LIVESTRONG Gala Silent Auction Now Live


In celebration of the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s 15th Anniversary, we are opening up the Gala Silent Auction to everyone before Friday’s event. The silent auction is available online now up until 11pm Thursday the 18th. Just place your initial bid and your secret maximum bid amounts online and the site will automatically take care of the bidding process for you. Below are just a few of the featured items up for auction at this year’s event.

Muhammad Ali Signed Glove
1999 US Women?s World Cup Photo signed
Heisman Trophy Experience
Nolan Ryan Signed Baseball

A Day with Sanjay Gupta
F1 Package: 3-day passes for two to the inaugural race in Austin Nov 16-18
Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
Dinner with Dhani Jones

Zang Toi couture gown
Bobbi Brown Makeover
Tory Burch?s Favorite Things

Signed Marilyn Monroe Photograph (48X60)
City Scape by Dustin Yellin
?Playing Strong? by Carlos Ortiz

When you bid on auction items, you’re making a difference in the fight against cancer. Auction proceeds provide vital programs and services for cancer survivors and their families. Start your bidding!


  1. Fitnessfactory says:

    For some time now this Lance thing has been in the press. It is getting old. Why so much money, time and energy spent on bringing down this man? I have spent time with the LAF and have been to Austin to attended events and raised money for the foundation. I have met great people along the way and even have Lance to thank for my son. I tried to get pregnant for a long time. When I finally gave up my husband and I decided to give and do for others. Cancer has run in my family for 3 generations. I became pregnant on one of our trips to Austin for The Ride for the Roses. My husband and I decided to give and in turn were given a great gift. I will always be blessed for that. My son is my joy.

    I am not sure what all the facts are, but I feel that many people came forward with sour grapes in their mouths. While others pointed fingers as not to draw attention to themselves, or make excusses or just make money. Only God and Lance really know the truth. The harshness of all of this is amazing to me. Hard core criminals are being treated better that this man. I think it boils down to politics in every direction.

    We all know how much money LAF has raised and how many people they have helped. I think that the powers that be cannot stand that and that they must go after those that do in order to take the spotlight off of them for lack of effort to help with, find a cure for and destroy cancer. Shame on them all.

    When you think all of the things that people go through and how it effects their families and friends and yet they still go on. Well Lance you just keep riding. Do not let this take you down. You shall rise from the ashes and when you do you will find more support than you realize. Remember in your own words, “It is not about the bike.”

    Shame on all of the others that have tried to flatten his tires and stop the race. This whole thing benefits no one and only makes the USA look like fools. They have payed more attention to this than they have payed to our troops all over the world.

    When the day comes and it will come—-Lance Carpe Diem!!!!! Redemption will come and then they can get off thier butts, put down thier reports and get in the fight to end cancer!

    God’s Speed!!!!!!

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