personal emails from a LiveStrong social worker, to the many inspirational writings on the website. All I can say to Lance Armstrong, whom I followed at every Tour de France, is THANK YOU, LANCE, for saving so many of us. You and your organization inspired me and helped me get through a grueling year that also included a broken leg from a horse riding accident and a pulmonary embolism related to the leg injury. Nothing will ever change that help and inspiration. You are still a role model in every way that counts–helping save people’s lives. THANK YOU!!!!!

    –Dr. Janis C. Jones

  208. alberto says:

    que facil quitarle los patrocinios despues de estos años y no se dan cuenta que gracias a lance se beneficiaron

  209. ashish kumar says:

    Whatever Lance might have done, It is only because of his tireless efforts that cycling is so famous sport today. When his foundation is a source of courage for so many people who are fighting CANCER, it’s very unfortunate for NIKE and these anti doping agencies to frame such slandering charges against this gentleman. I am with LANCE AND LIVESTRONG.

  210. I appreciate what Amstrong have done as a cyclist and as a citizen. Other considerations are false moralism. Keep fighting Mr. Amstrong. Huggs from Puerto Rico

  211. Lloyd_pierce37 says:

    Lance your LIVESTRONG mantra has been an inspiration to me and many. The past is th epast. I am exteremely proud that you used your celebrity to form this organization and to hlep people. I will continue to LIVESTRONG and you will continue to be an inspiration and role model. Shame on NIKE for taking the easy way out. I supported them because they supported you – I’ll now be purging all of my athletic gear of anything NIKE. Under Armour does great things for Wounded Wariiors and perhaps they’ll pick up this worthy foundation. I’m considering mailing ALL of my non-LIVESTRONG NIKE gear back to them and telling them to keep it. As for the yellow LIVESTRONG APPAREL? Will wear it proudly with the NIKE logo destroyed or covered.

  212. Survivor659 says:

    I have never doubted Lance when he says he has never been involved in doping during his lifetime. It has both saddened and angered me that people continue this witch hunt against him. I can only hope that people with continure to support his Livestrong Foundation. I am a cancer survivor and know first hand how cancer can affect a person diagnosed as well as their family and friends. The Livestrong Foundation is the best thing to come from his accomplishments in the cycling world and I can only hope that the people that continue to try and take him down will know great the Livestrong Foundation is. That they know how many people it helps all over the world. I have been wearing my yellow bracelet from the first day they were available and will continue to wear one the rest of my live and beyond.


  213. Mike F says:

    I personally would like to thank Lance and everyone at the LiveStrong for all the support over the years. I firmly believe that all the things we have heard are false and we will continue to suppport the foundation and the efforts of Lance. They wer the only one’d to support me and my family when cance took my Dad from us. No one form the media, or government offered any help. I firmly believe that LiveStrong and Lance will survive this “witch hunt”


  214. Casual-ts says:

    Deeply saddened to hear this. Lance, you are and always will be an inspiration to millions. You are the definition of a “true survivor”, and you have and will continue to give hopes to millions affected by this disease. My Livestrong bracelet does not leave my wrist. Every time I glance at it I am reminded that there is hope. When I pray for those battling this disease, I twist the bracelet as I pray. When Ihear the name of another person affected with this disease, I twist it and say a prayer. I will continue to support this wonderful foundation and I am proud to say the Green Bay community has been selected to have this program coming to Green Bay. Than you tou you and your family for everything you have done. You will always be a hero in my book.

  215. John McMullan says:

    Dear Lance
    Hi. In no order:
    1. All cancer survivors, and family of survivors and non-survivors love you. That will never change.
    2. The 7 tours were run. You were awesome. All the leaders were caught in the bike drug scene. There was no avoiding that scene and being competitive.
    3. All riders who have since come out have done this only after they were caught. That is not a criticism of any rider, only an observation.
    Hang tough, stay quiet, and wait. Your (wider) family will always love you.
    John McMullan

  216. Mike F says:

    We are deeply saddned by the news that Lance is stepping down. Lance and Livestrong were there when my Dad was diagnosed with cancer and supported our family. No one else offered a hand or listened to what we were going through. Now they are on a witch hunt and firmly believe that Lance and Livestrong will come through this in the end.

    Thansk for all you have done for us and we will be here toi support you through these tryng times

  217. Sheila Pearce says:

    I am deeply proud of you and all the work you have done for your Foundation and the countless people who have benefitted from your generosity, guidance and your devoted love for their recovery. Not for one second has my thoughts, faith and respect for you changed. It saddens me to see you give up all that was a part of you but glad that you will stay on in some capacity to continue LIVESTRONG. I wear your bracelet proudly.for my Mother who is 90 on Friday the 19th and has survived so far a most difficult and rare form of cancer. Thank you Lance for everything and my prayers are always with you and your family.

  218. Niecy1234 says:

    Love you Lance! I will support you always & forever!! I believe in you and you are a winner in my eyes in more ways than one. Enjoy your self, your family & life ~ LIVESTRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xo

  219. Melanie Ealey says:

    what a shame! the whole thing sucks! he won in our hearts anyway!

  220. tink says:

    it is not for me to judge lance armstrong, only he knows the truth.
    i will applaud the man for his wonderful foundation, and the positive influence he has made on peoples lives.
    thank you all for the wonderful work you do.

  221. Will Smith says:

    Lance is still my cycling hero and inspiration regardless of what is in the news. I’d have a beer with him anytime.

  222. Matt Walls says:

    Whom ever wrote the laws that Lance has supposedly broken should be accountable for the overtly adverse reactions that are taking place now. Right or wrong it is unjust for anyone to receive this sort of defamation and beating for taking a drug.
    Responsibly policing cycling should include some sort of statute of limitations, why dont they investigate Lemond or Mryckx.
    Who provides the funding to these people? What is the motivation? Who will profit from this?

  223. Desertcatn says:

    It is so wrong what they are doing . . . You have a tremendous amount of respect and support out here, Lance Armstrong! They have ruined their own sporting event, with what they have done; I will never watch it again.

  224. Bdavisonnz2003 says:

    I wear my livestrong armband as a cancer survivor. i now wear my livestrong band as a strong supporter of Lance armstrong. i believe that every man woman and child Deserves a second dance i hope that when this dies down that, Lance, You can come back and take your rightful place as head of your organization.

  225. Kay4970 says:

    This is what makes it agonizing to be a human being sometimes…the capacity to do so much good coupled with capacity to make such bad decisions that inevitiably affect the good parts. (example….no longer the leader of Livestrong) It is a lesson for all of us to be congruent, ethical and do good in ALL aspects of our lives, not to just pick and choose. I am being as judgemental of myself in these comments as I am Mr. Armstrong as it has made me reflect on my own life and decisions, and i don’t think I have been ethical in every aspect of my life…I’m just not famous so don’t have to endure this publicly. If these charges are true, he needs to change… do I.

  226. william etheridge says:

    I clearly remember the night in July 2004 when here in Sydney I watched live tv coverage of Lance Armstrong riding and winning the time trial up Alpe d?Huez. Never forget it and it helped seed a passion for cycling, which I commenced in late 2006. Nearly 80,000 kilometres later, and in my mid 60s, I am still enthused.
    I also read Lance?s books, and watched tapes of all seven Tour wins.
    So I am bitterly disappointed by the USADA report, and the related statements issued by many of the people referenced in the report, which describe the systematic and sustained resort to performance enhancing strategies by teams Lance led, over many years. Either we are dealing with a most extraordinary conspiracy, or Lance was deeply involved. For the future sake of cycling, and especially the Livestrong Foundation, it is vital we learn the full truth, from everyone involved. I am still wearing Livestrong sox and my yellow band. For now.

  227. tee says:

    Regardless of what has happened now, no can ever take away the fact that Lance had and BEAT cancer. He is a hero and an inspiration. An amazing man, with drive and passion. I am saddended by Lance’s stepping down as Chairman. The Livestrong website helped me through some of the thoughest times in my life. You have changed many lives, Mr Armstrong, for the better, don’t forget that in the midst of all this controversy.

  228. Jmd79au says:

    Lance, walk tall, walk proud, your an inspiration to millions. How many people on this earth can say that they have been the main contributing factor to raising $500 million for charity. Lance you
    should be praised for your achievements in life, that’s why I’m awarding you the “Good bloke of the year” award. Congrats champ..

    Jimmy, Sydney Australia.

  229. Guest says:

    I still don’t believe Lance was using PED’s but the sport and this charity has lost a true legend. Livestrong Lance <3

  230. keep up the fight against cancer, Lance, we honour you

  231. Keep up the fight against cancer Lance you continue to be an inspiration to fellow survivors and sufferers,

  232. Isti says:

    It is of full understanding, even thou it is sad that it had to come so far. No doubt, despite the rumours (true or not) that Lance Armstrong and his family, the work behind the organisation and achievments have been a huge inspiration for the cause. Many people, including myself, have benefitted from it and so I only can look forward to this bashment to end so we all can move on. I have a hard time see the positive of all this, as it really has no change in the results in anyways. So it would be a lot worse to undermine the value and work of the Livestrong organisation by this case against L. Armstrong. Keep strong – Livestrong!

  233. Mdreed64 says:

    Despite the controversy and disappointment, I’m still a fan of his and supporter. Evidence strongly suggests that some of his actions broke the rules, or more. Regardless, all that he has accomplished for cycling, awareness about fitness, and in the fight for cancer remains untarnished. He’ll lose some support and his superficial sponsors will fall away, but he has inspired thousands in a myriad of ways and will continue to do so. Thanks Lance — keep going!

  234. Russell says:

    I have been following the story of Lance with great interest and just 2 weeks ago argued how wrong the witch hunt against him was. I am extremely disappointed in the outcome of that report which leaves us in no doubt of the lies and great lengths he went to to hide his doping. For me it does taint everything to do with Lance and the legacy. I applaud the great work the man has done and I sincerely hope that the foundation will go from strength to strength under the new chairmanship.

    I struggle to say the man (Lance) is a great man when he has so blatantly lied and bullied people to follow his path. I call upon him to own up to his wrong doings and that in my view would be the perfect next step.

    I wish you all well

  235. Dashing11 says:

    Lance will always be my hero.

  236. PMF says:

    You are a good man. A strong man. I wish you the best in the future. Be well.

  237. Tblackburn says:

    I just want Lance Armstrong to know that even though some are trying to beat him down that there is a large network of people who are grateful for his dedication and supportive of his work as both an athlete and as a human being.

    He has helped so many and we want to show our support for him when he needs it. Keep up the great work and don’t let them get you down!

  238. Paul Godwin says:

    Lance you are a great man and you have done great things with the charity. You are an inspiration to everyone including sportmen who know you for the person you are…an honest sportsman that plays fair. May you livestronger than you have before.

  239. Wendy says:

    With all the crap being said recently about Lance Armstrong, please know that I am still a strong supporter of Lance, the Foundation and LIVESTRONG. I continue to wear my yellow bracelet proudly. If possible, please let Lance know he has my support always, and he is in my prayers. The media seems to forget that he beat cancer and is alive to speak about it.

    Fond Regards,

    Wendy DaCosta

  240. Kathy Clark says:

    I am saddened by this news and have wondered, from past experience, when this would happen. All the while hoping it would not. Lance is and will always be a champion and most of all a survivor! Keep on pushing forward and “LIVESTRONG.”


  241. guest says:

    We love you Lance and believe in you. Thanks for all you do for all of us cancer survivors and we will pray for you and your family through this hard time.EPM

  242. Mslaw2001 says:

    Who cares about all that negative stuff. What should be considered is that Lance gave back. He devoted himself to his Livestrong organization which has done nothing but help people. How many in this life can say they have used their personal efforts the way that Lance has to offer support and assistance for others! Keep the focus Lance and forget the rest!

  243. Cynthia Laurel says:

    In the USA, we have a constitution which grants a right to a fair trial. Somehow, this didn’t not happen and an organization, who didn’t award the awards is stripping Lance of his awarded awards. Says allot about America, and nothing new about the sport of cycling. Vive Le Lance!

  244. Racer343 says:

    I too have been inspired by Lance Armstrong and will continue to LIVESTRONG as a result of that. Go Lance!

    1. Jd Rally says:

      Totally agree, I could not care less if he is guilty or not. Compared to many other successfull people he has given so much back. He stands out in a crowd by just being there, he does not have to take drugs to do that. He would have won all those titles regardless.

      It is a witch hunt and is all about money and bringing down tall poppy’s. Hatred of somebody who has been successful.
      What about all the team managers and doctors, please do not tell me that they knew nothing!!

      Surely these people should be treated in the same way!
      Lets hope the French see what Lance has done for the sport over the years as a positive and let him keep his titles…go Lance, you are an inspiration no matter what.

  245. M.E. says:

    I am with you Lance..stay strong!

  246. Subedoo says:

    I have always supported the Livestrong organization, and will continue to do so. Lance Armstrong has helped and inspired so many people through Livestrong, and it saddens me he has stepped down, but I understand his decision. It’s too bad sponsors, like Nike, fail to see and support Livestrong for all it does.

  247. Mamavero says:

    Respect!! it’s sad that you have to give up so much for a witch hunt!! lance stay strong, and live strong!!

  248. Shannonmeloro says:

    “Allegations” that’s all they are!! Lance Armstrong is an amazing man and athlete! I proudly wear 2 livestrong braclets on my wrist- in memory of my father in law and grandmother to whom died of cancer. I understand his stepping down, either way he has brought cancer to the forefront. Being Canadian we are proud of our fellow Canadian Terry Fox who raised awareness and money for cancer research , I am also proud of you Lance. Stand strong!!

  249. Michelle says:

    I’m confident that Lance will rise from this as he has before. I respect his decision he is a great inspiration and leader. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of one. Good luck to him and his family in the next chapter of his life!

  250. Bob says:

    Your book “It’s not about the Bike” was my first step in my battle against stage four throat cancer. I figured if Lance can beat what he had to fight I can too. This past August i celebrated my 8th anniversary of being cancer free. I wear my Livestrong bracelet with pride and wish you the best in whatever lies ahead. Thank you for helping me beat cancer.

  251. Lwinklwman says:

    Keep the faith. The judgement is not ours to bear. You have done wonderful work for alot of people in need. This is the real issue in life.

  252. Michelle_d53 says:

    Speaking as a longtime Onc nurse, I can honestly say that there was nothing like Livestrong for survivors before Lance started this. The research, money and especially hope that has been given to cancer survivors is remarkable. In the last few years I have been privileged to work with 2 women with stage 4 breast cancer that have done exactly the same thing as Lance. One just finished her 1st Olympic distance Tri since her diagnosis and tests say that she is cancer-free. Who would have even imagined that this was possible? In my day to day practice I see women who have a full life after surviving breast cancer because of the support of Livestrong.
    It is not about the bike! Lance’s legacy will be about his triumph over advanced cancer and the help that he has given to many,many cancer survivors!

  253. Trish Wooten says:

    I have been so inspired by Lance Armstrong for many years. Not because of his cycling career but because of his tremendous heart, incredible spirit and desire to serve others. His quest to provide people with support/education/resources through the Livestrong foundation is truly phenomenal! Very few people have ever accomplished such amazing sustainable programs in such a short time, I salute you sir for being such a great human being.

  254. Roberta says:

    Congratulations to Lance for stepping down as Chair. Now, he needs to resign from the Board too. It’s time to separate the man from his accomplishments. Livestrong is a great accomplishment, but it deserves to have leaders with integrity.

    1. StupidPolice says:

      If you want to talk about “integrity” then please begin with the US constitution and it’s failure to prevent USADA from witch hunting and passing judgement over to the media and the mob. It only takes one solid piece of evidence for real justice to work – just one – like the police finding a used syringe with David Millar. When you have 10,000 pages of “evidence” and not a single solid piece of direct evidence – never two witnesses corroborating on any single event – then it’s just an impressive pile of paper. Witch hunting works, that’s why the US constitution forbids it. Integrity is not on the side of USADA in this respect. Lance Armstrong has resigned due to the pressure of controversy – not though an established lack of integrity. Regardless of your own feelings and views those are the facts. The US constitution demands “presumption of innocence” and full due legal process. Integrity? Where is yours?

  255. JH says:

    In regards to the controversy surrounding Lance’s cycling career and Livestrong…all I know for sure is… 1. that he helped bring road cycling to the forefront of the U.S. public like never before which helped put more people on bikes, and 2. He brought together a cancer survivors community and his advocacy for them is beyond words. If for nothing else, Nike and other sponsors who have dropped Livestrong should recognize the organization and the good it does beyond the controversy of Lance the cyclist.

    1. Angelchk77 says:

      Nike did NOT drop Livestrong….Only Lance

      1. JH says:

        Sorry, I thought what I read in the news was that they dropped Livestrong as well.

  256. JoeyT says:

    HERE’S THE IRONY. Lance’s blessings and efforts (personally and through LiveStrong) will most certainly come back at some point to benefit those (or their loved ones) who have worked so diligently to strike him down.

    It’s a shame that so many people and society in general have failed to recognize the enormous impact (and legacy) he’s made through LiveStrong. No other person or organization has ever raised as much awareness or money for cancer research.

    No one can ever take this away from you Lance. You’ve done your part. Godspeed.

    1. Craig says:

      Please tell me what research Livestrong has funded?

      1. LIVESTRONG says:

        Here is the section on our website that addresses our “reports and findings”. The research we fund is not in the lab. We survey and report on the needs of cancer survivors to improve our services and programs. Here is the information about what we fund:

  257. Mike L. says:

    9 years ago I was told I had CANCER. At the time I wondered just how I would survive let alone tell my three daughters. A few years earlier we had lost their Mother to heart disease and now this. It took me a couple of days to get my thoughts straight and I drew my power to survive and over come the diesase from Lance. I too enjoyed my bike and liked to ride. I had watched the tours for years and was very inspired by Lance and any U.S. rider on any team. I decided that my bike was going to help me get through the disease and after my first go-round of radiation, chemo and surgery I decided I would ride my bike to my 6 months of remaining chemo treatments. It was my way of showing Cancer that I was stronger than it was. Yes, believe me, I was devasted to hear the news about Lance, my hero, the person I drew my inspiration from. It was like telling a child that there really isn’t a Santa Clause. Gues what, Lance is more than a biker. What he has done for people like myself no one can take away. You cannot strip Lance of the millions of dollars LIVESTRONG has raised. You can’t tell all those whose lives he has touched that he really didn’t provide the research and support for them. He did all this and so much more. Did he practice the win at all cost attitude? Yes he did and I hope he is very sorry for that. I believe he provided LIVESTRONG with that same kind of attitude. I thank him for that. It’s not about the bike! It’s so much more than that!!

    Mike L.

  258. I am so saddened by these turn of events, but I understand your wanting to spare LiveSTRONG any ill effects from the allegations swirling around you. Good luck, godspeed, Lance.

  259. stingerwaffles says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Livestrong doesn’t fund cancer research, Joey T.

    1. LIVESTRONG says:

      We fund programs that help the people affected by cancer and we advocate on a national and global scale to make cancer a priority which includes increased funding for research and programs that help access to care.

      1. Erik481584 says:

        right, but your website says you fund cancer research ( and you just admitted that you don’t. there’s no shortage of cancer advocates. what’s needed is money to hire scientists and fund studies to actually get the work done of developing treatments. then you wouldn’t need to counsel anyone or advocate. but then again, you’d be out of a job.

  260. Wagirl750 says:

    I have been blessed never to have cancer, nor has anyone in my immediate family. But if such a thing should ever happen, my first inspiration on this earth will be Lance Armstrong. Those who have followed his career know the whole answer was not in any substance he took. He did so much more and Livestrong would not exist without him. I am glad you keep his name on your website, as you should. There will be redemption, Lance.

  261. Yod7000@outervalley says:

    God Bless you Lance, I don’t care if you won 7 tours with or without epo. You were the best in all those
    Tours either way. USADA has abused their authority and their own legal parameters. They can’t just
    throw out an 8 year statute of limitations. Duane


  262. Audreybluebutterfly says:

    I know that LiveSTRONG has saved lives, supported millions during their time of crisis, and been a candle in the darkness. Anything Mr. Armstrong did or didn’t do during his riding career will never change that he has created and nurtured an amazing organization. May this organization continue to thrive and provide the incredible support and love for all those effected by this horrible disease.

  263. Christopher Ott says:

    My apologies. I had been under the impression that Livestrong didn’t fund research for a cure. I knew you helped patients that are living with cancer. Thanks for clarifying.

  264. mf_online says:

    Ok now are they going spend 10 years investigating all the second place finishers? Just saying. Where is the fairness in all of this?

  265. As a cancer survivor, caregiver and activist, I am grateful that LiveStrong has helped to secure cancer’s place in the forefront. I respect your decision but am deeply saddened. No one can take away your spirit and your accomplishments. We stand together and with you.

  266. Sabertooth says:

    Thank-You for making it possible to regain some strength and confidence back after surviving cancer and cancer treatment. My life will never be the same. I can’t imagine what would have happened if the man I used to watch cycle on t.v. wouldn’t have experienced and acted on the path he was dealt in life. We are still struggling from the aftermath, and Livestrong has enabled us to afford a first step into a new life. One step at a time. Thank-You Lance for your inspiration to go on in the face of adversity!

  267. Anibal Lima says:

    Thank you Lance for all your effort and all you made this years. You are a “life champion” and a surce of permanent willingness for people to be better every and inspire others to do the same. Great job. Godspeed, Lance and NEVER give up!!!

  268. Emilawad says:

    I hope that Lance will show us what the meaning of Livestrong is by continuing strong. He has done a lot, his energy has transformed countless lives. Longlivestrong.

  269. Lauren says:

    Your contributions to the LiveStrong Foundation are legion and will not be diminished. Thanks for helping so many seriously challenged people. L R House

  270. Its a pity, all the best Lance

  271. tiffanyzook says:

    This is a very sad turn of events. While I applaud Lance for taking responsibility and for seeking to save the organization from any controversy, I am sad to see him step down from his position in this amazing organization. Only Lance knows the truth regarding his actions in cycling, but what he chose to create as a result of his experience as a patient has been nothing less than remarkable. As a longtime pediatric oncology nurse, I care for many adolescent and young adult patients who now have a place to turn for support, resources and inspiration. Patients that would have chosen to sleep away their cancer treatment in a haze of ativan and depression, now have the inspiration to stay as healthy as possible and to challege their bodies to become stronger as a result of their journies a cancer patients. I am grateful beyond words for Livestrong and no matter what Lance did or did not do in his life as a cyclist, he has given back to the cancer community in ways that will forever be more important than any title in cycling.

    Keep the faith, Lance, and keep your focus on the bigger goal of impacting the cancer community and advocating for increased research funding, supporting those living with cancer and working towards cure.

  272. RalphK says:

    Dear Lance,
    I was always a Jan Ullrich fan (and I still am). The two of you provided cycling fans with the most awesome and entertaining Tours de France that we had seen in over a decade. I find it hugely hypocritical of all those claiming some sort of deceit on your part. You have boosted cycling from a minority European sport to a global phenomenon. You have also done huge things to raise awareness regarding cancer. After my mother died of kidney cancer I appreciated your efforts all the more. I wear the Livestrong band on my arm and will continue to do so as a huge fan. You rock. You Livestrong! keep fighting the cancer scourge!
    regards, Ralph (from Cape Town)

  273. Dave Harris says:

    May the Livestrong foundation go from strength to strength. Its importance cannot be overstated

  274. Carol Daniels says:

    Lance, know matter what they is going on your life I don’t believe you should step down! All of of us with cancer and family members with cancer have followed your recover and the great things you have done.
    Carol Daniels

  275. Lisa_CancerBeGlammed says:

    Thank you Lance Armstrong for the strength, courage, and leadership you have brought and still bring to all of us touched by cancer. It’s pioneers like you–who have taken bold steps forward that show the world and survivors like me, that cancer doesn’t define who you are. You will always have my respect and admiration for being the person who faced the toughest challenge of all and achieved it, struggling to survive and–live.

  276. Fan-of-cycling says:

    are the comments being filtered regarding their content?

  277. Todd says:

    The man is an icon and a legend. His glory will never be tainted in my eyes. Especially by word of mouth gossip years later.

  278. Dear Lance, and all of the Livestrong family,
    thank you Lance for inspiring the world, and for being “a man that does what it takes” to persue the goals he (you) believes in. Stepping down as chairman shows that the results (for Livestrong) are more important than your ego, and that in my definition, is the act of A WINNER in every sense of the word!

  279. Cheryl Ziker says:

    I continue to stand behind Lance and all that he has done to help those suffering from cancer and to help those who have survived or their families. I will continue to be a part of his fighting army to support this amazing, wonderful foundation. I also pray that Lance will finally be left alone to continue what he started in this foundation. Regardless of the truth about cycling issues – you brought so many of us into the circle of cycling which has enhanced our lives & health. The Tour de France truly came to life with excitement. LIVESTRONG! Thank you for being part of the Journey.

  280. Hammer says:

    The truth always wins. Sometimes it just takes time.

  281. Frankoz says:

    My autographed shirt, my collection of books, my live strong cycling gear, all now reside in a landfill. It’s ironic that the biggest cancer in cycling turned out to be lance. I do though, truthfully wish the foundation well, and the strength to continue on.

    1. Winnie says:

      Don’t you find it a bit odd, though, that with all the athletes that have participated in the Tour over the last 15 + years, many of them doped, but only he could win over and over. It’s called talent. His ability to ride a bike better than anyone else is what made him win. Doping only increased his stamina, not his handling of the bike.

    2. Frankoz, you’re uninformed.

      Cancer is about overcoming odds. it is about winning. it is about courage, survival, doing whatever it takes to beat the odds and succeed. its also about luck. this is why cycling, and lance armstrong, were such powerful metaphors for cancer treatment and prevention.

      on the other hand, what have you done? what act have you achieved that has inspired millions of others? just because journalists and beaureucrats have an axe to grind doesnt change the thousands of miles that lance rode as a champion.

      lets imagine for a moment that he doped, that they all doped… then he was still the best. because if you believe one did it, in a sport as cloistered as cycling, they all did it…

      i choose to believe that some people can overcome insurmountable odds, and that regardless of the news cycle, or the desire of the media to sell newspapers, the ultimate truth is whether you’ve done something special. lance… did.. that.


  282. Greenburger77 says:

    Lance you have inspired a generation of not only athletes but the human race… Your strength, courage and determination is unrivalled on the road – your passion and devotion to the cancer community is nothing short of sainthood.

    No matter what transpires in the coming weeks, months and perhaps years it will never taint the fact that you have done amazing things on many levels – LIVESTRONG Lance.

  283. people need a hero. it has always been so…

    the heros of legend werent writers, journalists, bureaucrats. they were doers. they got up, each day, confronted the odds and beat them.

    cycling is a hard, hard sport. it is bruising, painful, arduous and tiresome. to be the best, the best of the best, requires something more than a pill or an injection.

    it takes a state of mind, a desire to win and an immeasurable amount of courage.

    the leftist world press race from drama to drama. their mission isn’t to inspire, it is to tear down, to destroy. people talk about the power of the pen. indeed it is mightier than the sword. yet the heros of legend use swords. not pens. fighting the odds is a dangerous and dirty business.

    writers TALK about doing stuff. or not doing stuff. which means they generally dont do anything. they are fabulously self-righteous. as a writer i know. ive seen that behind closed doors my colleagues are capable of the most despicable hypocrisy. but in their columns, in their public life, they preach a standard no human can achieve.

    lance armstrong has made the right decision here. he chose to ignore the taunts, the bear-baits, and to continue on with whats important to him, and his family. the past is the past. people can talk about “soul-cleansing” all they want. they werent there. they dont know. and their opinion is irrelevant.

    Lance’s responsibility now is to his family, his children, his legacy and this foundation. he is doing the right thing.

  284. Mariegaudette says:

    I don’t know anyting about livestrong bit I’ve. Been looking for sup port mind wise. I’ve had cancer for 52 years

  285. Pieter de Boer says:

    Are all these positive blogs here coincide ?

  286. Paula says:

    Lance, Thank you for all you have done to promote cancer awareness and education. Thank you also for bringing to TX and the US many exciting years of the Tour. We know you will continue to work to promote both of these – you have always been a fighter and never a quitter, in everything you have done. NEVER give up.

  287. Gutted Lance. All the best to you & your family. Stay well. xxx

  288. LIVESTRONG says:

    Not sure what you mean.

  289. LIVESTRONG says:

    There are some that have due to inappropriate content and language. We reserve the right to do so. This is not a professional cycling blog. It is the blog for the foundation.

  290. Karenjarvis says:

    Lance, you and your foundation are an inspiration for human strength and survival. I don’t give a crap about sports records, you are a living miracle, whatever drugs helpd you heal and perform are a much better bet for cancer patients than the poisonous chemo drugs supposed to cure us. I am just so sorry that they have turned on you. Be happy and healthy.

  291. Nick Harris says:

    When I was first diagnosed with testicular cancer, the bottom dropped out of my world. Learning about Lance Armstrong’s fight with cancer and the resources in this organisation helped me through it in a huge way. I still admire Lance Armstrong’s efforts as a cyclist, but his biggest achievement for me is beating his cancer, returning to top health, inspiring others to do the same and forming this organisation which helps so many and will endure.

  292. Marlone says:

    Go Lance. You’ll be forever the winner of 7 Tour de France.
    Daniel from France.

    1. Kfenske says:

      Totally agree!
      Lance will be for me also the forever SEVEN TIME WINNER!

  293. LIVESTRONG says:

    That is not our website. is the foundation. is an independent website separate from the foundation.

  294. Kd says:

    I got used to manipulated info and news… it’s happening with Lance. I saw him cycling in France and I do not trust them… Truth will shine again! Cheers, Kamel.

  295. Tony says:

    Dear Moderator,

    So you’ll publish a semi-literate rant from Alex Kilele (I know that sounds racist, but it truly isn’t), but you won’t publish any comments even slightly negative about Mr. Armstrong’s now well-documented cheating? Shame. The good he did for Livestrong is undeniable (until donors start asking for their money to be returned), but how he negatively impacted cycling and disappointed kids around the world is almost criminal. #Cheatstrong

    1. LIVESTRONG says:

      Mr. Kilele Ndolo is a LIVESTRONG Leader from Nairobi and is the head of an NGO that helps people affected by cancer in one of the poorest places on the planet.
      With that said, maybe you should educate yourself on our mission. It is not cycling. It is to elevate the voices of people like Mr. Kiele Ndolo and the 28 million people world wide affected by cancer that are actually doing real things to help people. #Mission

  296. Patriciacarey says:

    This is a wise decision.

    Just because a person makes bad decisions with his career doesn’t mean everything that person is involved with should be affected negatively.

    He should be thought of as a generous person who generously gave $ to people who have suffered through serious health situations.

    I’m disappointed by the news of his cycling tampering, but the foundation has touch people much more personally than the fans who bike for sport or profession.

  297. Josemolto says:

    I am Jose Molto I am 37 (almost the Lance´s age) from Spain I have enjoyed with every day Tour de France race watching him. He is a reference for me in many many ways and I will never NEVER be dissapointed with something that every rider did in the competition those years. He was the strongest and any person who likes cycling know.

  298. Cedge68 says:

    Lance Continue to live strong. In lots of our eyes your a hero!

  299. Lupo_ann says:

    There is no doubt that LAF has raised $500 million for a cause to which we are all devoted. While I continue to wish LIVESTRONG nothing but the very best in their important work, I feel I must sever all of my emotional and (how ever meager) financial support.
    I thought that I could separate the man whom I have respected, appreciated and defended for so many years from the work of LIVESTRONG. But, alas, I cannot seem to do so. Maybe that is so because it was he who brought me to LAF, and for better or worse, to me they cannot be separated.
    Go forth and do good work, so many need and depend upon you for resources and help. Sorry, but my journey will take me elsewhere.

  300. Estimado Lance: Tus seguidores siempre estaremos con vos, para nosotros sos un ejemplo a seguir por tu lucha y tu capacidad de superacion. Siempre seras el ganador de los 7 Tour de France. Gerardo de Argentina.

  301. Pipenic12 says:

    Hola soy colombiano y me niego a crer todo esto LANS preparate y con testigos y vuelve a correr alguna prueba

  302. Pipenic12 says:

    Que alguien nos atienda en español

  303. Tim says:

    I participated in the LiveStrong Challenge Davis back in 2011. It was a true honor for me to raise funds, not for Lance Armstrong, but to honor the loved ones I, and my supporters, lost to cancer. I truly hope and believe that the generous funds so many donated in my efforts went to help someone in need.

    With that said, I’m really not sure if I will participate again. How difficult will fundraising become now? It was difficult enough in 2011 when all this was just speculation–not ONE of my cycling contacts, including three bike shops, would even considered donating. Even after I pledged to have bike shop names screened onto my LiveStrong jersey. Probably the deal breaker, in hindsight.

    The bottom line is, Lance Armstrong comes from generate PED. A not-so-exclusive club that includes so many (probably most) professional athletes over the last 20 years. There are absolutely no winners to come from this, and I am saddened that Lance Armstrong and Barry Bonds, the two most prominent and noticeable record-setting athletes over the last 20 years, have become the undeniable scapegoats for generation PED.

    I digress. There have been winners to rise from the ashes of generation PED: Without Lance, and all the mountains he attacked, whether on a bike, or during the fight against cancer, and whether he did it clean or dirty, the reality is that LiveStrong would not exist without Lance–winners are those who have benefit from LiveStrong. And the lives changed by LiveStrong would not have been changed without Lance and the publicity the Lance Armstrong brand brings with it.

    Cheating is cheating, but cheating death is living. Just ask a cancer survivor!

    Live strong, and live clean!


  304. Vicky says:

    Lance is kind and a good person, no matter the fact if he’s guilty or not, he’s a leader and inspiration, he used his fame to promote a good cause and in the end of the road ….this is the important fact! God bless him and give him the courage to continue with his fight ! Lance you still being one of my heroes!

  305. Paul Singer says:

    We( the People) believe in you. Always have. Always will Lance! We understand your decision for all the right reasons. You are the greatest athlete ever and are loved by many for your humanitarian efforts.

  306. Eagle1 says:

    Dear Mr. Garvey, Mr. Armstrong & Mr. Ulman

    I think Livestrong should split and rebrand.

    Have one foundation with a new name and brand sponsor the runs, athletics, sports and YMCA… ask, or beg Nike to help that become a new independent professional athlete oriented endeavor… you unfortunately just can’t have Lance’s public involvement with that.. because the health / athletic events should be untarnished.

    Then make the Livestrong Cancer Research Institute and fund research or create a facility and staff it. Lance could be a public leader in that capacity (the survivor center centers.)

    This way the new organization could receive donations and continue to move forward. I hope Livestrong does embrace Lance though, because clearly he is a good force against these terrible diseases. That’s a big difficult transition, however, I believe it is necessary and would immediately give Livestrong partners a sense of ease.

    Work with Nike… or plead with them, to help with this split. Lance simply should not be on the board at all of that entity…

    Possibly then you could work with American Century to have then change the names of their funds to the new athletic centered cancer organization… and split the proceeds from their donations (if they continue that…) between the two organizations (the cancer research / health & sport & athletic side.)

    As it stands I don’t believe it can go very far with the Livestrong (first obviously the strong is from Lance’s name.) Second you’ve lost the celebrity athlete status and not many athletes may want to be involved because of their image.

    You need.. a strategy.. you could continue to make a huge difference with $100M and NO DONATIONS. You’d just need to bring the staff down to like 5 people. Then make grants.

    You need the product and Nike revenue and American Century income.. I believe… if you immediately did this I think it would work… perhaps Nike could even host the organization on their campus.. I mean c’mon be like Nike… can Mr. Garvey and Nike and $50M make this happen… the answer I believe is a resounding “yes.” Then your work would survive…

    Then Mr. Armstrong work on the survivorship and cancer research side.. I know a lil less exciting.. but as you know it’s very, very important…. I believe Lance’s story is still important in that capacity and just separate him from the athletic side… I know, I know it sucks… but I wish he’d come clean too… but c’mon Arnold Schwarzenegger used to be the chairman of the President’s Fitness Challenge, he readily admitted steroid use.

    This way also the board and donors would be gratified, to be on the Nike side… and appreciate Lance for his hard work on the Cancer side… This idea could perhaps make Livestrongs initiatives even more powerful.. Note Lustgarten is located at Cablevision… Nike surely can find many qualified athletes who are affected or effected to turn that into something really impressive as you already had before this drama.

    Just my two cents.

    Charles Margolis, Indianapolis
    (Walther Cancer Institute)

  307. Zen Master says:

    Mr. Armstrong’s legacy will always live on no matter what. What he did, fighting cancer, winning the world’s most prestigious cycling race and creating one of the world’s biggest health foundations in livestrong, helping millions of people around the world (myself included), cannot be denied no matter how many “experts” choose to dishonor him. The medals and trophies are simple artefacts, and don’t represent what he really did. The triumph will always live in his hear and in the heart of all the people he helped and inspired. Who cares about some trophy or title? He still won the tour de frace 7 times. I was there and I saw him win it twice. I don’t care what the panels say. it is easy to put him as a scapegoat. He has done a lot for people on this planet, and he is an inspiration. He might not be the champion in the tour de france anymore, but he is a champion in life, and he beat cancer and adversity, and that is something that those “experts” don’t know anything about. Keep on Mr. Armstrong. My prayers and my compassion are and will always be with you and your family. I do my best to help others as well, volunteering and helping a variety of people with their personal probelms. I give my own grain back to the world, just as you have done on a massive scale.

  308. DC7773 says:

    I’m still going to wear my LIVESTRONG bracelet, as I have for many years because I support LIVESTRONG and Lance Armstrong. You’re still a hero to me Lance, thanks for everything you’ve done

  309. Sean says:

    thanks for all you have done through this foundation. You not only got people’s attention for cancer but also for cycling. You made a lot of people ride bicycles again of which the bicycle industry befefit from. Good luck for those who succeed you.
    Live strong,
    Sean Selles
    The Netherlands

  310. RGCambs says:

    Brave decision Lance. It will undoubtedly benfit the charity. The endemic problem of the tour in those days should not sully the excellent work done here. I hope you will continue to work in the background and lend your guidance in a less named manner – the charity should not have to lose your experience and drive due to things past. Keep strong.

  311. Avegail Ilagan says:

    To All My Fellow Lance Fanatics….” Always think that a Tree who bear much Fruit in all season will suffer alot of flying Axe… ” Legend is always be a Legend… God bless you LANCE… Live STRONG!

  312. Mott Sapple says:

    Dear Mr. Armstrong,
    I don’t care much for cycling, what I do care about is people. Your ability to draw people and funds together has made a diffrence to many who would have suffered without such influence. Wether people understand it or not, you leveraged your body and soul to achieve a goal. Your motivations are yours to know. When the time comes to meet your creator those issues will be resolved, until then it is too big a problem to consider. Was the good done by the infusion of capital to the sick wiegh heavier than the falling of an actor? Probably. Pop culture builds idols, money builds medicine. Who cares what an actor has to say, their egos far exceedes there intelligence, Beonce'(sp) buys jets, the Kardashianis (sp) buy cars , so who are the charlatans and who is not?

  313. Allen_medenilla says:

    Thank you for the great job for starting from a small family devotion to a large organization that helps thousands through Cancer. Regardless what others say, stay strong to your cause and we will continue wear the yellow.

  314. Mateusz Kryk says:

    Lance, has always been and will be the best! Fan cycling of Polish

  315. Andrew says:

    My heart goes out to lance and his family. that being said i still believe in lance armstrong today just as much as i did before he ever won a single tour. i don’t think lances legacy is cycling anyways i think its all the good he has done off of the bike that is his legacy. i had thru honor of riding a bike with him and talking to him briefly and we did not talk about the tour or even cycling in general even though we were both on bikes we talked about his foundation and his future plans he had in store for it. i believe lance is in a different chapter in his life now and im not saying he doesn’t care but compared to ten years ago yea he doesn’t care compared to if it were then. he is focusing on exactly what he wants to focus on and if turning the page so to speak is what he had to do to be able to do that then i commend him for it. i started wearing a yellow waistband back when they first came out and i will continue to wear one in support of this wonderful foundation and in support of the man himself…LIVESTRONG LANCE

  316. Neo_matrix says:

    Dear mr armstrong.

    I’m a big admirer of you and what ever the media says, you will be my hero! For winning the battle against cancer and for winning the tour de france 7 times.
    Stay strong.

  317. Charletti says:

    Lance added more to cycling than anyone has or will. His time to cancer patients and livestrong have been unprecedented. If he has done wrong he is truly not alone He has become caught up in this mess of who has become.I still believe he is the best cyclist ever

  318. Dan says:

    Lance will always be #1 in my book for the amazing work he has done for the cancer community.

    Don’t let the bastards get you down, Lance.

  319. Joninfinity says:

    Lance Armstrong IS Livestrong. His foundation will live on, proudly. Lance has brought awareness to the masses, regarding Cancer reserch and survivorship. He can hold his head high for his efforts. In Cycling, it was Land who generated interest in the U.S. and around the world. People will say what they will, but Lance awoke the U.S. to the sport of cycling. He is, was, and always will be, Lance Armstrong, seven time Tour De France Winner. Livestrong..!

  320. Nick X says:

    Sorry it has come to this. Keep on Living Strong

  321. ekene says:

    Hey Lance, you’ve helped millions of people fight cancer, that to me is all that matter. My message to LIVESTRONG is do not let the recent happenings discourage you, a whole lot of people are still suffering from this deadly disease, GO GET THEM!!

  322. Llibitina2 says:

    Only a true champion is brave enough to sacrifice for others, your still the man lance

  323. Fantac6 says:

    Livestrong will “live strong” Best of luck to you Lance in all future endeavors. As a physician, I admire your selfless devotion to this deadly disease.

  324. Lequidam says:

    Hello, do not discourage , we are with you, you are big one champions courage

  325. Gea says:

    Never give up, allways live strong! Thanks Lance.

  326. Cdp says:

    Dear Lance,
    As an amateur triathlete I am of course deeply dissappointed about the “controversy surrounding your cycling career” (you have been an inspiration for many), but at the same time I think that you’re unjustly treated (even if what you did can’t be justified) and many previously “friends” turn against you and try to destroy you. But remember, maybe your greatest challenge lies now before you: what counts is not the reason why you had fallen, but the way that you going to stand up !!

  327. Mike says:

    A man should be measured by the number of his good deeds – not only by his misdemeanors. You have delivered far more goodness to the world than evil and deserve to be celebrated, not berated. Livestrong rocks!

  328. Jfitzpa6 says:

    Lance, your books and your efforts in the foundation to raise close to $500 million have helped saved lives. Thank you. I will always wear your yellow wristband, now and forever. Allez Lance Allez!


  329. Pelle says:

    Your a great sportsman. Nothing else to say. Beside that you did a lot of great work. Cheers man! A fn from the Netherlands!

  330. cv2_r says:

    Lance, God bless you for all your good works. It has saved lives and given hope to multitudes. Not every prosperous person is so generous. I have no doubt you did it out of empathy,and no other motive. We are on this earth to serve one another, and you have served,a nd continue to do so.

  331. Johnmcn says:

    Fuunny on livestrong blog all there is is positive comments. i guess you delete the abuse he must get the charity is built on lies and covering them


  332. Sopho says:

    You are an inspiration for a lot people,… Nothing else to say

  333. Karol says:

    No one is going to steal the moments, you are the champion, no matter what they say!!Hold on mate

  334. Mori says:

    Dear Lance,
    we all trust and bealive you , here in Israel.
    stay strong!!!


  335. Kingsley_garratt says:

    Lance I believe you have become a scape goat for the industry and the controversy surrounding doping, You will in mine and many others eyes continue to be seen as an amazing sportsman with huge courage and dedication. What you have contributed to others is also hugely significant; the negative press will of course damage you personally yet I believe your strength will make you victorious again.

  336. Mikenorris992000 says:

    Winning is about heart….not just legs…. as said by the MAN himself.!

  337. Jocimari86 says:

    You have inspired many lives, keep strong. You’re our Hero.

  338. Baljeet Degun says:


    Nothing can undo the unmatchable and unmeasurable good that you’ve done in the fight against cancer.

    You have enormously inspired millions of sufferers, and their families. Now is an important time for you to look forward with positivity, even in the midst of this difficult time. You can continue to change the course of history, by creating a message of hope, irrespective of what has happened. You can be part of the solution in re-shaping the sport you love, and which you’ve undoubtedly created a lot of support for and interest in.

    I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for the strength you catalysed in me to help my mum during her fight. She’s doing well.

    Good luck to you and to the LS Foundation,


  339. CindyEdgingtonWasson says:




  340. If only life was black and white

  341. SUSANA ESTRADA says:

    Hola: Quiero compartir mi experiencia con esta enfermedad, soy sobreviviente de un Ca.Mucoepidermoide de paladar blando, hace casi 12 años, tuve una recesion amplia de paladar y hasta la fecha vivo con algunos problemas, pero gracias a DIOS libre de este, mi principal defecto es la voz, ya que soy maestra de Jardin de Niños, y en ocasiones me limita ya que mis alumnos aunque son muy inteligentes y solidarios conmigo se les dificulta escucharme claramente, pero al dia de hoy vivo FELIZ, deseosa de nuevos retos por cumplir, Bay FELIZ 2013

  342. wont be the same wothout him, a bad choice

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