Join The Largest Display of Support for Cancer Survivors in History


On LIVESTRONG Day, October 2, 2012, we’ve set a goal to share more than 100,000 messages of support for cancer survivors on Facebook and Twitter. Every message posted will mean $1 towards support for survivors. Share a message today to be posted on October 2, as part of a global chorus of support for cancer survivors. For every message shared, generous donors have pledged to give the Lance Armstrong Foundation $1 towards programs and services that directly support people fighting cancer.

Help us make internet history and pledge your support for the 28 million cancer survivors living around the world. On October 2, we will flood Twitter and blow up on Facebook. And for 24 hours, you can help grab hold of the global conversation and let cancer survivors know they?re not alone. Honor a loved one in the fight by tweeting or posting your support. Visit today!


  1. Rlkrinsky says:

    We believe in you Lance and we support Livestrong. In support of you and livestrong we will make a contribution of $50.00.
    Best of luck Seven Time winnner of the Tour De France.

    Maureen and Richard Krinsky

  2. Andrea Burch says:

    October 2 is LIVESTRONG DAY every message tweeted or facebooked will donate a dollar to the Lance Armstrong foundation to help people like me battle cancer. Please see the page for more info and be STRONG.

  3. aline rohrbach says:

    Facing cancer, entering a black tunnel, you don’t know the length.No choice.Intense suffering. you fear, you hope, you make it…and cry for all those who die in it. Shame, money made the difference: I could have the expensive therapy. 10 years after still sick and intense pain, but alive.Why me? Luck! Now continue to make my life usefull to others.Paint strong and use artist notoriety to help…Never ever give up!
    Aline Rohrbach

  4. 4a Sandra says:

    Early testing definitely saves lives;-) And thank you for the donation.

  5. Mandi says:

    Looking forward to an excellent year ahead of collaborating with the LIVESTRONG Team to support cancer survivors. Go Ruth, Sarah, and Loyce!

  6. Frederick says:

    Stay strong and always keep fighting!!!

  7. Frankdot says:

    May you all have contiued successand gGod speed to a full recovery/Frank

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