Fighting Like Hell on LIVESTRONG Day


When I was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma at age 32, I was completely freaked out. My family was freaked out. It seemed like all we could find was bad news about this terrible disease. But from the moment I found the Lance Armstrong Foundation, I knew they were in it with me?the best possible partner I could ask for in this fight.

After I was denied health coverage thanks to my new ?preexisting condition,? they not only helped me find insurance, but gave me the means to get treated at the No. 1 ranked Cancer Treatment Center in the country. The Lance Armstrong Foundation changed my life. And I?m just one of more than 71,000 survivors they?ve helped navigate a life-or-death fight with cancer. That?s a game-changing accomplishment in my book. I?m so grateful to have them at my side.

This LIVESTRONG Day you can help the them be there for even more survivors like me?everyone who shares a message in support of survivors will trigger an extra dollar donation for the Foundation’s amazing work. Submit a message of support for cancer survivors now?it will automatically post to your Facebook page on LIVESTRONG Day, October 2, and give more survivors a fighting chance.

As I look ahead to more battles with a disease that?s trying to kill me every day, I just want you to know how much it means having supporters like you on my side. Thank you for all you do for the Foundation and for everyone out there fighting like hell against this disease.


Brian Rose
Melanoma Survivor


  1. Shayla says:

    I lost my Dad to his 3rd fight with cancer in February. Thinking of all those fighting cancer and those who have lost a loved one.

  2. LIVESTRONG DAY! Today I celebrate Laurie, Barbara and Dana, my three girlfriends-all cancer survivors!

  3. Pauljsleep says:

    LIVESTRONG day. Help in the fight against the foe 1 in 3 people face.

  4. Wytold Lebing says:

    I send this out in awe to my wife Carol who faced cancer with more bravery than I could ever have. -And I send this out there to al of you who are facing cancer, ALL of you are heros!

  5. Cheryl Thomas says:

    Hang in there and keep pushing forward. Every day is a new day to continue the fight! I celebrate my beautiful daughter that kicked Hodkins in the butt! And i beat kidney cancer!

  6. Lauren Doll says:

    Support LIVESTRONG Day on October 2nd! For every message $1 goes to survivors.

  7. LIVESTRONG Day! A day to honour and remember all those who are fighting cancer, and those who ran out of time fighting cancer. A day for us to stand up and say enough is enough – let’s kick cancer’s ass!!

  8. I support the lives of cancer survivors since they have profoundly changed mine. Share the message this October 2nd, LiveSTRONG Day.

  9. Tiffany says:

    Today, I honor all of those who have battled cancer. You became a survivor the day you were diagnosed. However, you are so much more than a survivor…you are a CONQUEROR! We are CONQUERORS! The power of LOVE will ALWAYS be stronger than cancer!

  10. Tomorrow is National Livestrong Day. I write this in honor of my father, Ken Iberg who after being diagnosed 4x wore his Livestrong bracelet for over 10 years + until the day he died. I pray for the survivors and for those who are fighting the hardest fight of their life.. May there one day be a cure.

  11. Tomorrow is National Livestrong Day. Today I write this in honor of my father, Ken Iberg who after being diagnosed 4x with cancer wore his Livestrong Bracelet 10+years till the day he passed. On this day I pray for the survivors and for those who have put up the hardest fight of their life.. May there one day be a cure and to remember to forever LIVESTRONG!

  12. Stmobile says:

    Surgery three years ago, LIVING STRONG. Thanks for all you do.

  13. Jane Russell says:

    On May 3,2012 My niece Abbey Drake Meneghetti lost her battle with Colon Cancer. She was a beautiful young woman that loved her family deeply.Abbey loved to hike in the mountains of Colorardo and was a avid runner. She was a fighter and fought very hard to to the end. She will be missed by many and she touched my heart as Abbey touched so many hearts that we will never relaize. Abbey will always be in my heart as she will be in so many others that she did touch. You will never be forgotten and as you always said I am Your Aunt Jane.

  14. Sylvie Hardouinfroger says:

    I celebrate all fighting cancer and all cancer survivors.

  15. I celebrate all fighting cancer and survivors.

  16. “Fight like hell” is right. Fight for yourself, for those around you, for the future. Fight like hell in honour of those who didn’t make it, but more importantly, fight like hell for those who are still with us in this battle.

  17. Palmtreestan says:

    Please take a moment to show your support for those with cancer and those that have lost their battle. Cancer is an ugly,unprejudiced disease…it’s next victim could be you.Today is not the day we give up it is the day we battle this disease in any and every way we can

  18. Reflecting back today on all of the love & support I got from my family and friends while battling testicular cancer in 2008. I fought like hell, but my family and LIVESTRONG pulled me over the finish line. Four years on 10/13.

  19. Mark Jennings says:

    Today marks 18 months since the start of my cancer journey. Had my check up- confident that I am heading in the right direction!

  20. Lost my mom to her third battle with cancer (pancreatic cancer). Know too many people fighting cancer and decided to raise funds and awareness by running for team LIVESTRONG in the NYC Marathon. Thinking of all those fighting this disease on this LIVESTRONG day.

  21. Lori Peterson says:

    Remembering Christina and her battle and honoring Alice and other fighters/survivors just like her!!

  22. Erin Kennedy says:

    LIVESTRONG DAY! To all cancer survivors…God Bless!

  23. Today I celebrate my mother and grandmother are both cancer survivors! #LIVESTRONGday

  24. Virginia S says:

    Celebrating my sister, my cousin and friends who thankfully all won their battles and honoring my Dad and aunt who sadly lost theirs. Celebrate life and Livestrong today and always!

  25. Timothy Michael Deserable says:

    On a rainy, Thursday afternoon on September 14th, 2006…my oncology doctor informed me that I was going to need 2 rounds of BEP chemotherapy for my testicular cancer diagnosis…that evening my dad suddenly died of a heart attack and self-pity suddenly turned into beginning the fight back against cancer…on October 31st 2006, I ended my 2nd round of chemotherapy and the battle was far from over…months and the years to follow of overcoming what chemotherapy did, not only to the cancer, but to my body and my mental well-being…this journey, for me, is far from over…blood work, chest x-rays, and CT scans every three months for the next 5 years… always wondering, did my tumor markers go up or am I still cancer free?!…today I am closer to my 6 year mark for being cancer-free…through many months of therapy for depression, I have put everything in perspective and am happy to be able to continue my journey;-)…each day of my life, with the support of my family and friends, I LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE…and most importantly…continue to live my life LIVESTRONG<3;-)…for some…the journey has just started, others the journey contunues to be very difficult, and finally for many the journey has ended, but they are always in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers…something that always stays in the forefront of my mind is the "IRISH BLESSING"…"May the road rise to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, May the sun shine warm upon your face, May the rains fall soft upon your fields, And until we meet again, May you be held in the palm of God's hand…". Something that I love to do is bake cookies…many have told me I should sell them…so I have decided that every tray of cookies I sell, 10% will always be donated to the LIVESTRONG Foundation…this is my way of giving back to all those who have supported and helped me along the way<3;-)…

  26. CAROL BERNECHE says:

    LIVESTRONG DAY!!! I would like every cancer survivors to continue to fight strong, be strong and to continue to LIVESTRONG!!!

  27. Fred Berneche says:

    I started battle with cancer on St. Patrick’s Day 2011. LIVESTRONG has been a great organization in getting us information and support for my family. Thank you to my family, freinds and to the love of my life and best friend… you keep me strong every single day. To all of us that are bound together in fighting this battle, keep fighting… the journey truly is the reward.

  28. Jimmy Pang says:

    Livestrong Day! Woohoo!

  29. Jimmy Pang says:

    Livestrong Day! Woohoo!

  30. A friend of mine brought this to my attention on facebook! Thank you Chris Hardman! He is solid proof of someone living strong everyday and continues to fight against the cause against cancer! Thank You! I want to send a shout out to Penny White my cousin that keeps battling away at Lymphoma! U go girl! And my cousin Kenny Jump who fought it as a young child and beat it! And in loving memory of my grandma Glover, who fought for 8 months after the doctors told she had only weeks to live! Livestrong yall!

  31. Terri Duffey says:

    Five years ago yesterday I went through the surgery to remove the triple negative breast cancer I was diagnosed with. After that was 6 treatments of chemo and 35 radiation treatments, anemia, shingles and not getting my energy back for a couple of years. What a battle! I`m so thankful to be here 5 years later and especially thankful to all who stepped up to be there for me. You really find out who your true friends are and what people are made of when you go through cancer treatment!

    We had a copy of “It`s not about the bike” from my late mother in law and that book was at some times a lifeline for me. Thank you Lance Armstrong for sharing your fight in such gruesome detail! You have been and remain a huge inspiration to me to get well and live a full life.Before cancer I was very active & fit but coming back from treatment was a long, slow process. I took up cycling because of you & it`s helped me get healthy again.

    The Lance Armstrong Foundation is an amazing resource for everything from treatment to nutrition and everything else imaginable for cancer survivors or ANYONE needing info and/or support. Thank you to all involved with the foundation for being here for the millions of us, our families and friends. You`re an inspiration everyday!! LIVESTRONG everyone!

  32. Mark Siefken says:

    Today I remember Lizzie, Nancy, Claire, Noah, Verna, Barb and all those other people who hung strong til the end.

  33. Conltd says:

    I am a cancer survivor. During my chemo and radiation, and even now, after all this, Lance is the person who has put me through all this and helped me keep on believing that I would survive. Thank you, Lance ! The man I respect the most in my life cause he is the strongest of all and never gives up !

  34. Today is LiveStrong Day. Happy (now) to remember that my Mom’s melanoma was caught early enough that she’s still here today. 🙂

  35. Vincent Andrew Stark says:

    Tuesday-October 2, 2012—Dear Livestrong–I am aware of the criticism that Mr. Armstrong has come under by jealous competitors who can not equal his accomplishments. Mr. Armstrong is the very best, and is an American athlete of great integrity. I get the same thing in my own life. Envy is as rottenness to the bones. According to German philosophy, it is the deepest and most extreme form of hatred. I also get this. When someone excels in what they are trying to do, the detractors suddenly come out of the woodwork. I only started riding a bicycle –at age 60, by the way—after jogging, walking, and keeping physically fit. Although I am 60 years old, I have never claimed a disability even though I can not seem to get work. What are the statistics of currently disabled Americans at age 30 or less who are dipping into that permissive system which is leading individuals and the Country to ruin, in an nation that emphasizes professional athletic league accomplishments and turned out more Gold medal winners than any other country ? It is only right to criticize someone likem Lance Armstrong. When I ride my bike up and down the Erie Canal Trail in Western New York State, I see just how difficult, challenging, and fun it is to participate in this sport, and I think about the many adventures that Mr. Armstrong must have had. Where to find water, making a quick or difficult repair, defeating the competition, maybe leisurely encountering small towns and scenic landscapes where to reploenish supplies and rest. Lance Armstrong is anb inspiration for me, and I think more people should try to understand where he is coming from, and that the world isn’t always what it seems to be, when ugly comments are rained on probably America’s really greatest 21st Century competitor, good guy, and athletic and life achiever. God bless you, Lance. —Vincent Andrew Stark, age 60, Holley, New York—

  36. Mrawley says:

    Stay strong in the fight!

  37. shan says:

    Make yellow look good. #LIVESTRONGDay

  38. Honouring my Dad, my Uncle, frineds and relatives I have recently lost to cancer, as well as thinking about all survivors. We all need to live strong!

  39. Ryan Green says:

    I think of my dad and my aunt that are cancer survivors and to my cousin, great uncle, and grandfather that lost their battles with cancer. I LIVESTRONG for all of them.

  40. Jolaine Herman says:

    LIVESTRONG DAY. Keep on fighting!!

  41. Adareckert says:

    Cancer has affected so many people I know personally! You go Penny Lowe White! Lets keep fighing for a cure! And to help the ones fighting!!!

  42. On Livestrong Day I’m honouring my dear Dad, my beloved Uncle, and some close friends and acquaintances I’ve lost to cancer recently. Being a survivor myself, I will live strong and continue raising cancer-awareness. All survivors, LIVESTRONG!

  43. Dakota Dunn says:


  44. Rob Garza says:

    Everyday (a single word adjective in front of a noun to describe something as normal or commonplace) actions like sharing a message in support of cancer survivors fighting like hell but posted today on LIVESTRONG day will add an extra dollar donation for the agency’s amazing work they do every day (is an adjective (every) plus a noun (day). How cool is that!

  45. Yellow keeps me motivated
    Yellow gives me strength
    Yellow gets me on the bike on the days I dont want to
    Yellow is the reason I put two feet on the floor every morning
    Yellow is the color of champions
    Yellow helped me lose 30 pounds
    Yellow is the way I say “Thank You”

  46. Ben homer (UK) says:

    Happy livestrong day all who have lost someone , suffering but is livestrong and those amazing survivors. Be strong

  47. Roconnel says:

    LiveStrong has inspired myself and my friends to continue to spread the message of living strong. Whether you are a cancer survivor or supporter you have to live to fight another day make it your legacy to be a fighter and never quit. For you your kids and your proud friends never quit

  48. Georgiekim27 says:

    For all the people fighting with cancer..all the families helping that somebody special…LIVESTRONG!!!!

  49. We ALL know somebody that has suffered due to cancer and it’s time to find a cure. Almost as important, if you know of someone that has a loved one with this affliction give him/her the emotional and mental support they need.

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