Limited Edition 15 Year Anniversary Shirts Now Available


“Fight Like Hell? and ?Rewrite Your Destiny?: These are just a couple of the powerful messages on the LIVESTRONG 15-Year Anniversary T-Shirt by Nike. The unique graphic on the soft, yet durable, Dri-FIT cotton t-shirt pays tribute to the history and promise of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The design comes in a heather grey and yellow ?varsity maize? color and is exclusive to the Foundation. At $30, the tee is not available in stores, but available at our online store for a limited time.

Men’s 15 Year Anniversary Shirts:

Women’s 15 Year Anniversary Shirts:


  1. I’m a two time cancer servivor and I’m proud as hell of Lance Armstrong for all that he has done. I will wear this shirt with pride in my self and in Lance. If you have a problem with taht well then thats your fault.

  2. Bburysek says:

    love the new a testicular cancer survivor i want one.its very cool

  3. Gini Linnabery Swancy says:

    I am looking for this shirt in a men’s medium. It is the only personal item that an 18 year old cancer patient asked for for Christmas. He is currently awaiting his numbers to be good enough to take chemo again. He needs this but it is sold out!!! Let me know if you would be willing to sell me one.

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