Choose Your Own Fundraising Adventure


As the heat of the summer begins to cool across the country, the excitement of fall event is in the air. Whether you are training for a 5K, marathon, tri, road or mountain ride, or trail run, you can use any event, even those that aren?t official LIVESTRONG ones, as an opportunity to join the fight against cancer!

We have several supporters that might not be able to make it to Davis or Philly for one of our awesome Challenge events, or they have already knocked the NYC or Chicago marathon off their bucket list and are participating in their local events back at home. Yet, these folks are still working to fight cancer by fundraising for LIVESTRONGIdea through our Grassroots Fundraising Program. We have an awesome Tri-team supported by athletes from all over the country competing and raising funds for our mission. There is an inspirational team doing RAGNAR Tennessee honoring their friend TR, and an amazing group from Canada that participated in the Ottawa Marathon to raise money and give hope to those still battling.

You can join this grassroots movement as well! There is no registration fee or fundraising minimum; it?s as easy as creating your fundraising page, sending it out to family and friends, and gathering their support to help LIVESTRONG inspire and empower those battling cancer day in and day out. We also have LIVESTRONG Day right around the corner on October 2nd, which it is a great opportunity to host a fun casual fundraising event with friends and family.

So as you plan your fall event calendar, think about the people who keep you motivated while you train and push you to the finish line on event day. Create a fundraising page in honor of them and set another goal of working towards finishing off cancer in our world. Whether you are racing in a marathon or just hosting a party, consider partnering with LIVESTRONG! We fully believe that every dollar raised, every conversation held, and every second spent fighting cancer is a step towards beating it. All you have to do is join our fight.

Brian Myers

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