Moving Forward: The Fear of Dying


Ask any cancer survivor about the fear of death and you will hear a common theme. The ever-present percentages and rates of survival remain lurking in the backs of minds, even in those who have a positive outlook on their cancer diagnosis. Lance Armstrong faced death and to this day remarks that he “has a healthy respect for the disease.” So, if you fear death does that mean you aren’t living up to the the ideal of LIVESTRONG? Absolutely not! If a loved one diagnosed with cancer dies, does that mean they didn’t ?Live Strong?? No way!

Talking about the fear of cancer and death can be both healthy and productive. Cancer survivors and health care professionals are featured below discussing how to deal with the fear of death. This series of videos was created by LIVESTRONG and ASCO (American Society for Clinical Oncology). If you or a loved one are facing end of life concerns during cancer diagnosis, treatment or beyond, please contact our LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Center. We are here to help you cope, make a plan and find the strength to face cancer you on your terms. We can help cancer survivors AND their family members deal with the fear of death. Don’t ignore your fear. Face it head on. THAT is what LIVESTRONG is all about.

Advice From Survivors:

Advice From Health Care Professionals:


  1. Eagle1golf says:

    My late wife Kathleen who passed away aug 13 2012 battled cancer for 8 years. She was the strongest people I know. When she was diagnosed she did cry a little was upset, but she said that it will not keep her down. She lived her life to the fullest all the way to the end. She went through 4 surgeries because of her cancer but she kept rolling. Nothing not even cancer could keep her down. We travel for our jobs and she was a fighter. After her third surgery she was in and out of the hospital every other week. If everyone could be like her this world would be a better place. I will miss her the rest of my life. We were married for 13 yrs and she had cancer for 8 of that. I stood by her side the whole time. She was 47yrs old when she passed and if hadn’t been for cancer we would have lived another 50. So if you are dealing with cancer, live life to the fullest and throw that disease on the back burner. Like she always said” we all die eventually it’s how you live your life that matters. She left hundreds of true friends behind and we all miss her

  2. Casual-ts says:

    The fear of being diagnosed with cancer is something that lives deep within me everyday. I have lost both parents, ,my only sister, a very close friend, and a close co-worker, all to cancer. I know there are and continue to be millions of cancer survivors and every day brings us that much closer to a cure. That’s why Livestrong brings so much hope to me for my family, and so many others. Lance is a true inspiration, an angel sent from heaven, to inspire others to have strong faith, stay heathy, and have a positive attitude when dealing with cancer. My families members were truly “Livestrong” in their fight with cancer. They brought so much strength to me. They taught me so much about love, live and dying. Treasure each and every day. Each one told me that it was harder for the loved ones to watch someone struggling with cancer than for themselves. Each time I heard that my heart was broken. I’m not afraid of dying, as I convinced there is life after death after the experiences I have witnessed. And I can only pray it is a peaceful place with no pain, and we’re we will someday meet up with our loved ones once again. I want to live a long happy life, to experience the great joys of life and all that it has to offer.

  3. rusty covey says:

    A near drowning at age six erased my memory, removed the ability to feel any emotions, and the pool manager was told to stop. I know this isn’t the same as dying, what I can tell you death is very similar to falling asleep.
    Life is what you make of the moment. Learn how to live in the moment. By focusing on living in the moment, your memory will be stronger helping to recall past wonderful memories in times of relaxing. This is something I have much experience in.
    A Buddhist Doctor in India, after hearing about my childhood told me. Compared my childhood behavior to that of a Buddhist Monk. I didn’t have the ability to think about people, my attention was on the amazing things in nature, the peacefulness that takes place in my head is hard to explain. Its like Walk Meditation.
    Learn to find peace within yourself by feeling nature at peace. People are not a part of this and when they are a fascination towards them takes over. A peaceful mind requires no type of meditation, for there is peace all around.
    To have absolute peace of mind, you must work towards accepting death. As a sacred right to being a part of this wonderful earth, as all things must become to death. Once you are free of the fear, a wonderful stress-free peace of mind will over-come you. This state of mind allows you to enjoy each minute without keeping track of time.
    Patience brings comfort to those who enjoy life. Each day brings new meaning to life, life has many pieces, patience allows the pieces to come together. To make sense of all this, explore your five senses for it is how Walk Meditation is done.

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