Something Unprecedented


We?re doing something unprecedented on Facebook, and we want you to be a part of it. Here?s how it works:

1) Go to
2) Share our standard LIVESTRONG Day message of support for survivors, or
3) Write your own in honor or memory of someone special to you.
4) Lock your message in today, it will automatically post to your account on October 2.

PS: Don’t forget to authorize the app

When LIVESTRONG Day arrives, your message will be part of an outpouring of support from more than 100,000 simultaneously posted messages for cancer survivors on Facebook from all over the world. It?ll be a massive, 24-hour stream of personal declarations that we are all in this fight together. But none of this will happen without you. Add your LIVESTRONG Day message now and it will automatically post on October 2 as part of this historic, global outpouring of support.


Generous donors have pledged to match each and every message with a $1 donation to help the Lance Armstrong Foundation improve the lives of survivors. Just imagine the countless survivors who?ll find hope in our messages, and the countless more who?ll receive direct, tangible support for their fight because of the funds our messages raise for the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Let’s make this happen!


  1. Stephentoal1980 says:

    I am a cancer survivor. In my darkest moments after diagnosis and just before and after surgery I was preparing myself for the worst. I felt that being unlucky enough to have cancer meant that I would be unlucky enough to not survive. I was wrong. I have been overwhelmed by the love from my wonderful wife and fantastic family. I also knew I had special friends but didn’t quite appreciate just how wonderful they were. To all of the people that have dedicated their lives to cancer research and treatment I owe you everything. I would not be here today without you. It is terrible that we only realise what is truly important in life after you face death. All the times I worried about money, debts, material things and other nonsense suddenly disappeared when I realised all I wanted was time. I prayed for time with my family and friends and I didn’t care if that time was spent in abject poverty! Live in the moment and savour every special occasion with the people you love. Livestrong.

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