LIVESTRONG Fertile Hope?s Lindsay Beck Receives Lifetime Achievement Award


Over a decade ago, Lindsay Beck launched a nonprofit organization called Fertile Hope to address the profound reproductive needs of cancer patients and survivors ? a need she discovered after her own experience with potentially sterilizing treatments for recurrent tongue cancer in her early 20s. At the time, cancer patients were unknowingly being left infertile by their life-saving treatments and no one was talking about the issue or taking steps to change it.

Thanks to Lindsay?s leadership in the field, two once disparate medical specialties ? oncology and reproductive medicine ? now work hand in hand to make sure that cancer patients are informed of their risks,educated about their family-building options and referred to appropriate resources. Today, Fertile Hope?s extraordinarily effective programs continue under the umbrella of LIVESTRONG, helping to remove cancer as a barrier to parenthood for many of the survivors we serve.

Lindsay’s pioneering work had such a profound positive impact on the field that, last week, RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association presented her with a lifetime achievement award ? the Barbara Eck Founder?s Award.

LIVESTRONG is proud to work with people like Lindsay whose efforts have permanently changed the face of cancer care in the United States for young adults.

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