A LIVESTRONG Leader Story: Dave


LIVESTRONG Leaders are individuals that make a yearly significant commitment to those in their community affected by cancer by spreading the message of LIVESTRONG. They do this by fundraising, hosting events, bringing LIVESTRONG resources to their local hospitals and more. One of our amazing leaders from Canada, Dave Murray, talks about why he is involved with LIVESTRONG and what he is doing in his community to help spread the LIVESTRONG message.

What does LIVESTRONG mean to you?
To me LIVESTRONG is not just an organization; it?s a community and a movement. It?s a community that gives survivors a voice to share their stories, which helps empower others. It?s also a movement which unites advocates around the globe with the common goal of making life better for anyone touched by this disease.

It really is an incredible thing to be a small part of.

Why are you a LIVESTRONG Leader?
I was so blessed to have faced this horrible disease here in Canada where I had access world class health care and services. I know that many survivors around the globe are not so lucky.

The LIVESTRONG leader program gives me a chance to be a small part of a global effort to change the face of survivorship around the world.

What are you doing in your community?
It?s been a busy year; I’m lucky my wife Tracy and our two small children let me carve out so much time for my work with the cancer community.

Recently, I had the chance to support LIVESTRONG by working the booth at the World Cancer Congress in Montreal. Great opportunity and a great event!

Closer to home, I?m just wrapping up a six week session of Living Well Beyond Cancer, which I co-facilitate. (The program is very similar to Cancer Transitions). We are planning to offer the course again early this winter.

I?m also a member of a regional Community Advisory Committee on Cancer Care. We meet regularly to consult with tour local hospital on a wide variety of concerns, with the intention of ensuring that our regional cancer centers are committed to patient centred care.

I speak and present on behalf of our local branch of the Canadian Cancer Society, and The Health Partners Speakers Bureau. Fall is typically our most active season with lots of demand for presentations to various community groups.
And finally, I?m really excited about planning a new event here in Ottawa which we?re calling ?Laughs 4 Livestrong?….the name speaks for itself. If successful, we?ll try turn this into our annual LIVESTRONG Day event!

Life is busy…but I’m having a blast!

Dave Murray
Ontario, Ottowa, Canada

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